Safeway Dinner Deal (Today Only)

Safeway Dinner Deal

Oh dear! Look what the Safeway Twitter page said today!

Unfortunately our Twitter deals program is under review & there are no new offers. Submit feedback via

What do you think? Should they keep doing the weekly deal? Will you be writing in with your feedback?


  1. Very seldom was there good nutritious food on the Monday deal. Pop, chocolate milk, high carbs. The reason we don’t shop at Safeway anymore after over 25 years is their prices are too high.

  2. I have a group of over 17,000 customers.who interact.via…we DO NOT at Safeway/Sobeys at ALL..their prices are still too high compared to other grocers…maybe a large this will make them realize how much business they are losing…

  3. It is really disappointing that Safeway (Sobey’s) does not seem to value the people like me who have loyally shopped at Safeway for many years. It was a nice surprise when they started offering the Monday Deals and I moved my shopping night to Mondays to take advantage of the deal and get my grocery’s at the same time. Ever since they discontinued (put under review) the Monday Deals I have only shopped once at Safeway and am adjusting my store of choice to one that seem’s to value me as a customer and rewards me for that. Sorry Safeway you have lost another Customer but I guess that maybe that is Sobey’s plan to allow them to discontinue the Safeway brand by making the Safeway’s Stores less desirable to it’s long term loyal customers.

  4. Shelley Calado says:

    The only reason I go to Safeway is for the Monday deal.Other than that Safeway is to expensive .On Monday I might find other deals ..Now that the Monday deals are over I have not been to Safeway at all.

  5. Monday’s deal is what gets me into the store to do other shopping. With your higher prices, the Twitter deal was a welcome reprieve.

  6. Will not shop @ Safeway on Monday’s due to the cancellation of the Meal Deal

  7. Margaret Olson says:

    Please bring back the Monday deal.

  8. D Aardema says:

    This is at least 3 weeks that the twitter deal has been under review. amazing thatisions take so long for this deal when a price increase for everday goods is immediate. hopefully twitter deal will be back soon {like next week}. I think that |Save On Foods would like the extra customers if the Monday deal is discontinued.

  9. Hi we hope that the Twitter deal continues my sister and I look forward to it every week.

  10. I am a safeway employee and do not want to see the Monday deal taken away. As an employee we get no discount at all for shopping at our own store . These deals give us some incentive to shop at our own store. Please do not take what little we do get , away !!!

    • i also love monday twitter deal…
      I wonder why you don’t get your 10% employee discount coupon which you are entitled each week. We get ours at customer service desk.

      -store 8907 employee

    • Martha I’m with you I also am an employee here at Safeway, your words were perfect. No we don’t have much incentive to shop at our own stores. I had my phone prompt me every Monday to get the Twitter deal. So please bring the deal back Sobeys!

  11. Do not discontinue the Monday deal!!!!! It was a good deal – and we don’t get many deals at Safeway anymore . We have been loyal Safeway shoppers for 40 years but find your prices are not competitive anymore. Also you do not price match so we are doing more shopping at Wal-mart because they do price match (willingly I might add). Don’t stOP the one drawing feature you still have!!!

    • I agree 100%
      The cost of EVERYTHING has increased so much and us being a family of 10 looked forward to Mondays!!! Truthfully……if it wasnt for airmiles, i sadly cant afford Safeway 🙁

  12. I loved the Monday deal. Picked up lots of other stuff while I was there. Wouldn’t normally go out of my way to Safeway. With the Monday deal I planned on stopping to pick up what I needed for the week. Won’t now!

  13. Don’t take away the deal! I look forward to and plan my week so I can shop on Mondays to get the deal! My grand daughter lives on her own and does these as they are affordable to her. Many people need these

  14. This was awsome there is some weekes were this was the only healthy meal i had! Please bring it back this was great fpr those low income familys

  15. The Monday meal deal was my highlight of the day. As a single mom it was the day I did my weekly shopping. We looked forward to see what the morning deal was. Even though Safeway was a little further drive we still shopped there. That being said, there is a grocery store closer to me that we can shop at. I feel you are losing more by stopping this deal. Count how may people shop on Mondays for the deal plus what they end up spending in the end.
    Please bring it back ☹️

  16. I know a lot of low income people who look forward to the Monday dinner deal. This store can easily afford to keep it going. I know they are always sold out by dinner time as they are very popular in Edmonton. Keep it going!

