Printable Coupons – $5 off Tylenol Arthritis and $1 off Listerine Antiseptic Rinse

Tylenol Arthritis canada coupon has a couple of new printable coupons available!  Here they are:


  1. I have never been able to print a coupon from this site.Wish you would put it on

  2. Rosalind Brownlee says:

    Tried several times to obtain $5. Arthritic Tylenol couponfrom Living Well . Gave up as Java insisted on hyjacking the website. My Java is up to date and needed nothing more from them.
    was signed in
    Now concelling

  3. Janet Byers says:

    I went to this website to get a $5.00 off coupon on Tylenol Arthritis and $1.00 of Listerine however they expired already (by December 2011) – perhaps you should take this down – it would have been nice to get the coupons – I was a little disappointed!

    Janet Byers

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