Sobeys Coupon Policy

Sobeys has emailed me their coupon policy! Here you go:

Thank you for contacting Sobeys Customer Care.

Due to the large amount of fraudulent online coupons circulating, Sobeys will not be honouring online coupons at this time. Coupons must be part of a merchandising program between the merchandiser and vendor. We do accept coupons from and

Manufacturer coupons are accepted by stores provided the issuing vendor regulations are met. Each coupon is evaluated on an individual basis by store management. If you have any concerns please feel free to speak with the store manager or franchisee where you shop who will be happy to assist you.

We strive at all times to provide our customers with quality products at competitive prices. Products advertised in the weekly flyers are offered at a discount price as an invitation to customers to shop in our stores. Pricing is continuously reviewed by our analysts and is determined by the competitive market, store banner and store location. We do not offer price matching at our Sobeys stores.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve you.

Again, I’m assuming Sobeys will accept coupons from and as well as and


  1. i was wondering if i took say 2 or 3 coupons for free stuff in 1 transaction if they would allow that

  2. Crystal Polywkan says:

    I printed out some of the Club Sobeys Points coupons and I am wondering if those are excepted?

  3. I have also heard that London Drugs will accept coupon stacking but havent looked into this as of yet.

    • Simply Frugal says:

      Yes, London Drugs will accept coupon stacking as well as some Save on Foods stores (check with your local store first). 🙂

  4. kelsey paseska says:

    hey there!!! I also just started couponing, the issue that i have come across is with doubling anf tripling coupons. Does anyone know which stores if any do so? ..or are they all strickly 1 coupon per 1 item. thanks!!!! (residing in Ontario) -Kelsey

  5. I do not know how Sobey,s stays in business!
    There do not take internet coupons and they do not price match. Why go there.

  6. In the FAQ section of the Sobeys website it states :

    Q: Does Sobeys accept Internet coupons?

    We accept coupons for products we sell, providing the coupon is intact and legible, proper size of item is purchased, coupon has not expired, has a coupon offer code or UPC, and it contains a Canadian redemption address. We accept one coupon per item. Coupons printed off the internet (information printed on one side of paper), up to a maximum of $2.00 are accepted if they meet the above requirements.

    Now, I’m really confused!

  7. does sobeys allow coupon stacking?

  8. This is ridiculous !! its NOT a very welcoming coupon policy at all!! from my experience NO FRILLS seems to have the best policy by far, they accept ALL coupons including printed and that means black and white printed coupons as well, and they PRICE MATCH, plus their prices are often lower to begin with. I hate to support Wal Mart but they also accept black n white printed and price match.. and further more if you read the club sobeys policy agreement , they actually plan on shutting that whole thing down dec31 2013, just saying!! Shoppers drug mart is another VERY good place for deals and they accept coupons. is a great website free samples and coupons.. FYI it only takes a few moments to order free samples and MOST of them come with coupons inside the sample, e.g Purex samples come with $3.00 off coupon and since purex seems to always be on sale I have not spent more than $1.00 on a jug of laundry soap in a long time..

  9. Louise Graham says:

    Just getting into the whole coupon thing (better late than never).
    My questions seem endless, from “is this valid in Canada” to store policies. Your webiste has helped tremendously.


    L. Graham

  10. hip2savesum says:

    do they accept coupons on their toonie day items?

  11. I wonder if this also includes all Sobey-sister stores (called Thrifty Foods on Vancouver Island, BC). And if this is a new policy? A week ago, they accepted my internet printed coupons (at 2 different stores). Thank you so much for posting this.

  12. Paula,

    It states in their letter that they DO accept and websaver coupons. The bottom part was just assuming that brandsaver would be included in those as well as it is the same.

  13. They would not accept coupons that I got from a while ago, but that may have changed since? I rarely buy anything other than meat there because everything is cheaper elsewhere (I buy the meat only for quality).

  14. it clearly says they will not accept save. and websaver…coupons..whats the comment on the bottom of the page..”again assuming soberys will accept coupons from brandsaver.xa and as well as and is this new info we can,t see…wondering…its very embarrasing to stand in line with coupons that obviously they don,t want to accept…please explain these remarks…

    • Simply Frugal says:

      Paula, if you reread the post, it does in fact clearly say that they DO accept coupons from and (First paragraph) My comment at the bottom is stating my assumption that they would also accept coupons from and since they’re ordered from coupon services just like and Websaver.

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