Etsy Giveaway – Waterproof 3-in-1 Crib Sheet from The Counting Sheep Company

The Counting Sheep Company is owned by Sarah, a busy mom of three, age three and under!  Sarah has created a wonderful waterproof 3-in-1 crib sheet that is a great time and money saving tool for parents.  It really does take the place of three separate things… waterproof mattress protector, mattress pad and top sheet for less than the price of a mattress pad!  It also comes off and on the mattress super fast during late night changes but features special corners which hug the mattress and will not come off unexpectedly. You can sleep soundly with no worries about your baby becoming entangled at night.  The sheets are available in two patterns, a 100% Cotton Damask (white on white stripe pattern) OR 100% Cotton Jersey Knit.

The winner of this giveaway will win one of Sarah’s fabulous 3-in-1 crib sheets!

I’ve got a special discount for Simply Frugal readers who would like to make a purchase from The Counting Sheep Company.

Use coupon code:  Frugal15
Discount:  15% off your entire purchase
Expires:  November 30, 2011

Now for the giveaway!

To enter:

  • Comment on this post and mention one baby item you found/find to be a life saver, or a toy you remember enjoying as a child. (mandatory, and make sure you leave a valid email address in the area provided)

For extra entries you can:

Please leave what you did for an extra entry, in a separate comment.

This giveaway is open to Canadians only and will end at 4pm PST Monday, November 21, 2011. I will draw the winner’s name that evening using and post the winner the following morning. I will also send an email to the winner.  Good luck!


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  3. I had a toy vacuum cleaner I couldn’t put down as a child. Funny because I hate vacuuming now!

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  8. My NNeka breastfeeding pillow is my essential baby item…I have used it probably a thousand times over the last year!

  9. Each child I think was something different. My oldest it was a swing, it settled him when fussy. My second was definitely the bottle holder that attaches to the bottle (the other end to the stroller/carseat etc). Saved me a lot of back pain-lol My latest peanut would have to be a bum warmer (for wipes) since we lived in a colder place at the time of her birth.
    Thanks for the chance to win this my sister is due in Jan and would love it!! Heck if I were to have more babies, I’d love it 🙂 I think it’s genius and saves the extra steps!

  10. We couldn’t have done without our baby sling. I wore it all the time.

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  13. I have found a pack of flannel diapers SO useful – they are super absorbent at picking up or catching ANYTHING a baby or toddler can spill (including any/all body fluids), are an excellent change table cover when you’re out, make an emergency blanket for newborns, I have used it as a sun cover on the stroller or infant car seat, etc etc.

  14. My daughter loves anything with a tag. The Taggie toys. The tags that come on clothes outfits. Keeps her amused for hours!!

    I had a Fisher Price Bird that you pulled the string and it sang. I loved it and would love to find it again

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  16. My fisher price play house

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  19. I couldn’t live without my son’s swaddling blankets – truly a life saver!

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  23. Legos were the best toy as a kid

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  26. This crib sheet sounds fantastic! I would really like to win this!
    As a child, I remember playing with my Abacus. It was huge! 18″x18″. Unfortunately, we had to leave it behind when we moved to Canada!

  27. Sleep sacks…my daughter won’t sleep without one.

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  30. I hope games count as toys, but I loved playing with the game Memory as a child.

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  33. My son loves his Jolly Jumper!

  34. Jolly Jumper! supposedly I loved it as a child, and all three of my kids loved it as well!

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  36. her baby monitors – sure give us piece of mind

  37. Robin Langley says:

    A comfy baby carrier/wrap was/is a must for me.

  38. After swaddling my twins in blankets for weeks and weeks, we discovered the velcro swaddlers. OMG it made it so much easier!

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  42. Hands down the swing has been a life saver…my daughter takes the longest naps ever in that thing.

  43. I’m not a mom yet, but my sister-in-law swears by the diaper genie!!

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  46. Baby Carrier is a lifesaver for me so far!

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  48. As a child I enjoyed my Transformers, namely Optimus Prime. 🙂

  49. Rebecca Briggs says:

    My life saving piece of equipment for my son was his bouncer. At first he hated being in it, but the more I put him in it the more he liked it and it definitely was a life saver when I needed to get things done around the house.

