Starbucks Rewards is Changing in April


Are you a part of the free Starbucks Rewards program?  If so, you might be interested to know that the program is changing in April! Here is a little run down:

It’s an exciting new program that reflects the #1 request we heard from members: more Stars awarded based on what you buy, no matter how often you visit.

The things you love about the program today—like birthday drinks, free refills and access to order and pay ahead with your phone—are staying the same. The big news is that, in the new Starbucks Rewards, you’ll earn 2 Stars for every $1 you spend, which means more Stars for your favourites—from coffee and drinks to food, mugs and more.

Here’s a look at the changes that will be made:

starbucks rewards

What do you think of the changes? Do you think they’ll be beneficial to you?


  1. I have a problem with this new deal……not only will it take a lot longer for us simple drip coffee drinkers to accumulate points…. as a person who brings in their own mug (my drink only costs 1.90) I will only get 1 pt whereas someone using yet another Starbucks cup will accumulate 2 pts. Not fair.

    • So far, everyone I’ve talked to about this, do not like the changes!

    • The new program provides for partial stars for amounts less than whole dollars (awarded every time they amount to another whole star) so using a reusable cup and spending 1.90 would amount to one star and another .9 of a star banked until your change pushes it to another star. Its in the new program FAQ’s

      Based on my purchasing I figure it will work out to be the same or possibly a bit more advantageous under the new program, but i’m likely in the minority.

  2. These changes suck! My average purchase is between $2.50-$6 so it will take way longer to collect the free reward. I plan on running down my Starbucks card and switching to McDonald’s permanently. The medium Americano is larger and about the same price as a tall Starbucks and after I collect 7 drink cup stickers I get a free one. Easier to manage and won’t expire on me.

  3. So instead of buying 12 tall drip coffees at $2.10 and getting a reward, I will have to buy 30? I don’t see this working in my favour at all.

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