In Season Recipe Round-up: Pumpkin

How would you guys like to see a semi-regular recipe round up featuring in season produce?  Since in-season produce usually gives you the most bang for your grocery buck, I thought it might be fun to round-up a whole bunch of recipes to give you new ideas on how to use what’s in-season. 🙂

For this first round-up, I’ve gathered a bunch of recipes using Pumpkin!






  1. I think a recipe roundup is a great idea. Unfortunately for me today, I don’t like pumpkin ;).

    • Simply Frugal says:

      Actually, I’m not much of a pumpkin fan either! But when I was putting this list together, I was mighty tempted to try out many of the recipes! (Didn’t help that it was dinner time!)

  2. I love the links to the pumpkin recipes and I’d love to see this become a regular feature.
    I enjoy trying new recipes and I have to admit I often waste several hours on a Saturday morning browsing Pinterest for new recipes. It is also one of my biggest downfalls to stay on budget when it comes to grocery shopping. For example this past weekend I found a recipe for buffalo cauliflower chunks, I’m always trying to come up with ways to get my DH to eat more veggies and thought this would be perfect. The problem is cauliflower was $3.49 a head this week, yikes!! Even worse I didn’t put it back on the shelf because it was the on the menu for meatless Monday and I didn’t want to take the time to figure something else out while in the grocery store. Worst part is DH didn’t like it, can you say buyers remorse. LOL 2nd mistake of the week, I purchased a spaghetti squash, again I’d found a new recipe I wanted to try and another attempt to get DH to eat more veggies. The spaghetti squash was priced per pound and when I got home I realized it had cost $4.46, I thought spaghetti squash was a fall vegetable and would be economical at this time of year; good thing it was big enough for 3 meals.
    Anyway I’d love to see more recipes for in-season produce.

  3. Thank you for the recipe ideas. Lots of choices and varieties.
    This is also a great way to be introduced to new blogs and web sites.
    I would love to see a “recipe round up featuring in season produce”. This is a great idea.
    I appreciate your efforts to put this together.


  1. […] has gathered 43 recipes up for breakfast,lunch,breads,and snacks using pumpkins.She has pumpkin french toast bake,and pumpkin pancakes with much more. […]

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