  50. I also subscribe to the RSS feed.

  51. For new babies, a sleep sack was the best thing ever! Kept my little guy warm and made him feel safe all wrapped and ready to sleep…the best ones are the ones that have two parts: the sleep sack itself with a zipper and tank top style straps (they’re wide, not thin) and then a velcro wrap around piece that you can take off when the baby gets to the point where he wants to be able to move his arms.
    When teething, I liked the teething “jewelry” that mom can wear or the babes can wear some of it too, my son wore the bracelet because he like to hold it and play with it. It looked like wood but was made for teething out of some sort of rubbery material. And Sofie the Griaffe was great for teething too! Also, we use the Amber necklaces that are NOT for the babies to chew on but to wear around their necks. Amber has a healing property and absorbs into the body to sooth. Don’t know how well it is absorbed by the body but we barely knew that teeth numbers 5-8 came in when he was wearing it!
    Now, my lifesaver is his favorite blankie which makes him feel all cuddly and warm when he need sto feel safe or just wants a good snuggle from mom or dad. My son’s favorite blankie was actually a hand me down from his cousin so it was all broken in and snuggly when he started using it…the best!

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  53. When I was little my favorite toy was my stuffed animal. I would love to try this product…my first baby is due in Feb and I could see how this would be a wonderful product!

  54. Repetitive books were a lifesaver when my daughter was a baby. They were easy to memorize and when she got fussy in the car I could start reciting her favourite book and she’d instantly calm down!! I’d suggest Moo, Baa, La La La (hilarious and fun!)

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  57. kim D'Angelo says:

    My life being a mother would be impossible without a wrap carrier 🙂

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    Lisa S

  60. I couldn’t have done it with out a breast feeding pillow, good for so many things

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  63. I remember my Gloworm very fondly.

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  67. Our life saver for our son is his Teddy Bear, he will absolutely not sleep without that bear!

  68. i’m an e-mail subscriber too

  69. For me its my baby sling- I use that thing daily and it is a total lifesaver 🙂
    Thanks for the chance

  70. baby swing is a deffinate must!!

  71. With my second I found the Ergo infant carrier to be a lifesaver…loved having him close, and kept him happy too

  72. Already like you on Facebook. 🙂

  73. My son just turned 3, and a toy that has been a lifesaver is… His plush doll “Bibi”! He is somewhat tattered now, but it’s still his friend and they always play “choo choo” together 🙂

  74. Frozen wash cloths. My daughter started teething at 3 months, she couldent bring her hand to her mouth yet so any teeting toys did not work yet. I took a few wash cloths cut them in quarters wet them and put them in the frrezer, everytime she got fussy and I knew it was her teeth i would pop one in her mouth with my finger inside and let her chew away until she could hold the cloth herself( they were way too big to swallow, and i always had her attached to me when i did this)

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  76. My son was born Sept. 17 this year and he loves his swing! And I do too!

  77. Our first baby will be born the end of January. However, one of my nieces loves her dickie towel hoody.

  78. Brandi Tsougrianis says:

    The one item that was a lifesaver for me was the video monitor with night vision. Every time the baby cried/made a sound I could just look at the monitor and see if I needed to go in the room or not.

  79. The bumbo chair was great when my daughter was younger.

  80. A Stationary jumper is keeping my granddaughter very happy. And busy! 🙂

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  82. Amy Sylvester says:

    I found my son’s Bumbo seat was a godsend. He seemed to like the way it allowed him to “join” us wherever the adults were gathering all the while having a bit of his own space.

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  85. My son would not take a soother or a bottle. He had colic and the only thing that would soothe his crying sometimes was sucking on my finger. While this is not a product, it was my lifesaver!

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  88. I remember all my (now) retro fisher price toys and want them all for my kids! I’ll probably be the lamest mom around! 🙂

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  91. I tweeted about this… my twitter name is jennifermchase.

  92. My son is 8 months old, and one of my most loved baby items is the Jolly Jumper… how else do you entertain a baby for an hour at a time! 🙂

  93. I loved cloth books!

  94. Elizabeth Pitre says:

    As a child I had a cloth book that my mother made with pockets and laces and many interactive pages. It kept me busy for many Dr visits and meetings. I loved it.

  95. Liked you on FB.

  96. Jennifer Kuntz says:

    Baby Wipes!!! They come in handy for cleaning everything from poopy bottoms, snotty noses, dirty faces and hands, wiping up messes, etc, particularly when you’re on the go and have nothing else on hand.

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  98. Most helpfulbaby items: those blankets to wrap your baby in that have Velcro on them, and co-sleepers for your bed.

  99. I love our BOB stroller. I am now using it for kid #2 and it is still just as tough and fantastic as it was when we bought it for our first. It has gone up mountains, through snow storms and just keeps on truckin’!

  100. My most useful baby item was the clip used to hold my daughter’s soother within her grasp. As with a lot of kids, my daughter found it to be fun to spit out her “sucky” but just as fun to find it and it it back in her mouth for herself. Thanks for having a contest like this. I think your crib sheet is a great idea.


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