Limeapple: Back To School Packs Highly Discounted

Limeapple sale

I have gradually been changing the way I shop for some of my girls’ clothes. When I had only one daughter, my goal was to spend as little as possible on clothes. Now that I have two girls that can wear all the clothes, I search for items that are higher quality. Of course, I still love a deal though!

That’s why this sale from Limeapple is so appealing! They have three back to school packs (Sport pack, boutique selection and gym strip) that will be highly discounted. I love the quality of their clothing and know they will hold up through both of my kids.

Be sure to check out the sale starting today Friday, August 18! Hurry, the sale ends tomorrow, August 19.

Shop online at here. 

Dollar Store DIY’s that Will Make Your Home Look Fantastic

Dollar Store DIY's that Will Make Your Home Look Fantastic

We’re 5 months into living in our new house. Everything is unpacked and it’s feeling more like home every day. However, we’re still missing some personality in most of the rooms. I’ve been waiting to hang pictures and add decor items until after we’ve painted the walls. Well, we’re nearing that point so I’ve been having fun looking for inspiration on Pinterest!

BUT… decorating a home isn’t always easy or cheap. In fact, making a house feel more like home with decor items can be downright expensive! So, I’ve been looking for really simple and budget friendly ways to decorate. There are some crazy creative people out there that have turned everyday dollar store items into near works of art.

From practical to pretty, I’ve rounded up my favourite Dollar Store DIY’s that Will Make Your Home Look Fantastic.

DIY Hurricane Lanterns

From Grosgrain

Seriously, how beautiful are these hurricane lanterns? One of these would look so nice as a table centerpiece or on a shelf.

Metallic Rope Basket

From Lydi Out Loud

Can you believe this basket is made out of a laundry basket, some rope, paint and felt? So pretty and practical!

Industrial Wire Mail Baskets

From A House Full of Sunshine

Here’s a quick and simple transformation that is sure to get your important papers more organized. Find some similar chalkboard signs on Amazon here.

Metallic Flower Pots

From Listotic

Your house plants will be blingin’ on a budget with this simple terra cotta planter makeover.

Patio Table

From Hometalk

This is going to be the very first thing that I am going to make. It will be perfect outside by our front door!

Dollar Store Wreath

From The Crazy Craft Lady

Once again talking about the front door, I think that a DIY wreath like this would look so pretty!

Elephant Book Ends

From Love Grows Wild

Have you got a few books to wrangle? These elephant book ends are so cute and simple to make!

Dollar Store Craft Caddy

From Simply Frugal

This DIY craft caddy isn’t just for craft supplies! Stylishly round up your cutlery, cooking utensils and so much more with this easy DIY.

Succulent Planter

From Craftberry Bush

I’m a big fan of succulents and I happen to think this DIY would look so pretty on a shelf or tucked in a kitchen corner. Or maybe the seldom decorated bathroom?

Check out these dollar store decor ideas and let me know which one is your favourite in the comments below!

Links Worth Sharing: Week of August 12, 2017

Just as I suspected, our summer is getting busy with family in town! We’ve got a family reunion this weekend that is sure to be tons of fun. Lots of cousins!

I’d love to know what you guys have been up to so far this summer. Let me know!

Here are the interesting links I came across on my travels around the web this week!  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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5 Tips You Should Know To Start Your Frugal Lifestyle

Credit card bills, utility costs, mortgage costs and groceries are only a few of the common costs that we face while running a household. These costs are often high and many families are finding that the dollar does not stretch as far as it used to. Rest assured, there are small changes that can be made in your frugal lifestyle that can help you to simplify and leave more money leftover in the budget at the end of the month.

Here are 5 Tips You Should Know To Start Your Frugal Lifestyle:

5 Tips You Should Know To Start Your Frugal Lifestyle

Ditch the Debit Card

A few dinners out, a stop at the movie store and the mall – grabbing a coffee on the way into the Supermarket, these are all money traps. Leave the debit card at home and it will be just that much harder to reach into your wallet and grab the last twenty bucks. Do this for one month and you will likely be shocked at how much you are impulsively-overspending.

Cut One Luxury

Something as simple as cutting the movie channels from the home cable network can save up to twenty dollars a month. It doesn’t have to be cable, it could be that expensive latte on the way to work, or that splurge on expensive eye-makeup can save you hundreds of dollars each year.

Brown Bag It

Brown bagging it has come a long way since cold sandwiches. Choosing recipes for dinners that would refrigerate well to make hot lunches for the next day is a great way to repurpose meals and avoid waste. Finding inspiration through Bento lunches, and having fresh options available can be a great way to give the Brown bag a make-over.

Bring the Restaurant to Your Kitchen

With a little research through popular recipe websites or Pinterest; you can bring your favourite restaurant meals home. These popular copycat recipes are readily available and ready to be made in your kitchen. With the ingredients purchased, it’s quite likely that those ingredients on the shopping list will make more than one meal. Plus, it’s often less expensive than eating out. What a great idea for date night!

