Deals on e-Books that Will Help you Simplify and Organize Your Life!

Here are some great deals on some eBooks written by bloggers that I’ve been able to connect with online that will help you simplify and organize your life:

Tell Your Time

Tell Your Time: How To Manage Your Schedule So You Can Live Fulfilled – Amy has written a book that has changed so many people’s lives.  It’s changed how they view their time and helps them figure out what’s most important in any given day.  I have personally downloaded the book but have not yet implemented any of her brilliant ideas.  (But I really should because I’m feeling overwhelmed these days!)  Until midnight on Monday, November 29, you can get Tell Your Time for 50% off when you use coupon code MONDAYBLACK!  Making it only $6.00!

Organizing Life as Mom

Organizing Life as Mom – This 125 page book provides a game plan for your life as wife, mother, and homemaker.Not only is it full of ideas and inspiration to help you get your act together, but 90+ printable pages are designed to help you make a household notebook that fits you, your life, your family!  Until midnight on Monday, November 29, you can get $2 off the price of Organizing Life as Mom when you use coupon code SAVETWO, making it only $7.00!

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