Free Nature Scavenger Hunt Printable

Looking for a fun outdoor activity that will get the kids excited? You’ve got to print out this Nature Scavenger Hunt then! It will get the kids running all over the place discovering exciting things that can be found in nature.

Looking for a fun outdoor activity that will get the kids excited? You've got to print out this Nature Scavenger Hunt then! It will get the kids running all over the place discovering exciting things that can be found in nature.

Click here to get your free Nature Scavenger Hunt printable or click on the image above. It’s also available in the Summer Bucket of FUN.

You could turn this into a fun learning activity by discussing each item on the list. I bet the kids will be fascinated to learn unique details about each object. In case you need some help, I’ve listed a few interesting facts about each item below:


  • Butterflies can’t hear, but they can feel vibrations.
  • Butterflies taste with their feet.
  • Butterflies breath through openings on their abdomen called ‘spiracles’.


  • Every planet with an atmosphere has clouds. That includes the moon.
  • Clouds are white because they reflect light from the sun. Gray clouds become so filled with water that they don’t reflect light.


  • Ladybugs bleed from their knees when threatened.
  • A ladybug’s bright colors warn predators to stay away.
  • Ladybug larvae resemble tiny alligators, with elongated bodies and bumpy skin.


  • Caterpillars are nicknamed “eating machines” since all they do is eat, eat and eat
  • The life span of a caterpillar is approximately from two to four weeks
  • Caterpillars breathe through little holes on the sides of their bodies called spiracles, not through its mouth. The mouth and strong jaws, called mandibles are just for chewing their food.


  • Roses are related to apples, raspberries, cherries, peaches, plums, nectarines, pears and almonds.
  • Tulip bulbs were more valuable than gold in Holland in the 1600s.
  • The largest flower in the world is the titan arums, which produce flowers 10 feet high and 3 feet wide.


  • Mushrooms are made up of around 90% water.
  • There are over 30 species of mushroom that actually glow in the dark. The chemical reaction called bioluminescence produces a glowing light known as foxfire. People have been known to use these fungi to light their way through the woods.
  • You can make beautiful colors by boiling wild mushrooms and dipping cloth in the resulting broth.


  • There are three types of bees in the hive – Queen, Worker and Drone.
  • The queen may lay 600-800 or even 1,500 eggs each day during her 3 or 4 year lifetime. …
  • Honey bees fly at 15 miles per hour.


  • Spiders are found on every continent of the world except Antarctica.
  • Spiders eat more insects than birds and bats combined.
  • When a spider travels, it always has four legs touching the ground and four legs off the ground at any given moment


  • Birds have hollow bones which help them fly.
  • Some bird species are intelligent enough to create and use tools.
  • The chicken is the most common species of bird found in the world.


  • Over one million Earth’s could fit inside the Sun
  • The Sun is almost a perfect sphere
  • The Sun is travelling at 220 km per second

Spider Webs:

  • Spider webs are actually made of Spider silk.
  • Spider silk is stronger than steel
  • Tarantulas do not spin spider webs


  • Some trees produce a bitter chemical to ward off predators
  • Stress makes trees stronger
  • In one day, one large tree can lift up to 100 gallons of water out of the ground and discharge it into the air


  • Each acorn is unique to the type of oak tree that it comes from, it’s like a fingerprint for the tree.
  • The animals that most like to eat acorns are squirrels, mice, pigeons, ducks, deer and pigs.
  • Acorns are nuts that form on mature oak trees. The older the tree, the more acorns produced, and trees that are 70 or 80 years old can potentially produce thousands of these tree nuts.


  • Fallen leaves are an essential part of a forest’s ecosystem, providing protection for tree seeds to germinate over the course of winter.
  • Leaves need carbon dioxide that humans and animals breathe out, and they return oxygen, which we need to breathe in.

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10 Things to Do to Turn Your Day Around

I’d say it’s pretty inevitable that we all at some point suffer some grumpy days. However, you don’t have to waste your entire day being grumpy. Here are 10 things to do to turn your day around in a flash.

I'd say it's pretty inevitable that we all at some point suffer some grumpy days. However, you don't have to waste your entire day being grumpy. Here are 10 things to do to turn your day around in a flash.

More often than I’d like to admit, I wake up feeling like quite the grump. (Maybe it’s the lack of sleep I’m getting these days?) Regardless, how I translate my grumpiness towards others, is in my hands. I am the only one that control how I feel and react to situations. I find that if at the end of the day, I reflect on that day as being “bad” I can actually pin point one particular moment that was bad, yet I’ve let that one small moment dictate the whole day. What a waste of a day!

There are some days when I have to dig deep to find my happy place, but on a whole, there are 11 things that I can do that will turn my day around. Here they are:

Eat something delicious

You guys, in my opinion, there’s nothing that ice cream can’t fix. Or even a huge Greek salad with lots of feta cheese. Sitting down with some enjoyable food is a great way to turn my day around. The key is sitting down to enjoy it. 😉


These days, exercise for me simply means a walk to the park. Or dancing with my daughter. But it’s true what we hear about exercise releasing positive endorphin’s. So get that body moving!

Turn off electronic devices

This is a big one for me. Since the nature of my work is online, it’s imperative that I take time during my grumpy days to turn my computer off and really limit my phone usage. Quite often I can feel like I’m not doing enough with my work because I’m seeing what everyone else is doing online. That comparison is a thief of joy!

Family time

They’ll only be little once! A common saying, however, it’s true! When I take time to be present with my family, I find myself relaxed and smiling a lot more. Engaging with my kids can do wonders for my mood.

Call a friend

Sometimes, nothing beats calling up a good friend that is in a similar stage of life that you can hash out your day with. After hanging up, I’m often left feeling incredibly encouraged.

Have a shower

It’s simple really, but those 10 minutes that I get to myself can really turn my mood around! Especially if I’ve been trying and trying to fit a shower into my day with two demanding kids.

Hit the road

Getting out of the house some days is mandatory. Even without a destination in mind, driving can get me feeling better in no time. Sometimes we’ll stop at a park that we drive by or sometimes I’ll just tour a neighborhood because the baby fell asleep. Driving actually relaxes me.

Turn on some happy music

As I was saying, sometimes my only exercise is dancing with my daughter. This of course, requires some good, happy music. Also, singing along to music does wonders at lifting my spirits.

Think of one task that’s been bothering you and just get it done

I can be thinking of wanting to get a certain task done, but keep putting it off until it’s driving me bonkers. If I just hunker down and do that task, I’ll often realize that it was quicker to do than I expected. Plus, it’s finally off my to-do list!

Devote an hour or two to something you find enjoyable

Or if you’re in a similar stage of life as me, even 10 minutes should be enough to perk you up. Grab a book, a hot cup of coffee or even sit down with your baby and make her giggle.

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