How to Coupon in Canada

How to Coupon in Canada

Do you have some questions about couponing in Canada?  I hope to help answer your questions by providing a complete guide to couponing in Canada!  I thought it was high time Simply Frugal had a How-To on couponing since we usually get a ton of emails with coupon questions!

Here’s the list of posts you can learn from:


  1. I am looking for people in the London , Ontario and surrounding area to exchange coupons, tips for savings, rebate offers, etc… To work together and exchange ideas. Please contact me by email or phone 226-235-4484.

  2. charlene bienvenu says:

    I am new to this and starting a healthier lifestyle.

  3. Awesome! Looking forward to reading all your tips on couponing – especially the organizing part 🙂

  4. Sandy Bailey says:

    far too many companies are into you printing your own coupons. What a scam! waste of money if you ask me……….why would I want to pay for paper/ink to get .50 off? Go back to the way it used to be, companies supply the coupons by mail

  5. Hi, I have been couponing since January and I get lots of savings & Freebies. I am wondering though how to combine coupons, such as a store coupon and a manufacturer coupons and knowing if they are either if its not stated on the coupon, which store accept this, etc. I have lots more questions, but this is the main one that I would like to know about so that I can maximize my savings. I would love to have a book about couponing to learn more tips & tricks. I would also like to learn about buying samples, where to get them and what coupons can be used, I never seem to be able to buy samples at wal-mart even thought I have a binder full of coupons. I do find that if there is an awesome sale, that the products are gone. Today I went to Walmart to get the 1.97 stayfree as I have lots of two dollars printables and want to take some to the food bank, but there were none on the shelf to buy. Im wondering when is the best time to avoid this? Also some stores seem to make up there own rules and its different for every visit, it would be helpful to understand store polices and have a site that it updated regularly for this. I will check back often to see your posts on couponing. Thanks Jayme

  6. I look forward to your website everyday! A comprehensive book on Canadian coupons would be great!!

  7. I’ve been couponing for some time now and I regularly order coupons form online coupon sites. I have not made use of printable coupons because in the past I ran into a lot of hassles with using them and stores not taking printable/Internet coupons. I am noticing that there are a lot more printable coupons out there these days and I feel I am missing out on a lot of savings by not using them. Do you have a list of stores that take printable coupons?
    Hope you can cover this topic!

    • Elizabeth says:

      I’ve had issues with this too. However, more and more stores are now accepting printable coupons. WalMart accepts them, Shoppers Drug Mart accepts them as well and just recently, FreshCo has begun accepting internet/printable coupons. Hope this helps, I know printable coupons were kind of a hassle in the past but it seems to be the new norm now 🙂

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