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My goal is to help fellow Canadians save money in Canada by providing real, practical ways to help you save money in your everyday life.

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Store Deals – Each day, Monday through Friday, I post many Canadian store deals that I can recommend to my readers. Including stores such as Old Navy, The Bay, Sears Canada, Chapters & Indigo bookstores, children’s clothing stores and more.  I also love to promote small Canadian businesses that are run by Moms and families.  If you’d like to receive these updates for free in your email inbox, you can subscribe here.

Freebies and Coupons – By far the most popular categories here at Simply Frugal!  Again, each day Monday through Friday, I post tons of freebies and coupons that are especially for Canadians.  (Since we are unable to use the coupons and most of the freebies that are available to our neighbors south of the border)  I do my best to post legitimate offers that will benefit you as a Canadian.

Money Saving Tips – I love to post articles on a regular basis that provide information and ideas to help you save your hard earned money.  You can check out the Article page for a list of all the money saving articles featured on

Canadian Coupon Matchups – This is one of my favourite ways to save on my grocery bill every week!  By combining a sale price with a coupon, I have received many of my necessities for free or really cheap!  Here at Simply Frugal, every Thursday, I provide you with a big list of the sales and available coupons for Walmart, Real Canadian Superstore (West), Shoppers Drug Mart, Safeway Canada and Save On Foods.  All you have to do to take advantage of the deals, is find your favourite store(s) from the Coupon Matchups list then gather the appropriate coupons, make your shopping list and start shopping!  (one word of advice on ordering coupons.  Since I provide the most recent Canadian coupons available, I would suggest you order them as soon as I post about them so you’ll have them when a great sale comes along.)

Homemaking – Learn to manage your home on a budget with the featured DIY projects, Organizing tips, Cleaning tricks, Vegetable gardening tutorials, Decorating ideas and more!  A favourite of Simply Frugal readers is a weekly post I call Links Worth Sharing. It’s a round-up of interesting links I’ve come across on my travels around the web that gets posted every Saturday morning.

Frugal Recipes – This one is pretty self explanatory, but along with my tried and true recipes, you’ll find menu planning tips and kitchen shortcuts in this category!

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Read Everyday – Many of the store deals and freebies I publish are time sensitive and only last for a day or less!  So, in order to not miss out on the great deals that interest you, read Simply Frugal everyday and take advantage of the offer right away.

Use the Search Function – If you’re looking for something in particular, try out the search bar located at the very top of the website or on the right side column.

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