Stop Buying New

Bright and shiny items from the store only remain bright and shiny until you bring them home. Why not buy used from Facebook groups, Craigslist/Kijiji, local garage sales and even swaps for baby and children’s gear. Purchasing these gently used items can save up to fifty percent on the items that may have been purchased in store anyway! Give your wallet a break and break the addiction to new items.

Frugal Living doesn’t have to mean that you have to change all the aspects of your lifestyle. By making slight changes in the way that you live can help you find the extra money in the budget to reduce the pinch that comes with increased living expenses.

What was your first step to frugal living?

Links Worth Sharing: Week of August 5, 2017

Our summer should really start to get busy now! We have had family (cousins!!) arrive for almost the whole month. We’ve got a family reunion planned as well as other fun days for the kids. Us parents are pretty excited too because we like to think we’re still kids at heart ;).

On the home front, I’ve finally started to paint the walls in our new home! I’m literally working on one wall at a time so it’s going to be a very slow process. But you gotta do what you gotta do with young kids underfoot. The one wall I have completed makes me think I’m going to love the colour I chose. Speaking of paint, I bought the paint a month or so before we even moved because The Home Depot had a great rebate promotion going on that I didn’t want to miss. They run these rebates somewhat regularly, but this particular offer seemed to be of higher value than I remember. I couldn’t pass up those savings!

I’d love to hear how your summer is going so far. Any exciting things still to come? Let me know!

Here are the interesting links I came across on my travels around the web this week!  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

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Here’s a round up of the best sales this week:

  • Save $15 off Back to School with $100 purchase. Use code SCHOOL15. Expires August 6
  • Hudson’s Bay: 30% off Women’s activewear by Calvin Klein Performance, Marc New YorkPerformance, MPG and Bench. Ends August 5, 2017.
  • Joe Fresh: Scratch & Save up to 30% off. Expires August 7, 2017
  • Chapters Indigo: 50% off Books to Get Lost in This Summer. Expires August 6, 2017.

7 Free Printable Weekly Meal Planners That Will Knock Your Socks Off

7 Free Printable Weekly Meal Planners

It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of meal planning (and think you should be too 😉 ). It puts deciding what to cook on autopilot all week long. No more last minute trips through the drive thru or slapping together a so-so meal that everyone will complain about anyways.

Jotting down your list of meals in a plain notebook or a scrap of paper is great, but did you know you can totally up your meal planning game? How? Well, with these 7 free printable weekly meal planners that will knock your socks off. I found some pretty amazing printables! All different kinds so there should be something to suit your specific needs.

Check them out and let me know which one is your favourite.

Free Printable Menu Planner

From Little Coconutty.

This one is great because it offers spaces for planning breakfast, lunch and dinner. Plus, there’s a spot to jot down your shopping list.

Sticky Note Meal Planner

From Planning Inspired

I love this one! The sticky notes make it so flexible and fun! Don’t want meatloaf on Thursday? Switch it with the Tacos!

Weekly Menu Planner

From Miss Information

I like this one for its simplicity. It would be great up on the fridge! It even includes a separate shopping list that would be helpful.

Weekly an Monthly Menu Planners

From I Heart Nap Time

I love the colours on this menu planner. Tons of room to plan each meal of the day. I even love that there’s a monthly menu planner included!

Coloring Weekly Menu Planner

From Artsy Fartsy Mama

Maybe meal planning is cathartic to you? Spend some extra time each week planning and coloring with this printable!

Laminated Meal Planner

From Where the Smiles Have Been

Now, this is a great idea! Use a dry erase marker to write out your menu for the whole week with this planner. Then, once the week is over, wipe it clear and start fresh for next week.

Visual Meal Planner

From Pennies and Pounds

I’m liking this unique twist on the usual weekly planner. It’s a visual planner that allows you to plan the main dish and side dishes. Neat!

Whether you’re new to meal planning or you’re just wanting to liven up the way you’re doing it, any one of these free printable meal planners will do the job perfectly.

Let me know what you think of these great meal planners!

 Find this great menu planner pad made by Knock Knock over at

Links Worth Sharing: Week of July 29, 2017

Here are the interesting links I came across on my travels around the web this week!  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Here’s a post you may have missed from Simply Frugal:

Three Easy Ways to Preserve the Food From Your Garden

When you put all that hard work into your garden it can be really depressing to watch the fruits of your labor rot away. With some planning and a bit of work, you can preserve your garden harvest and have fresh from your garden fruits and veggies all year long. These three easy ways to preserve the food in your garden will do the trick.

Three Easy Ways to Preserve the Food From Your Garden

Three Easy Ways to Preserve the Food From Your Garden

Freezing to preserve your garden

Freezing the produce from your garden is the easiest way to preserve your harvest. Wash your fresh produce and lay it out in a single layer on a cookie sheet in your freezer. This will allow each piece to freeze individually making it easier to get the produce from the freezer bags that you will place them in after the initial cookie sheet freeze. A great way to save time later is to prep your fruits for your favorite smoothies and freeze in single serving packs. Chop your veggies for soups and stews, freezing them together and label well so you can grab and go for a meal on a busy weekday. A food saver is a great way to prevent freezer burn and make your frozen produce last longer.

