Etsy Giveaway – a Custom Monogram Cafe Cozy from SoarCreative

Here’s some information from Bonnie about her shop SoarCreative:

Titled “SoarCreative” so as not to limit the possibilities, my shop is simply an outlet to allow me to do what I love.  I believe that there is a love and connection to handmade objects that will never be equaled in the mass produced items that fill our lives.  Custom orders are encouraged in order to allow my customers to feel pride in what they own and give to others.  I try to use as many found and reclaimed items I can while supporting local businesses when items have to be purchased.  Inspiration can strike from anywhere so I enjoy the thrill of the uncommon-supplies hunt.  My Cafe Cozies are made from 100% cotton, books generally contain tree-free papers or scraps taken from many sources, and the jewelry can be made of anything from typical beads to bits of nature found on a beach or in the forest.  I hope others enjoy the shop as much as I enjoy creating it.

The winner of this giveaway will win a custom monogram Cafe Cozy!  (choose your colour, buttons and monogram initial)

I’ve got a special discount for Simply Frugal readers who would like to make a purchase from SoarCreative.

Use coupon code:  2BFRUGAL
Discount:  10% off your entire purchase
Expires: November 30, 2011

Now for the giveaway!

To enter:

  • Comment on this post and mention one item you love to re-purpose in your home. (mandatory, and make sure you leave a valid email address in the area provided)

For extra entries you can:

Please leave what you did for an extra entry, in a separate comment.

This giveaway is open to Canadians only and will end at 4pm PST Monday, November 21, 2011. I will draw the winner’s name that evening using and post the winner the following morning. I will also send an email to the winner.  Good luck!


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  2. since I am a crafter and re-purposer I was really excited to read about Bonnie’s creation from SoarCreative. well done had a great idea and followed thru with it..I applaud you.
    what do I re-purpose…well just about anything I can. pieces of syrofoam from packing boxes are used for a Christmas display, Pringles cans become nice containers when wrapped with fabric, wallpaper or whatever. also shop at any and every good-will store for sewing, quilting and craft supplies or clothing that can be repurposed.

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  5. I cut up old clothing that`s too dirty or ratty to donate into cleaning cloths

  6. Very cool ideas here!

  7. We reuse old bank cards or expired credit cards as food scrapers when we do the dishes.

  8. I was going to enter this and thought what on earth am I going to say I love to repurpose? With a large family it’s pretty much – everything- . So far this week,we repurposed a jam jar to hold our mums we cut from the garden, a fruit tray (plastic container) to sort out lego pieces, my sons took 2 water bottles I asked him to throw out and made a car ( I was very proud of him) and I am currently repurposing a fleece scarf and making it a stocking for my daughter (hopefully, it will turn out ok-lol)

  9. I enjoy reusing bags from stores to wrap actual gifts in – most of them now are pretty and reusable so why waste a paper bag!

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  11. I always reuse my clear plastic fruit/vegetable bags from the grocery store for my green bin bags.

  12. When I forget my bags to take to the grocery store I’m forced to use their brown paper bags, but I always save them and at xmas, or birthdays I have the kids stamp them and re-use them for wrapping paper.

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  19. I save plastic lids for my son’s painting and art projects – makes for quick and easy clean up.

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  21. bum wipes containers

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  24. I love the fact that she uses material found around the house, the yard, the forest…. which totally makes it repurposed! I like to use my canning jars to store things like dried beans, pastas, rice to name a few. I will even use old cereal boxes to box up cookies, or presents to give away!

  25. I have some old wool sweaters that I am waiting to re-create into something fabulous. I used one to make a really cute tea cozy.

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  28. Any kinds of jars! I save salsa jars, my canning jars, pickle jars, coconut oil jars, etc… I use them to freeze broth, store homemade spice mixes, store odds and ends around the house that need a home, and even to help us budget!

  29. I like reusing old books that are falling apart because they’re awesome for crafts.

  30. I reuse tupperware for lunch everyday 🙂

  31. Rebecca Briggs says:

    I reuse ziploc bags. They can be so expensive since my husband uses them everyday. Also good for the environment to reuse them 🙂

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  33. Jam jars…but not just any jam jars. At Costco, they have a raspberry jam that comes in a mason jar which is HUGE! My husband loves to eat a pb & j sandwich for his bedtime snack…reliving the old days I guess, love it! Anyways, we go through quite a bit of jam and these jars are great for storing other food in or if I ever get around to making my own jam! Right now, I have almonds in one because the bag I get those in never seems to close properly and one day the ligght bulb just went off! Also good for odds and ends in the office or decorative mantle piece art (throw some bobbles in the make a colourful art display). This xmas, I think I will use a few for putting some xmas balls into and create a display of colour that way. Tons of options in pretty much any room.

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  35. I reuse margaine containers for leftovers

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  38. kim D'Angelo says:

    We love love love to repurpose funiture of all kinds! I have been known to take many items from the end of driveways.

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  40. These are so cute! I love to upcycle t-shirts- I use them for all sorts of cute things.

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  43. We reuse butter containers for lunch containers

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  45. We like to re-use boxes – my kids and I have made a puppet theatre out of a carseat box, a car out of a kleenex box, and lots of boats and cars to sit in!

  46. I re-use as much as possible. Recently, I made awesome art with toilet paper rolls. I really love the cafe cozies! 🙂

  47. I reuse grocery bags use them for our garbbage cans instead of buying ones

  48. My sons and I repurpose toilet paper rolls for crafts after the paper is gone.

  49. I like SF on Fb.

  50. I re-use large PB/margarine containers for freezing soups or other leftovers for later, or as storeage for sugar pr other baked goods. I also re-use sou cream, cottage cheese and yogurt containers for bringing lunch to work, or to divide up leftovers in case we can’t all eat together the next day.

  51. We reuse any jars and plastic containers with lids for craft supplies. They can even become part of the art project! 🙂

  52. Qtips for make-up removal or cleaning out small spots in the home where nothing else fits.

  53. Empty food containers (margarine, peanut butter, etc.) are handy for storing odds and ends, taking lunches to work, etc. My favorite!

  54. Repurposed a white microwave stand for daughter as “bedroom entertainment unit” Tv on top, open shelf space holds vcr, dvd player, vcr tape rewinder; inside bottom doors holds her jewellery.

  55. I wash my Ziploc bags, bread bags, produce bags, etc. and reuse

  56. I like to scrapbook with old cards, plane tickets, magazines, anything that I find around the house or in the recycle box

  57. I reuse margarine containers to store/freeze soup or even just for leftovers. They come in handy that’s for sure!!

  58. I want to repurpose my desk

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  60. My fav thing to repurpose is the containers from my body butter. They can b used for jewellery, change, etc… They work great!

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  63. We use yogurt containers as tupperware when I travel or go to work.

    Plus if you lose them they are not expensive.

  64. Empy Kraft Peanut butter jars (2kg) — they are perfect for freezing soup, storing seeds, sorting toys, etc!