Canadian Giveaway: Staples Tax Prep Contest

staples tax prep

You guys, I have a pretty exciting giveaway to share with you all today!  Well, at least I think it’s pretty darn exciting, because I’m a bit of a geek and love programs that make necessary tasks a bit easier!

With tax season quickly approaching, Staples Canada wants you to know that they have some fabulous tax prep items available in-store and online.  Such as these items (my favourite is #2 😉 ):

1. Turbo Tax Standard 2013
2. Easy Button
3. Better Binders
4. Kit Kat Bites
5. Wireless Inkjet Printer
6. Tylenol
7. Sheet Protectors

That’s great right?  I mean, Staples is a one stop shop for all your tax time needs!  But to make tax time even better and easier, they want one Simply Frugal reader to win the Turbo Tax Standard 2013 software!

For your chance to win, simply leave a comment on this blog post telling us one of your favourite items to buy from Staples, tax related or not!

Good luck!

I’d love it if you would share this giveaway with your friends and family through Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and other social media sites!  Open to Canadian residents only.  Contest closes Friday, March 7, 2014 at midnight.


  1. Mary Ruba says:

    My planner… whole life is in that book 😉

  2. Computer paper!

  3. I like to buy good quality pens from Staples 🙂

  4. ShawnaW says:

    Everyday essentials like printer ink, pens, paper and those hard to find office items

  5. I love shopping at Staples for all the day-to-day necessities…pens…paper…paperclips…they have it all!

  6. Zoe Fredrickson says:

    I always buy my printer ink from staples, great sale prices and coupons available as well as free next day delivery

  7. My favorite item that I’ve purchased from staples was a Martha Stewart paper organizer 🙂

  8. Eleshia Chow says:

    My favorite things to buy at staples are pens and printer ink.

  9. Lori White says:

    Staples is great for back to school supplies–assortment and competitive pricing!

  10. Melissa says:

    Favorite item…my Daytimer!!!!

  11. One of my fave items to buy is markers for my students and funky highlighters for me.

  12. i love buying my page protectors at staples they are the strongest ones i have came across

  13. Stephanie F says:

    Staples is the only place that sells the legal tabs in my area. Whenever I go I always pick up more stuff, especially when they have the dollar days!

  14. Lyndsay says:

    I love to buy many things at Staples. I buy pens, Post-it-notes, computer mice. I have bought many things at this store. I may not need them every week, but I do need them.

  15. My favourite thing to buy at Staples is their ink for my printer — Staples offers a full range of their own brand of ink cartridges to replace name-brand–same quality but with a great price……….I just picked some up today.

  16. Trisha Y. says:

    I love buying my Tassimo T-disks from Staples because they are usually cheaper then the stores! 😉

  17. My husband needs special non permanent markers for work that i can only get from staples!

  18. I’d love a free TurboTax and my favorite Staple items are school supplies, especially fancy notebooks.

  19. Definitely school supplies. We always find something there that we can’t find someone else, like ‘just the right pencil case’ for little Miss. Picky!

  20. School supplies for my kids.

  21. Michele Davidson says:

    Great Idea and I love using the tax software – it ALMOST makes filing your taxes not only painless (especially where I used to do my own on the forms) but it’s almost like playing a video game and enjoyable!
    My order for use of the items Staples is promoting:
    1. Take a couple of Tylenol
    2. Use the TurboTax software and file those taxes
    3. Print your copy!
    4. File in sheet protectors for safe keeping
    5. File sheet protectors in binder
    6. Enjoy the chocolate, KitKat bites for a job well done!
    7. Tap the Easy button – after all, that was easy!

  22. Rhonda Einarson says:

    I love everything that Staples has to offer! I have bought cameras, printer supplies, and so many things there that it is hard to choose. My favorite thing to buy is ink for my printer, I love that I can take my old cartridges back so they can be recycled! My next purchase however will be a shredder as I see they are on sale this week!
    Thanks for keeping us in the know for great ways to save time and $$$ 🙂

  23. nancy brien says:


  24. notebooks and pens!

