Free Renee’s Salad Dressing with Coupon at Real Canadian Superstore

I’ve heard reports that The Real Canadian Superstore is selling Renee’s salad dressing for $2.48.  Use the $2.50 off coupon found on Kellogg’s cereal boxes and you’ll get it for free!  I’m not sure if this sale is at any Loblaws or affiliates.  Anyone in eastern Canada care to let us know?


  1. Pamela Dawson says:


    I love your honey mustard salad dressing but have only seen it in the single serving packets in the Super Store (loblews). I have looked in many other stores with no success. An you let me know where to get it in the full bottle size.


    • This isn’t the product website. You should call your loblaws and make a request with the manager to have them order it in.

  2. Sherry Kielinen says:

    Really want the pear guava back in stores-forget the blud cheese guava!!!

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