DIY – How to Make Stuff

First Birthday Art How to Make Crafts – Are you looking to spend a bit of time flexing your crafting muscles?  Check out these posts to learn how to make crafts that are simple and quick and sure to make you feel accomplished!



banana chocolate chip muffinsHow to Make FoodsHere you’ll find a great selection of recipes for all those times you need a tried & true method.  Learn how to make many basic foods from scratch, even ones that are normally bought at the grocery store!



butterfly-canvas How to Make HomeThis is where you’ll find ideas and projects to help you to make a home.  Whether it’s a decor project or even some homemade lotion, these ideas are sure to make the place you call home feel more comfortable.



Natural cleaning suppliesHow to Make StuffHere’s where you’ll learn how to make stuff.  Yep, just random stuff, unrelated to any of the topics covered above!