I’m Wondering: What Are Your Menu Planning Challenges?

Having a planned menu each week is a lifesaver for me. I find that on the weeks I fail to plan, we eat out more often or I’m grabbing something super simple from the freezer (Pizza? Premade appies?). This results in higher than normal spending and not so healthy eating. (Though, I’m all about giving myself grace and being mostly okay with weeks like that when it’s not our normal.) So, this week:

I’m Wondering:  What are your menu planning challenges?  What keeps you from implementing or succeeding at menu planning in your home?


  1. My challenges are living alone cooking for one person and being a picky eater, wasting food. I find it difficult to plan for one person.

  2. Organization. I have good intentions then something axes my plans…or I forget the night before to prep. I really want a menu plan and stick to it for cost benefits and healthy idea. Someday I will get my act together.

  3. My biggest problem would be deciding what to have ! Right now, eating from my pantry and freezer has too many options , as I have way too much in my freezer , so I need to come up with tastey sure tried meals!

  4. My challenges are budget, dietary restrictions, time and a fussy 8-year old.
    I am celiac, and allergic to pineapple and mushrooms. Our family does not eat pork or beef. I work about 10 hours a day, 5 days a week, not including travel time to & from work. We’re living on one income while my FH looks for a job. My 8 year old doesn’t like to eat vegetables or meat, and refuses to eat soup or salad. My staples are rice chicken & vegetable stir fry, rice noodles and chicken or fish, turkey or chicken chili, and salmon patties.

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