  17. Please bring back Monday deal.. It’s was awesom and it’s was the main reason I shop at sobey every week.

  18. I have distributed the deal of the day to a big group I work with. Most deals have been bought by myself and my colleagues. I always buy other items while I’m there that I would not otherwise. I have noticed that the deals have not been as good in the past few months. I think these deals are great for those who are on a tight budget. Please keep them.

  19. I work at safeway and I think getting rid of twitter deals is ridiculous and I will do my family shopping elsewhere as I’m sure many will… good move sobeys!!!

  20. maybe if you need more people to buy the deals, stop the limit of 1/person as i come from a big family and am the only one in my household that can come to town and do the WHOLE FAMILY SHOPPING THING, i can even show everybodies i.d if need be. as 1 milk 1 bag of berries and 1 yogourt is gone with-in a day. thanks for helping us save money its really appriciated as i always pick up my whole grocery list when the deal is on. since times are hard, i tend to shop where i get the best deal. so i dont know if your going to miss me shopping but i sure will miss you if you stop the Monday deal….hope you STAY!!!! milk with dinner or milk n pizza or milk n berries and yogourt are by far the BEST DEALS!! =D HOPE TO SEE YOU BACK NEXT MONDAY UP AND RUNNING AGAIN!!!!

    • The deal is great. Honestly money is being made on all other items Safeway always charges for. There is an app called flipp.
      Call your closest store and see if they match ads. Safeway does not. I only went in for the deal, I did pick up an item or two.
      A lot of grocery stores match flyer prices.
      On the app I then find my item cheaper somewhere else, take a screen shot of each item and show the cashier. She adjusts it at the till. Last week I think Sobeys had Kraft dinner for 7.99 a box of 12. They won’t price match. Walmart does. They got my money. Walmart Kraft dinner was 13 I think. They took my app ad and let me pay 7.99 for it.

  21. I was very disappointed to learn you had discontinued your dinner deal shurly a big company like safeway/sobeys can afford a deal once a week. I always picked up something else to purchase I will be going less often now.

  22. Debbi tearoe says:

    Couldn’t you guys have being reviewing this while the deals were on. I have threw thick and thin continued to support. Shopping at Safeway even when other deals were out there. So the Twitter Monday was an awesome deal for us on a tight budget. Bring it back!!!! I was very disappointed when you sold out to the states…. Don’t they have enough!

  23. I like that monday deal please keep theml.

  24. Garry Audette says:

    I think use should keep running this program as I look forward to going on Monday and I also purchase alot of other food while i am there ?

    • Tera leigh says:

      Please keep going with this safeway deal. I look forward to every Monday and my shopping at safeway. This brings customers into the store and nobody can pass up a great deal.
      Every time I’m in there I walk out with more then just the Monday offer.
      Plus it helps out alot of families as well.

  25. Please continue this great program thank u safeway

  26. Please continue with the Monday deals but give us something other than frozen pizza !

  27. Karen Smith says:

    We have enjoyed the twitter deals for quite awhile now and in the past always made a special trip to Safeway on the Monday to pick them up. Lately we have not always bought them because it wasn’t what we liked as much. The pizzas or frozen dinners were great and I certainly hope you don’t discontinue the Monday twitter deal.

  28. I think that the safeway/sobeys monday deals are Awesome!!! I’m a single Mum and this helps me to make ends meet….one of the main reasons I shop at Safeway/sobeys…..please don’t take such an awesome thing away!!!

  29. I like the Safeway Monday deal. Please bring it back. I like the one with milk & Dinner deal

  30. Angela Berry says:

    Can i subscribe to these today only deals how can i get emails to remind me and let e know whrn they are


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