Metro Coupon Policy

Metro has emailed me their coupon and price matching policy.  Here what they say:

Thank you for your email.

  • We accept one valid coupon per item purchased.
  • Our stores do not price match products.
  • We accept coupons issued by our Company and printed from our Company website
  • Unfortuneately, due to fraudulent activity with internet coupons, we do not accept coupons that are printed from any other websites, either on-line coupons or e-coupons.
  • We accept manufacturer coupons issued by and  These coupons are ordered from the website and mailed to the Customer’s home.  These coupons are not printed from the internet.


Metro  Customer Care

They only mentioned and as acceptable third party manufaturer coupons. I’m going to safely assume that, and coupons mailed to you directly from companies are also accepted.


  1. Can I double my coupons ? And can I use my coupons on items already on sale ?

  2. i have coupons 1 pail of naxx cat litter 7kg pail free with coupon andwetand dry food do you accept these coupons they come from let me now

  3. Is this policy valid for Metro in Ontario or in Quebec ?

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