Reader Question – Best Place to Buy a Vitamix Online?

Here’s a question from Sharon:

Do you know the best Canadian website to buy a Vitamix blender?

Sharon is preferably looking for an online site that offers free shipping.  Since she lives in Nova Scotia, she’s thinking it may not be easy to find one in a local store.   Do you have any suggestions for her?

Added:  Take a look at!  They seem to have a nice selection of Vitamix blenders!

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  1. If you are Costco member try there website they do have one there

  2. I really like my machine but have blown two bearings with regular use and they are $100 each which is kind of making me a bit sour on these things.

  3. The problem with buying online is if your blender breaks, you’re in for high shipping costs to send it in for repair.

  4. Check out airmiles or visa rewards points they both offer them.

  5. The Canadian website doesn’t seem to have refurbished units available. Is the link hidden somewhere on the page?

  6. @ Debora – I can tell you there is no difference between the turboblend VS (variable speed), 5200 and total nutrition centre. These three are probably the cheapest without going down to the two speed. I hope this helps. Cheers

  7. I just got a refurbished one from Vitamix. I did a search online for a coupon and I found a code for $35.00 off. I bought the spatulas and the bag as well. It was at my door in 36 hours from ordering it. It was amazing

  8. Sadly the 20% off coupon I have for Bed Bath and Beyond says it excludes the vitamix 🙁

  9. Your local Bed Bath & Beyond..

    They have 3 color option.. with a 20% off coupon, no one beat their price plus you have the best return policy.

  10. Costco sells …as well as The Canadian Home shopping channel…
    other home good type of stores possibly will .
    google it…and ask your local dealers

  11. Buy direct and get it sent from Windsor.
    Get free shipping too with a code:

    Reconditioned are included when available.

  12. Watch the vitamix website. They frequently have refurbished ones, they come with the full warranty. I got one there for $150 less than Costco had them on for. Love it.

  13. Debora Cadene says:

    I’ve been wanting one of these bad boys for a LONG time, but was hoping someone could tell me the difference between some of the models. I appreciate any input anyone is willing to share….
    Thanking you in advance..
    Debora Cadene.

  14. Vitamix:
    I found a one at a garage sale and snapped it up.
    I have seen them occasionally on kijiji and other web sites too.
    I would not hesitate to buy a used one.
    Mine is so old that the jug is metal not plastic which I prefer.

  15. Just found

    Apparently has free shipping and the blender with standard attachment is $549.

    Also, has the professional version for $599 and includes free shipping. That is a better model than what Costco or the home shows have.

    Happy blending! If you use it daily, it is worth it! In four weeks, my husband and I have saved over $260 at Jugo juice and Booster juice and I control what I put in my smoothies etc! I use mine at least 3 times a day.

  16. I just got one from a local homeshow in Calgary. It was a good deal compared to Costco for the two liquid blender attachments, I didn’t get the dry attachment. Check for a home show near you or look up when your Costco will have them again. If you pay around $500 for the blender and tall container and $100 per extra attachment you are doing pretty well no matter where you order it from. I got ours about 4 weeks ago and I LOVE it. It does everything!!! (including what most of what my food processor can do!). Vitamix also sells refurbished models too with the same warranty. I have heard good things about the refurbished units but I felt with a $500 blender I would just go with new. If it is easy to get over the boarder for you, you may try Costco USA. They are really heavy so I would imagine shipping would be a lot. Good luck!!

  17. I have seen great prices at Costco. Does she have a friend with a membership?

  18. Have you tried I’m not sure which model Sharon is looking for, but I saw a few models there & they do offer free shipping on orders over $25 🙂

    Here’s the link:

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