Etsy Giveaway – A Sunshine Lemon Baltic Amber Elastic Anklet/Bracelet from PureComfort

PureComfort Jewelry offers a collection of beautiful, handmade, authentic Baltic amber teething necklaces and other teething jewelry for babies and toddlers. For centuries throughout Europe, Baltic amber has been used for healing and wellbeing. When worn, the warmth from the body releases the amber’s natural oils into the skin, soothing the misery of teething aches (and other discomforts), offering a completely natural teething remedy. A matching necklace for moms can also be custom made on request!

The winner of this giveaway will win a sunshine lemon baltic amber elastic anklet/bracelet! (may not be exactly as pictured above)

I’ve got a special discount for Simply Frugal readers who would like to make a purchase from PureComfort Jewelery.

Use coupon code:  HOLIDAY15
Discount:  15% off your entire purchase

Now for the giveaway!

To enter:

  • Comment on this post and mention one of your most annoying aches and pains. (mandatory, and make sure you leave a valid email address in the area provided)

For extra entries you can:

Please leave what you did for an extra entry, in a separate comment.

This giveaway is open to Canadians only and will end at 4pm PST Monday, November 21, 2011. I will draw the winner’s name that evening using and post the winner the following morning. I will also send an email to the winner.  Good luck!


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  2. it’ hard to believe that something so pretty can be functional. what a terrific idea…very creative.
    guess if I had to pick just one part of my body that is failing me , it would have to be my hands.
    have carpal tunnel and tendonitis in both hands, have had 5 surgeries, and like a bad penny it just keeps coming back. does anyone have a magic wand??

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  5. I have suffered from migraines since I was a teenager…ugh.


  7. I have developed arthritis in my toes – ouch!

  8. Annoying for sure is my ankles – i used to be a competitive gymnast so they are wobbly/painful AND annoying!

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  10. Sprained my right ankle playing ultimate frisbee and 2 years later it still acts up.

  11. My most annoying ache is my wrists. They crack at every twist and turn and can become so swollen and sore by the end of the day.

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  16. I get cramps in my feet when I wear shoes too much – it happens a lot over the winter and not so much in the summer because I can be barefoot a lot of the time.

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  18. I get back pains and carpal tunnel

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  20. frequent headaches

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  23. I think the healing/mellowing product of Baltic Amber is something I would like to pursue! Love the teething necklaces and bracelets/anklets. Will it help with arthritis that I have in my hands?

  24. I have been getting the strangest cramps in my toes, late at night in bed. It is really unpleasant.

  25. Cramps in the arches of my feet 🙁

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  28. Neck pain from an injury I had as a teen.

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  30. My most frequent aches come from my wrists.

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  33. Right arm tendonitis

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  36. My most annoying ache is in my legs (from pregnancy)

  37. My most annoying ache is in my right hand forefinger. In April, a pre-fab garage wall we were putting up fell on me, crushing my right hand and left knee. Neither have fully recovered yet! YUCK!

  38. One of my most annoying aches are migraines! Living in Calgary, we get these quite a bit due to all the changing weather systems near the mountains :(.

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  40. knuckle joint pains. It’s so annoying because I play a lot of sports and I workout a lot!

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  42. Back pain after a long day on my feet is so annoying! It can make me unable to get comfortable to fall asleep which is really, really annoying.

    I just wrote about the amber teething necklaces in the other comment section! I wasn’t exactly sure how it worked but I know that it seems to help my son when he wears his necklace and it teething! Now I know a little bit more from reading abou this shop…LOVE IT!!!

  43. I’m currently experiencing intense (and annoying) pain in my right hand. I can’t grip any item without shooting pain from my middle finger through my palm.

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  45. Sinus headaches and shoulder/neck strain

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  48. My most annoying pain is migraines.

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    I “like” simply frugal!

  51. kim D'Angelo says:

    My most annoying ache is this awful recurring wrist strain from a car acident 🙁 It’s always just kind of “there”, being annoying.

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  54. I have Crohns so the pain that I get from having it is my most annoying aches and pains

  55. i’m a subscriber too

  56. I have sholder pain that drives me crazzy, I’d love to see if amber helps 🙂

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  58. my most annoying pain is my back, whenever I do any work around the house. I think I’m allergic to housework!

  59. I play softball and (Apparently I’m not very good at eye coordination lol) I tend to just barely miss catching the ball and it tends to hit me. I took a ball to the ankle last year, (still bruised by the way!) It still pains me if i turn it the wrong way

  60. I have arthrits of the spine so im always in pain i get headaches from it and everything

  61. Right now my sciatica is quite bad, also had a bad fall last year and broke ankle…now the hardware in leg is causing soreness…grrr….and no i’m not a senior! 😉

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  63. Sensitive teeth and back pain. I had a difficult pregnancy/delivery, and the result was my lower back is not the same… I can’t lie on my back for very long or I won’t be able to get up without alot of pain. And I’m only 22 🙁

  64. I like Simply Frugal on FB

  65. My lower back and neck get stiff…especially now that I have two babies.

  66. I have some knee pain

  67. Knee pain.

  68. This is beautiful and great that it’s therapeutic also. I have on and off pains in my wrists which takes away all my muscle strength at times. Quite painful and makes it very hard to do things when they act up and I can’t even pick up a glass of water let alone my child. 🙁 Would be interesting to see how these work!

  69. The first pain that comes to mind is my daughter’s teething pain….it hurts us both! For me, it is achy joints with the arrival of winter.

  70. I had my chest cracked open for surgery and the scar and ribcage are often still sore, especially during weather changes.

  71. Lisa Metcalfe says:

    My shoulders. I’m apparently too tense and stressed all the time!

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  73. Shoulder Pain!!! Annoying!!!

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  75. Twitter name: dianaslbillings

  76. I hate it when my hip aches. I had a dislocated hip when I was 6 months old and I swear it’s from that even though it healed.

  77. I tweeted abotu this giveaway. My username on twitter is jennifermchase

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  80. This is a great giveaway! Been wanted to get an amber necklace for my teething 6 month old. My most annoying pain is headaches.

  81. Sensitive teeth are annoying to me….

  82. Stiff neck and shoulders. Also, when I pull a muscle in my neck and it hurts so bad you can’t turn your head-that’s the worst.

  83. My ankle that goes into spasms!

  84. i am a bf mom with a 5 month old and one of my most recent pain is when she pulls off i have been trying to catch her but sometimes i dont, and another one is my lower back i had to have a epiderial(sp) and in the same spot hurts some time

  85. Most annoying is the pseudo-sciatic pain I have in my hip and leg. Started when I was pregnant and months later (after baby) has yet to go away.

  86. Maria Keirstead says:

    My neck goes out on me fairily regularily and causes me real grief. Sometimes it is just annoying but other times the pain is terrible. Thankful for my massage therapist and chiropractors who help make daily living so much better.

  87. What a great giveaway! 😉 these are so cute!
    Most annoying ache/pain.
    Sinus headaches, broken hearts, and seeing your child in pain breaks your heart too….

  88. I broke my big toe on my right foot in high school. Twenty years later, whenever the weather is gray and gloomy, my toe throbs with pain, until the weather changes. It is frustrating and annoying but allows me to prepare for bad weather ahead of time!