Printable Canadian Coupons

Here you will find a list of all the printable Canadian coupons that I know of.  The list will be updated frequently.


Save $1.00 off Super Squeezies (expires January 30, 2014)
Save $1.00 off Wholly Guacamole or Salsa product (expires: depends when you print it)
Save $1.50 off Olymel shaved meat (expires: March 31, 2014)
Save $0.75 off International Delight
Save $0.75 on any one Mazola Oil 1.42 L bottle
Save $0.75 off Piller’s products
Save $0.50 off French’s Yellow Mustard (550mL or 830mL)
Save $1.00 off French’s Salad Cravers
Save $0.50 off any French’s Dijon Mustard
Save $0.50 off one bottle of Frank’s RedHot Cayenne Pepper Sauce
Save $1.00 off a 2L carton or a 4L bag of Neilson TRUTASTE microfiltered milk
Save $3.00 when you buy 5 Weight Watchers Smart Ones
Buy 1 SunRype FruitSource single bar, Get 1 FruitSource single bar FREE
Save $0.75 on any Sugar Twin Product
Save $3.00 off Van Houtte Coffee 225g and up
Save $3.00 when you buy 2 boxes of 12 or 18 count Van Houtte K-Cuppacks
Save $5.00 when you buy 3 boxes of 12, 16 or 18 count K-Cup packs
Save $1.00 off any Robin Hood product
Save $1.00 off Cream of Wheat Hot Cereal
Save $1.00 off Dairyland Organic milk
Save $0.50 off any Natura product (expires: unknown)
Save $3.00 off Van Houtte coffee (expires December 31, 2013)
Save $1.00 off Fletcher’s smokies
Save $3.00 off Splenda Packets, 200 count
Save $3.00 off Splenda Granulated, 275g
Save $2.00 off Splenda Minis, 200 tablets
Save $1.00 off Kellogg’s Vector Protein Bars
Save $1.00 off Splenda Flavours for Coffee French Vanilla, 30 packets
Save $1.00 off Splenda Brown Sugar Blend, 454g
Buy 1 Mentos, get 1 Free (expires January 31, 2014)
Save $0.25 off a Naturegg Omega 3 Hard Boiled 2 Egg Snack Pack


Save $1.00 off any Arm & Hammer laundry product
Save $1.00 off Scott brand paper towels (expires:  depends when you print it)
Save $0.50 off any package of Solo products (expires December 31, 2014)
Save $1.00 off any Energizer Max battery product (expires 2 weeks after printing)
Save $1.00 off Purell products (expires 1 month after printing)
Save $1.50 off Arctic Power Laundry Detergent
Save $3.00 off any Energizer Flashlight $15.00 or more
Save $1.00 off any pack of Energizer Max Batteries
Save $10 on any 4-pack Energizer Recharge Batteries w/purchase of any Energizer Charger
Save $5.00 off any pack of AA4, AA6, AAA2, AAA4 Energizer Ultimate Lithium Batteries
Save $1.00 on Purex Liquid 2.95L or larger, Purex UltraPacks, Purex Crystals


Save $4.00 off any Aerius product (expires December 31, 2014)
Save $3.00 off any Caltrate product (expires 1 month after printing)
Save $3.00 off any Claritin product (expires December 31, 2014)
Save $2.00 on any Imodium product
Save $3.00 off Gold Bond Ultimate Derm Intense Dry Skin Relief Foot Cream 96g
Save $5.00 off Gold Bond Ultimate lotion or cream
Save $0.50 off Cepacol Sore Throat Relief product
Save $2.00 off any Dr. Scholl’s Clear Away Wart Remover
Save $3.00 off any Dr. Scholl’s Freeze Away Wart Remover
Save $1.50 off any One A Day multi-vitamin product
Save $1.00 off any BAND-AID Brand Adhesive Bandages
Save $5.00 off the Polysporin Cold Sore Healing Patch
Save $2.00 off any Polysporin Topical Antibiotic product
Save $3.50 on POLY TO GO Antiseptic Spray
Save $1.50 off any Polysporin Lip products
Save $4.00 off Tylenol Nighttime 40′s
Save $1.00 off any Listerine product
Save $3.00 on any Reactine product
Save $3.00 on Benylin Adult All-In-One
Save $2.00 on any Benylin Extra Strength Mucus & Phlegm excluding 100mL
Save $1.00 off Visine Enduring Moisture 10mL
Save $1.00 off any K-Y Brand Product
Save $3.00 on any Reactine Allergy + Sinus product
Save $2.00 on the purchase of any  Benadryl Allergy products
Save $1.00 on any Children’s Tylenol or Infant’s Tylenol product
Save $2.00 on any Imodium Quick-Dissolve product
Save $2.00 on any Imodium Liqui-Gels
Save $2.00 on any Lactaid product
Save $2.00 off Ozonol (expires: unknown)
Save $1.50 off Bactine
(expires: unknown)
Save $1.50 off Alka-Seltzer
(expires: unknown)
Save $2.00 off Phillips’
(expires: unknown)
Save $2.00 off Dermal Therapy
(expires: unknown)
Save $2.00 off Canesten
(expires: unknown)
Save $3.00 off Aleve Arthritis caplets (expires March 31, 2014)
Save $3.00 on any Advil Cold & Flu (expires 1 month after printing)
Save $3.00 on any Advil product (expires 1 month after printing)
Save $3.00 on any Advil Cold & Sinus (expires 1 month after printing)
Save $3.00 on any Children’s Advil (expires 1 month after printing)
Save $3.00 on any Advil Nighttime Liqui-Gels (expires 1 month after printing)
Save $1.00 off any Nature’s Bounty product (expires: unknown)
Save $1.50 on any Rub A535 product  (expires: unknown)
Save $3.00 off Advil Liqui-Gels
Save $3.00 off any Robax HeatWraps 3-4 count product
Save $4.00 off Robax caplets
Save $2.00 off Adult Essentials gummy vitamins (expires April 30, 2014)
Save $2.00 off any Robitussin product


