Etsy Giveaway – A Set of Glass Pearl Wrapped Bracelets from Designs by Yo

Here’s a wonderful bio from Designs by Yo:  “I have always loved the creation process. Nothing pleases me more than starting with a pile of raw materials and transforming it into something beautiful. Showcasing my creativity began several years ago while designing costumes for community theater productions. I first began beading in earnest after designing the necklace Eliza wore to the ball in My Fair Lady, and I haven’t looked back. I am new to the Etsy community, and am looking forward to sharing my work, and hope to add some exciting pieces to your signature look. I love to create new pieces, so if you see something you like, but would like it better in another colour or style, I’d be happy to design a custom piece.”

The winner of this giveaway will win a set of glass pearl wrapped bracelets!

I’ve got a special discount for Simply Frugal readers who would like to make a purchase from Designs by Yo.

Use coupon code:  SIMPLYFRUGAL
Discount:  25% off your entire purchase
Expires:   December 31, 2011

Designs by Yo would also like you to know she is offering a free gift-wrapping service for items being shipped to a different location as a gift for all of her shoppers this holiday season!

Now for the giveaway!

To enter:

  • Comment on this post and mention one thing you are proud of accomplishing in your lifetime.  (mandatory, and make sure you leave a valid email address in the area provided)

For extra entries you can:

Please leave what you did for an extra entry, in a separate comment.

This giveaway is open to Canadians only and will end at 4pm PST Monday, November 21, 2010. I will draw the winner’s name that evening using and post the winner the following morning. I will also send an email to the winner.  Good luck!


  1. what a great give-away…you certainly have chosen a great site…all the items on Designs by Yo are absolutely gorgeous…thanx so much for giving someone the chance to own one.
    I am proud of EVERYTHING that I have accomplished in my life. sometimes it was not very easy, other times I had to overcome a fear BUT I did it!!!

  2. I also subscribe to the email updates

  3. I like Simply Frugal on FB

  4. I`m proud of myself for living in a remote outpost in the Arctic for a year as my first job after finishing university. What a great life experience.

  5. Love the inspiration for this work! I am most proud of my happy, engaging baby girl!

  6. My Fair Lady! Love!

  7. I am very proud of my family. Each one so unique, but loving and kind. It’s been a hard, long journey getting to this place but we are all together and I am thankful for that 🙂

  8. English is my first language but I did my entire undergraduate degree while speaking French!

  9. Raelene Dueck says:

    I am very proud of my two wonderful kids, and how happy they make me.

  10. Proud of going back to work on my Masters of Education while working fulltime!

  11. My greatest accomplishment in life, without a doubt, is my beautiful 12 year old daughter Zoe Jayna.

  12. I like SF on FB

  13. I subscribe to email updates

  14. I am proud of finally learning to swim and conquer my fear of water!

  15. Like Simply Frugal on Facebook, Subscribe to Email Updates

  16. Buying my first house

  17. My proudest accomplishment to date has been
    Having my heart stomped on by my ex, picking myself up, brushing off and not bring afraid to try for love again. The best part is that I found it and he is the most amazing man I’ve ever met. He compliments my personality in so many ways and encourages me to become everything I always wanted to be.

  18. Subscribed to SF email updates

  19. Liked SF on FB

  20. Becoming a mother twice over to two beautiful, happy and healthy daughters.

  21. fb liker Jennifer Irvine

  22. Proud that I had a chance to go to and complete college by paying my own tuition and student loans (although I did live rent free at home with my parents during this time-Thanks Mom & Dad)

  23. I like SF on FB!

  24. I “Like” Simply Frugal on Facebook!

  25. I subscribe to Simply Frugal emails.

  26. My life’s journey, makes me proud that I have accomplished it and continue living it. I have a wonderful family whom I love dearly and I am sure they love me just as much. I have just retired from a career I held for 34 years, and am looking forward to becoming a first time “Oma”!

  27. Quitting my career and going back to school to become a teacher…love my new job!

  28. I follow SF through google reader.

  29. I like SF on FB 🙂

  30. I am proud of finding a fulfilling career even though it was different from what I had originally planned 🙂

  31. I like SF on FB!

  32. I am most proud of being a nurse.

  33. I’m proud of having my music published.

  34. Anne-Marie T says:
  35. Anne-Marie T says:

    I liked your FB page (Anne-Marie Tvete)

  36. Anne-Marie T says:

    Subscribed to emails using “news at telus dot net”

  37. Anne-Marie T says:

    I am proud of getting my Accounting Degree

  38. Subscribed to your emails 🙂

  39. Like SF on FB 🙂

  40. Getting a university degree 🙂

  41. Julie Chandler says:

    I’m proud of accomplishing — being a mom and continuing how to learn how to love my family. 🙂

  42. I am proud of going back, after a twenty year teaching career, to finish a Certificate of Extended Studies in Inclusive Education, while working full time and looking after my son and husband!

