Etsy Giveaway – Pillow Cover from Milk & Cookies Canada

I absolutely love all the fabrics in the Milk & Cookies Canada shop!  Misty uses designer fabrics to create beautiful pillow covers and inserts for your home.  I’m especially loving all the yellow fabrics as I had a terrible time this past Summer looking for yellow fabric.   One of the pillows from the Milk & Cookies Canada shop was even featured in Canada’s Style at Home magazine!  Misty would also love for you to check out her new blog and website, (the Etsy shop is accessible from there).

The winner of this giveaway will win a pillow cover of their choice priced between $20 – $25.

I’ve got a special discount for Simply Frugal readers who would like to make a purchase from Milk & Cookies Canada.

Use coupon code:  SIMPLYFRUGAL
Discount:  10% off your entire purchase
Expires:   November 30, 2011

Now for the giveaway!

To enter:

  • Comment on this post and mention one thing you can’t seem to resist buying for your home.  (mandatory, and make sure you leave a valid email address in the area provided)

For extra entries you can:

Please leave what you did for an extra entry, in a separate comment.

This giveaway is open to Canadians only and will end at 4pm PST Monday, November 21, 2010. I will draw the winner’s name that evening using and post the winner the following morning. I will also send an email to the winner.  Good luck!


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  2. gosh..the pillows on this site are just fabulous…the dragon one is so creative.
    one of my biggest addictions is table cloths. I only have one round table but have oh so many covers. I have even cut down a large rectangular table cloth and made a round one with placemats because I loved the pattern and could not find it in the size that I needed!!

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  5. Throws and candles.

  6. I liked the story about the boys bathroom…very nice!

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  9. I am addicted to buying artwork…my walls are running out of space! I also love to buy storage and organization products!

  10. These are Great!

  11. I’m addicted to picture frames.

  12. Raelene Dueck says:

    I like to buy little things that brighten the space they go in.

  13. Food or toilet paper-lol just kidding. I would say flowers. They always seem to brighten up a place 🙂

  14. I love these decorative pillows they are fabulous!

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  16. That would have to be candles

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  18. I enjoyed reading her explanation of where her blog and website name comes from. Very cute.

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  20. I’m always buying towels and funny enough, pillow cases.

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  23. Not entering to win because I had the pleasure of winning this last year and I still love that pillow cover…it looks beautiful on my bed!

  24. The 18×18 inch Designer Handmade Pillow Case in aqua, Chartreuse, grey, brown graphic flowers would be perfect for my living room. It would tie together my chartreuse and cream bedroom and my grey-green foyer. Every little touch makes a difference in a 700 square foot house!
    Follow SF on Twitter and tweeted about this giveaway! Kate_schutz and now I subscribe to your RSS feed also!

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  26. I am an addict when it comes to Kitchen Gadgets… If it’s on late night tv.. I have to have it… I am a sucker for all types of gadgets..

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  28. Love to shop for children’s decor for my kids’ bedrooms.

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  35. Honestly, not just saying this; but I have a serious pillow addiction! Not only do I buy alot of pilllows (I have like 11 on my bed), but I embroider alot also. a close 2nd would be old architetural pieces.

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  38. Kitchen stuff for our home seems to multiply

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  40. I can not resist buying neat plant pots. I have a dining room that looks like a green house 🙂

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  42. I can;t resist air freshners and candles

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  45. One thing I can’t resist on buying for the home is curtains, and I can’t seem to find the right ones at the moment. But I think I am in love with “New 18×18 inch Designer Handmade Pillow Case in grey with white leaf illustration.”

  46. I am addicted to kitchen gadgets. Right now, I am on a spatula kick. I had to throw out my husband’s favourite one as it was falling apart. So now my quest is to find the right replacement.

  47. I loved the post at milk and cookies on the colour violet, my fav!

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  50. I’ll have to go with baskets, I love having baskets to hide our mess or store things in!

  51. I never seem to deny myself new tea towels. You need them right? I am now running out of space!

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  54. I love the white and natural chevron pillow! It is exactly what I have been looking for!

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  56. I can’t resist buying smelly soaps and candles!

  57. Martine Anthony-Ross says:

    I can’t resist anything for the kitchen.

