A Day in the Life of a Penny Pincher: Daily Tasks That Save Them BIG

Come on a journey and take a look at a day in the life of a penny pincher! Discover some of the daily tasks that save them big!

Living the life of a penny pincher means living below your means from dawn to dusk. There are many things penny pinchers do throughout the day that help them save money and help them store funds away for the future. But what are those things exactly? Come on a journey and take a look at a day in the life of a penny pincher, and some of the daily tasks that save them big. By knowing more about this day to day living, you too can try implementing these tasks and seeing what a difference they can make for you.


1. Make homemade coffee.

Our penny pincher doesn’t spring for a $5 specialty coffee. Instead she makes her own at home and saves big. She uses her favorite reusable mug that can be used time and time again.

2. Check the Gas Buddy app.

Before filling up and running and errands, our penny pincher checks the free Gas Buddy app to see what gas prices are and where to fill up for less. When she finds a great deal, she fills up at that price.

3. Turn on the slow cooker.

There won’t be any take out traps for this penny pincher tonight. Instead, she tosses some chicken, fresh vegetables, and broth into the slow cooker for dinner later. She uses canned broth from their stockpile, veggies from their garden, and chicken she bought on sale.

4. Scour the sales.

Our penny pincher checks the weekly grocery store flyers to see what’s on sale that week. She then matches the sale prices with the coupons she has on hand. This helps her to make her shopping list for the week while keeping her budget in check.


5. Enjoy a homemade lunch.

Whether at work or on the go, our penny pincher enjoys a homemade lunch. Today it’s a taco salad using ground beef leftover from last night’s burgers. She uses a refillable water bottle to save money on unnecessary sugary beverages, which also keeps her waistline trim!

6. Swing into the local thrift store.

Penny pinchers love thrift stores to look for gently used items at a fraction of the price of new. Today, our penny pincher finds some frames that can be spray painted to match her décor as well as a table lamp she can use on her night stand. For about $7 total she walks out of the door happy!

7. Give the house a quick clean.

Our penny pincher uses vinegar to keep windows sparkling and baking soda to get sinks and drains clean. She doesn’t spend money on household cleaners and instead uses natural products to get the job done for less. A fresh lemon is just what the faucet needs to shine, and a little lemon peel down the drain can get rid of disposal odors.

8. Snag some free reads.

Our penny pincher loves looking to Amazon for free eBook downloads. She also loves swinging into the library to grab free movies, CD’s, magazines, books, and so much more.


9. Dinner is served.

Our penny pincher serves her thrifty dinner. She uses cloth napkins instead of buying disposable paper. She serves lemon water and powdered drink mixes which cost less than pop. When done, she will load the dishes into the dishwasher but wait until it is full before running it.

10. Inexpensive entertainment.

The newspaper lists free events in the area and our penny pincher loves looking for them. She finds a free outdoor concert that evening as well as an outdoor movie being shown downtown. There are also budget days at the local movie theatre she enjoys, plus local parks which are fun to visit too.

11. Cheap dessert.

Our penny pincher gets on the mailing lists of all her favorite brands. This way, she gets all sorts of coupons sent to her. Tonight she has a B1G1 FREE coupon to her favorite ice cream place. So tonight, she gets to enjoy dessert for less.

12. Lights out!

Now that it is time for bed, our penny pincher enjoys generic brand PM pain reliever. It has the same active ingredients as the name brand and costs a fraction less. She turns down the thermostat so it won’t work as hard at night while she is sleeping. She takes a warm shower before bed, using a shower timer and a low flow shower head so she doesn’t waste as much water.

Our penny pincher is now asleep, and can dream about all of the money she saved that day! Is the life of a penny pincher for you? Give a day in the life of a penny pincher a try and see how well the day goes for you!

Come on a journey and take a look at a day in the life of a penny pincher! Discover some of the daily tasks that save them big!

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