Safeway Dinner Deal (Today Only)

Safeway Dinner Deal

Good news! These deals are now available at all western Canada Sobeys locations too!

The Safeway Canada Twitter page is back with another great Safeway dinner deal! Get everything pictured above for only $4.99!  Today only!

You will get one Danone yogurt (650g), one Compliments frozen fruit (600 g) and one Lucerne milk (2L).

To get this deal, show the Twitter picture in-store, and use the PLU number (7 70974 01154). You can print the picture, or show it on your phone.

Get the PLU for tonight’s Safeway dinner deal here.

I find these dinners great for sticking in the freezer for nights when we’re in a rush or I just don’t feel like cooking much. Our favourite weeks are when they have the pasta and pasta sauce, pizza or any deal that has the Haagen Dazs 😉

Offer valid May 30, 2016 only.

I am addressing a couple of things that I constantly get emails about:  First of all, I cannot post the deal the night before because Safeway doesn’t post the deal until Monday morning. (I go directly to their twitter page to find the deal.) Secondly, if you are receiving this deal late in the day because you’re signed up for the Simply Frugal email newsletter, you’ll have to check the actual website ( in the morning to get the heads up on the deal. I don’t send out the email until I’ve gathered plenty of deals for you so this means you may not receive the newsletter until the afternoon.  Thanks for understanding!


  1. Ty Konklin says:

    I think its funny how safeway does its advertisement. First off you guys offer all these air miles and get people all hyped up then you over charge items for people. So technically they are not getting free air miles. Like toilet paper was 4.99 for 12 and you buy 2 and you get 45 air miles. Now they charge you 6.99 or 7.99 and for 3 you get 40. You guys reduced your prices for veges/ fruits which is still overpriced compared to other stores in any city/ state or province. Now lets talk about your twitter promotions. Our entire office used to go on mondays and be excited to save a bit of money on a few of the regular items that would be purchased. 7.99 for a frozen meal that cost 3.99 milk which is 2.69 and ice cream which is usually 4.99-5.99. So technically the customer is paying profit on the milk and frozen and breaking even on the ice cream. Makes no sense. But i will always be loyal to safeway as i am a flyer guy who saves money by shopping at several different stores.

  2. Angela Berry says:

    Can i subscribe to these today only deals how can i get emails to remind me and let e know whrn they are

  3. what a random selection of items. hardly a real dinner. wonder what safeway is thinking!
    I like the deals with the ice cream too 🙂 and milk. i will usually always get it if there’s milk involved, but I don’t use hashbrowns or that brand of yogurt, so it’s not worth it for me today. but thanks for posting for us!

  4. David Young says:

    Could you let us know WHEN the Freezer bags (large medium and small) go on sale?

    Thank you.


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