Save $1.00 off Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion & Wash
Save $5.00 off when you buy any two Aveeno products
Save $2.00 off any Aveeno Hair Care product
Save $1.00 off Aveeno sunscreen
Save $1.00 off Neutrogena Sun Care products
Save $3.00 off Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Hand & Body products
Save $2.50 on Clean & Clear Morning Burst Body Wash
Save $1.00 off any Lubriderm product
Save $4.00 on Mederma Stretch Mark Therapy
Save $2.00 on Mederma Scar Gel
Save $2 off any one Clearasil product
Save $2.00 off Maybelline Volum’ Express The Falsies Big Eyes mascara
Save $2.00 when you buy 3 Maybelline Colorshow nail polishes
Save $3.00 off Garnier Skin Renew Dark spot Treatment Mask
Save $2.00 off 1 Garnier Fructis Style
Save $1.00 off 1 Garnier Fructis Fruit Sensation product
Save $2.00 off Veet EasyWax Refill
Save $2.00 off Dove body wash
Save $1.00 off Dove hair care (expires: unknown)
Save $3.00 off any 2 Dove Daily Moisture products
Save $0.50 off a Caprina product


Buy 4 Heinz Baby food pouches get 1 free
Buy 8 save $1.50 on Heinz Baby food glass jars and/or tubs
Save $1.50 off Heinz Baby cereal
Save $1.00 off any one Heinz Little Kids Snacks or Farley’s Biscuits
Save $0.75 off the purchase of one Li’l Goat’s product
Save $1.00 off Sudocrem tub
Save $2.00 off Kids 0-9 Calm, Cough & Cold, Cough & Cold Nighttime or Throat Ease Syrups (100mL)
Save $2.00 off Kids 0-9 All Allergies, Colic, Earache, Flu buster (Day or Night), Pain and fever, Sinus All-in-One or Teething Oral Solution (25mL)
Save $2.00 off Kids 0-9 Arnica+ Pain Relief Cream or First-Aid Calendula Cream (40mL)
Save $5.00 off Enfapro A+ (expires: 2 weeks after printing)
Save $1.00 off Infant or Children’s Tylenol
Save $1.00 off any Aveeno Baby product
Save $1.00 off any Johnson’s Baby product

Printable Natural Living Coupons (all expire March 31, 2014):

Save $1.00 on any Barbara’s cereal
Save $1.00 on any Barbara’s snacks
Save $0.75 on any TWO boxes of BLUE DIAMOND Nut Thins
Save $1.00 on any 6 Cans (any variety) of Blue Sky Beverages
Save $2.00 on any Carlson Norwegian Fish Oil product
Save $0.50 on any ONE Simply Natural® Organic Pasta Sauce, Salsa, Salad Dressing, Ketchup or Mustard
Save $1.00 on any ONE (1) box of CLIF CRUNCH® Granola Bars
Save $1.00 on the purchase of earth balance® Organic Coconut Flavour Spread
Save $2.00 on any Genuine Health purchase of $10 or more
Save $2.00 on any Pregnacare® Product
Save $1.50 on any 450mL OR 1L Liquid Greens Concentrate
Save $2.25 on any bottle of Slice of Life Gummy Vitamins
Save $1.25 on any bottle of Yummi Bears Gummy Vitamins
Save $1.00 the purchase of any Just Juice
Save $1.00 on any Maison Orphée products
Save $1.00 on Lily of the Desert products
Save $1.00 on any Nature’s Path® or EnviroKidz®  products
Save $2.00 on a 10ml bottle of Rescue Remedy drops
Save $1.00 on any North American Herb & Spice Oreganol Convenience pak or SinuOrega only
Save $1.50 on any now product
Save $0.75 on any natur-a product
Save $1.00 on any natur-a Enriched Almond Beverage
Save $0.75 on any Olympic product
Save $0.75 on any Pamela’s Product
Save $1.00 on any two bags of RW Garcia tortilla chips
Save $0.75 on any 296ml San-J Gluten Free Asian Cooking Sauces
Save $0.75 on any 296ml San-J Gluten Free Tamari Soy Sauce
Save $1.50 on any SISU product excluding Ester-C® and SMV with minimum purchase of $10
Save $1.00 on any SO DELICIOUSlitre, half-litre or novelty
Save $1.00 on any variety of SunButter
Save $1.50 on any Three Farmers camelina oil product
Save $1.00 on one package of truwhip
Save $1.50 on Zax’s Original Therapeutic Creams
Save $2.00 on Zax’s Original Skincare Creams
Save $1.00 on a 6 pack of Zevia any flavour