My Garden Plans for 2015

This year I’m trying something different for my garden. Normally I grow my veggies in containers, but this year I’m transforming my flower bed! I’m so excited!

I have an assortment of perennials in the flower bed, but I moved them all over to one side to make room for veggies.  Because it’s still not a big space for growing, I really only want to grow carrots (my daughter loves them raw!). I thought I’d try beets because I love them roasted on salads. Kale because we like to make kale chips.

garden diagram 2015

So the picture shows where I’ll be planting stuff. I might add peas in the back so they can climb the fence.

I will have some containers.  I’ll have my herbs (Basil, tarragon, chocolate mint and strawberry mint), tomatoes and lettuce in containers. They grow well that way.  I’m also trying out these Smart Pots for the tomatoes.  They seem really great!


My mom will have her big garden again this year so I’ll be sure to trade some weeding time for cucumbers, zucchini, blackberries, potatoes, onions and what ever else she grows. 🙂

What will your garden look like this year?  


  1. How do the smart containers work?

    In winter, do you just bring them inside?

  2. So glad you can use that flower bed for veggies!! I love a vegetable garden almost more than I love a flower garden (but I do love flowers!!!).

    We just moved to a new house and can’t dig into the ground (we are renters) so we just built a few raised planters from pallets. They turned our pretty well and now we are growing tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, zucchini, dill and spinach. With a few hanging pots for strawberries! Now if only the deer and birds will leave it alone!!

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