  25. Judy Nuualiitia says:

    I love the school supplies to buy for my children in the fall.

  26. Love the Staple brand binders (best I’ve found) & CO2 refills for my soda stream

  27. Sherene says:

    love the printing services, makes it easy!!!

  28. My favorite items at Staples are sheet protectors and binders to keep it all clean and organized.

  29. Definitely binders, page protectors and dividers. Love me some organization tools!

  30. Love all your Office Supplies – Just purchase a Graphing Calculator… Works wonderful !

  31. Stawbee says:

    Photo Paper!

  32. printer cartridges

  33. Haimie Mitchell says:

    *StickyNotes!! 😀

  34. connie palmucci says:

    the easy button!

  35. Chris Currie says:

    I’m addicted to Sharpie’s…all sizes and colors. I’m seeking help.

  36. I like buying art & school supplies for my kids – so much fun!

  37. Tax time means lots of printer paper and ink and while at staples I can pick up the Tylenol too !

  38. Mary Stephen says:

    I buy printer ink but I would definitly buy Kit Kat Bites. I Didn’t know they were available there.

  39. My favorite Staples item is a desk protector. It keeps the coffee spills & the ink marks off my desk.
    I also admire the Staples recycling program. I didn’t know how much they actually recycle. Kudos to Staples!!

  40. Elizabeth says:

    The most bought items I get at Staples is our ink and computer paper.

  41. I really like their office furniture. I have bought many chairs there and even a couple of desks for my kids. good quality and price.

  42. I like the selection of office furniture that they have. I’ve bought many office chairs and a couple of desks for my kids there.

  43. I love any stationary really. My son loves that they have iPads there.

  44. I buy tons of supplies at Staples but my favourites are coloured pens and markers!

  45. Buy most of my supplies from there, file folders, card stock, pens etc.

  46. Lisa O Shea says:

    I like to buy new ink for my printer so I can start clipping coupons!

  47. H Styles says:

    pretty home office supplies – like the Martha Stewart line.

  48. love their selection of colourful papers I use for paper origami

  49. I love the recycled printer paper packages, calendars (great xmas gifts) as well as the selection of sharpies and other high quality pens. And the printer ink recycle program!

  50. I buy all my pens, post-its, paper, binders from Staples. Also loooooove the martha stewart organization products.

  51. mousecat says:

    I like the sheet protectors too. I use them to insert my scrapbook pages.

  52. Funny I know but I love to buy post it notes!

  53. Love all the organizing tools!

  54. I have fun getting coloured file folders. But I also always get ink and toner for my printers there.

  55. I like the bins that are full of school supplies

  56. I always buy my new agenda there for the year and my husband buys EVERYTHING for the business there.

  57. Filipa Santos says:

    My favourite item from Staples are their customized ink stamps.

  58. heidi nippard says:

    I love their camera section and thier calendars too , oh and thier coffee pks I actually pick up there too ! Staples is great !!!

  59. Gel pens!

  60. Tami Mathers says:

    I like cruising the aisles at back to school time!

  61. sonia bourbeau says:

    I love the Wireless Inkjet Printer!

  62. I love that they have photocopiers to use for cheap

  63. Anything to keep me organized! I hate paperwork!

  64. The easy button , Kit Kat and yearly planners!!!

  65. As a teacher, staples sometimes feels like my second home! But my top 5 purchases from staples are paper, file cards, construction paper, felt tip markers, pencils.

  66. I love buying Martha Stewart home office supplies. They are so pretty!

  67. Liz Dowhan says:

    Love the EASY button, makes giggle !!

  68. Cant get enough of that Kit Kat!!!!!!!. Im sure that dates me…..

  69. The Easy button!

  70. Definitely love turbotax and would love to win a free copy 🙂