  58. black or silver picture frames. they are everywhere in my house!

  59. I can’t seem to resist accessories that are pink and green to go with room at my mom’s house and aqua and green accessories for my room at my dad’s house

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    I can’t seem to resist buying fancy tea towels

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    Kitchen stuff gets me every time. Love utensils, towels, jars, love it all!

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  67. Candles & frames 🙂

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  71. I can’t stop buying things for my daughter’s nursery.

  72. I always buy kitchen stuff! Hard to not want a million gadgets!

  73. I can never resist buying the small and aroma they put in my house :).

  74. Rebecca Briggs says:

    I love mixing/serving bowls…LOL kind of a weird thing to love, but when I’m in a kitchen section in a store, I always find myself admiring all the pretty bowls 😛

  75. I love buying serving platters for party I host I have too many yet everytime I go to a supply store I get a new one

  76. I loved seeing and reading about the changes to Misty’s master and boys bathrooms. It is amazing how a simple fixture change, like knobs on the cupboards, can make such a change to the room.

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  78. I can’t seem to stop buying organizational containers! All types and sizes!!
    After years of being frustrated with my decor and organization…or lack of GOOD and USEFUL organization, I feel like I am getting somewhere so when I find a container that looks like it will come in handy, I get it to put to use in my home. I have a spot for these containers so that they don’t interupt my organization but will have them on hand for when inspiration hits. I love the dollar stores for containers because they are frugal!

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  80. I can’t seem to stop buying/collecting old canning jars. They have so many uses in my home!

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  82. At I enjoyed reading the post “Addicted to Chocolate”. I loved the pictures-they made me hungry for some chocolate!

  83. I seem to have a lot of candles! I love different scents and have a growing collection!

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  86. I cant stop buying pillows and beautiful dishes for my kitchen =)

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  89. I enjoyed reading about the master bath renovation . . . what a transformation!

  90. Wow, what beautiful fabrics! We don’t have a fireplace so I have trouble resisting candles.

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    I can not resist buying fabulous picture frames for my home!!!

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  97. I enjoyed reading the boys bathroom post.

  98. I can’t seem to stop buying candles and blankets for the home!

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  100. I cant resist buying vintage furniture 🙂
    What a great giveaway!

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  102. Storage containers.
    Baskets, tubs, the like.

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  104. I enjoyed reading about the master bath – what a difference!

  105. I like to buy holiday decorations.. Halloween, Christmas, Easter, any excuse to celebrate

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  107. I enjoyed the “Boy’s Bathroom” post.

  108. I can”t resist buying picture frames!

  109. I can’t resist buying yummy candles and pretty pillows! Really love the pillows featured on milk&cookies canada!

  110. I can’t resist buying cheap fabric for decor/crafting projects at the thrift store.

  111. i can’t resist buying antiques!

  112. i resist buying anything…always seems to be something else we need…if i were to splurge one day it would probably be on bedding or art for my bare walls!

  113. i cant resist bying tablecloth!

  114. I can’t resist buying candleholders. I have to hold myself back!

  115. I can’t seem to stop buying wreaths and such for my front entrance. I love to project a friendly, welcoming home to visitors.

  116. “Our Home” section on milkandcookies. Beautiful!

  117. I liked reading about Misty on the Milk and Cookies website 🙂

  118. I can’t resist buying art for the walls of my house

  119. I can’t resist buying pillows. I love changing out colour schemes for the seasons and add a new punch of colour or pattern.

  120. Accessories! (Pictures, for one) 🙂

  121. Candles. All kinds of them for every season and mood!

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    I can’t resist buying picture frames!

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  127. Looks wonderful.. just perfect for me to curl up on

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  130. Furniture! I keep buying more and more furniture to refinish! Now I need accessories! 🙂

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    I also liked your Facebook page and have always subscribed to your RSS Feed 🙂

  132. Fresh flowers are so hard to resist!

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    I love to buy flowers for my home- sometimes they are real and other times silk. They help make everything more cheerful!

  134. I love buying any kind of bedding and towels. I have a problem!

  135. Dianne Melnick says:

    beautiful pillowcase! I can’t seem to resist buying candles! I love having them in my home!