  43. I subscribe to the RSS feed.

  44. I am proud of my family…which sounds corny but it is SO true! We have made it through some really tough times and are still working through these times but I am actually beginning to see to the top of our “what seemed like a never ending uphill battle” and will be able to make our way back down the hill over the next couple of years. And, through all of the tough times, we have stuck together and even made something better of and for ourselves.

  45. Liked you on facebook!

  46. I subscribe to your email updates!

  47. Subscribed to Email Updates !

  48. I’m proud of completing my education and finding a permanent job shortly after graduation in this economic downturn!

  49. Rebecca Briggs says:

    My 6 month old son, Mason, is my proudest accomplishment. He means absolutely everything to me 🙂

  50. Def proud of my masters degree

  51. i retweeted on facebook under kimberleylim_

  52. i also have liked you on facebook

  53. I am currently proud of completing the first module towards my CMA!

  54. I’m a Simply Frugal Facebook fan.

  55. I’m subscribed to Simply Frugal email updates.

  56. I’m proud I had the strength to leave a job where I was being bullied by my supervisor. It was a horrible experience but I’m now working at a better job with really great coworkers and supervisors.

  57. kim D'Angelo says:

    I receive your emails

  58. kim D'Angelo says:

    I “like” you on facebook

  59. kim D'Angelo says:

    I was so proud to finish my degree while working part time and being a stay at home mom!

  60. Receive email updates,

  61. Like Simply Frugal on facebook, FB name Aleasha Campbell

  62. One thing I have accomplished in my life is to stop the horrible cycle of how I was raised and to change things and raise my family the right way.

  63. I’m an e-mail subscriber too 😀

  64. How Lovely! My proudest accomplishment has to be my 2 daughters. They are sweet and wonderful.

  65. I also did these:
    Like Simply Frugal on Facebook
    Subscribe to my RSS Feed or Email Updates

  66. I am proud that I have (finally!) paid off my house

  67. We bought our first house at the age of 22! It was such a big step for us! The saying “there’s no place like home” took on a whole new meaning.

  68. I’m proud of working hard, saving and paying off all my student loans within a year of graduating from my Masters program.

  69. I am proud of being a wife and mother of a handsome boy and a new one in february!!!

  70. Of course I’m proud of accomplishing being mom to 2 great kids, but I’m also proud of kicking some pretty bad habits! Without which I could not be the parent i am today!

  71. i like simply frugal on FB

  72. being a mom to my two amazing babies. I love being a mommy! 🙂

  73. being a mom to my two wonderful girls!!

  74. Liked on Facebook! 🙂

  75. Being a Mumzy & Wifey! And staying strong despite all the negative/struggles/hardships in my life.

  76. Married with two kids and a mortgage!

  77. I’m proud of opening up my own Etsy shop 🙂

  78. My daughter.

  79. Lisa Metcalfe says:

    I bought my townhouse when I was 20 years old. It turns out it was a great investment!

  80. Liked on Facebook!

  81. Twitter Name: dianaslbillings

  82. I’m proud to be the mother of a wonderful 2 year old boy

  83. I am proud of myselffor sticking it out at a difficult job and fulfilling a commitment, even though it was beyond challenging.

  84. My greatest accomplishment would be my children! =)
    Thank you for the Giveaway! =)

  85. I’m proud of myself to be accepted into one of the most competitive programs at my university; a joint MD/PhD. I have worked for this since I was about 10 years old and it took me over 13 years to get here, but I did it. Lots of work ahead of me, but i’m so proud to be at this point in my life.

  86. Finishing my advanced degree!

  87. Maria Keirstead says:

    I am proud to be the mother to 5 incredible young men! I birthed each one of them in spite of the many challenges I faced.

  88. I am proud of being my daughter’s mother. We have struggled to have children and therefore being able to be the mother of one precious little girl and watch her grow has been the most wonderful accomplishment of my life!

  89. What a great giveaway!
    Having my daughter, hands down.
    Thank you!

  90. I’m proud of myself and my husband for bettering our lives through hard choices. We started with nothing and now have everything we need in life.

  91. Dianne Melnick says:

    would love to win this! the answer would have to be… going back to school!


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