Organization Tip: Keep All Manuals in a Binder

Here’s a great tip to help wrangle all your owners manuals!

Use a binder with plastic inserts then keep your manuals in the inserts!  Have them all in one place!


  1. even better locate the digital copies and then upload them into ever note then you can throw the physical copy out and always have a copy when ever you need it on what ever device you have near you at the time! best thing nothing to store and it is all backed up on their servers I keep all my family recipes on there too! I also include a photo of the receipt, most place don’t need a physical receipt any how, plus they usually fade due to temperature and are unreadable when i go to use them if the warranty is longer than 30-60 days.

  2. GREAT TIP! Love it! Going to set this up this weekend.

  3. I do this and it is a great way to keep track of all your manuals. I also attach a photocopy of the receipt to the manual.

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