Drying to preserve your garden

Drying produce takes up less space than the other popular preserving options. when drying your fruits and veggies you are taking out the water and much of the bulk of the food. A good dehydrator is a great way to make your food last longer, make treats for your family, and prep for long term storage. Fruits make a great snack dehydrated while veggies reconstruct better for soups and stews than eating as a side dish. It is vital you are sure all water is out before storing. To check this, place in a plastic baggy and let it cool. If there is condensation in the bag, your food is not ready to store.

Canning to preserve your garden

Canning is one of the most traditional ways to preserve food from your garden. While it takes up more space than drying, canned foods have a longer shelf life than frozen foods. Many of us have fond childhood memories of watching our grandmothers can produce from the garden but never really thought about doing it ourselves. The good news is, canning is easy to start, inexpensive and costs less with each round you do when you reuse the glass jars over and over. Quality jars are a great investment.

Which method should I use to preserve my garden?

When choosing which preservation method you must consider:

  • Space you have for storage.
  • What the end use of the food will be.
  • How long you need to store the food.
  • Supplies you have on hand.

Protecting your food storage from pests and environmental issues is vital to make preserving your garden worth your time and money. Make sure all stored food is air tight and sealed in rodent-proof containers. For most families, combining these methods of food storage gets the best results across the board and leads to more stability. Canning fruits and veggies so they are ready to go, freezing produce prepped for meals, and drying fruits and meats for snacking is a great way to balance it out.

Links Worth Sharing: Week of July 21, 2017

I’ve been posting a bunch of life happenings over on Instagram, if you care to follow me over there! Often pictures are better than words, especially when life is just the ins and outs of daily life!

Here are the interesting links I came across on my travels around the web this week!  Enjoy and have a great weekend!

Here is a post you may have missed from Simply Frugal this week:

Here are some deals that landed in my email inbox this week that I know you’ll enjoy:

Dollar Stretcher Tips For Grocery Budgets

I’m always looking for great dollar stretcher tips for our grocery budget and thought I’d share some of my favorites with you. These are great ways to make simple grocery items go further, therefore saving you money on your grocery budget. I love being able to feed my family great meals they love, but still stay on budget and meet our financial goals. 🙂

Dollar Stretcher Tips For Grocery Budgets

Dollar Stretcher Tips for Grocery Budgets. Grocery saving tips. Grocery budget tips.

Add powdered milk to your milk.

If you’re feeling more adventurous this idea may be for you! (However, you may find you get used to the taste pretty quickly.) Split your 4L jug of milk into two cartons. Prepare a gallon of powdered milk and divide between the two now half gallons of milk. Mix together and use as normal. Powdered milk is much less expensive and mixing like this will still taste the same while saving you money on one of the most often purchased and used items for a family budget.

Add beans to more than just soups and chili.

Dry beans are always super cheap and easy to cook in a slow cooker or Instant Pot. I love making large batches of pinto beans, kidney beans, black beans and garbanzo beans then putting them in 2-cup portion bags to use in everything from soups and chili, to mashing into my ground meat for spaghetti, tacos or casseroles. They take on most flavors they are seasoned with, and their texture is great for all kinds of dishes. This can make one pound of ground meat go twice as far in a casserole or soup!

Don’t fear using carbohydrates.

Starches and carbohydrates tend to have a bad reputation, but as long as you are including a lot of great nutrient-dense vegetables into your diet as well it’s not a bad thing to include things like rice and potatoes as a base for casseroles. Rice and potatoes are a great dollar stretcher for almost any meal. In fact, roasted potatoes, green beans, and roasted chicken is one of the easiest and cheapest meals you can make for your family. It’s healthy, satisfying and easy to manage. The potatoes add bulk to the meal without being high fat or unhealthy, and they are so cheap it makes your meal very affordable.

Batch cook your meals.

You may wonder how or why this can be considered a dollar stretcher for your grocery budget, but it really is a great way to save. When you buy larger quantities of meats and produce, you often save a significant amount of money. Next time you find chicken, pork or beef on sale in large “family sized” packages don’t hesitate to grab them, then cook in simple ways and portion to freeze. Chicken can be roasted and cubed for everything from salads and soups to casseroles or fajitas. Pork shoulders can be roasted and pulled for use in BBQ, casseroles or tacos. Batch cooking meats, produce and even whole meals and freezing for future use saves you time, money and tons of frustration each evening when you need to throw a simple meal together fast.

These are great dollar stretcher ideas for your grocery budget. Just a few simple changes can save you hundreds of dollars in grocery expenses over the course of a year.

How do you make ordinary grocery items stretch further? Let us know in the comments below!