Rexall Coupon Policy

Here is Rexall’s coupon policy as of September 25, 2013:

Firstly, I wanted to thank you for writing to us here at Rexall head office, as your comments and inquiries are highly valued.

Secondly, Rexall Pharmaplus does not have a coupon policy.

Our stores do accept coupons and we honour whatever is on the back of the coupon.

The main two types accepted at almost all locations are :

1) manufacturer coupons(i.e. a coupon for an externally vended product such as Coca Cola) or

2) flyer/store related coupons(ie. coupons which can be found in our weekly paper or e-flyer). Whereas the use of flyer coupons are accepted at all locations, the acceptance of manufacturer coupons varies upon store location.

Store coupons are available regularly in our paper flyer, e-flyer, or coupon books, which are available at or at any Rexall-Pharmaplus location.

In addition to this, coupons may not be used in conjunction with one another or in conjunction with any current promotion or sale prices.

Ultimately, the store manager has the final say whether or not you can use two coupons together or not.


  1. Shannon Griffiths says:

    Hi Kathy,

    My suggestion would be to find another Rexall store to shop at. There are none on the mainland close to where I live but I do shop at two of them in Nanaimo, B.C. and I’ve never had an issue using a coupon on a sale item there. Most recently I’ve managed to get Old Spice and Multibionta vitamins for free because of the coupons/sales pricing. The only policy my locations have is that if your coupon is worth more than the price of the product they will not cash back or apply overages to the remainder of your balance due. Hope that helps!


  2. Hello Kathy,

    You are correct. A coupon cannot be used, to purchase a product that is on sale.
    Because the product is already discounted, we do not accept coupon on Sale items.
    However, you are more than welcome to speak to the store manager at the location closest to you.
    It is up to the store manager’s discretion, when it comes to combining two sales/ coupons.


    Customer Support   Consultant
    T. 1-877-378-4100   F. 905-943-4518   E.

    This is crazy guess I’m not shopping there

  3. Pink Popcorn says:

    My Rexall flyer (in Alberta) encourages coupon stacking on P&G products! Deals from June 3-18…check out your local flyer!

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