A Homemade Christmas Gift: a Snowflake Pillow


Anna from Noodlehead has a great tutorial that teaches us how to make two beautiful and simple snowflake pillow covers! I’m sure there is at least one person on your list that would love these!


7 Ways to Decorate Your Walls on a Budget

7 Ways to Decorate Your Walls on a Budget

Are you looking to add some wow to your walls on a budget? Well the good news is, there are plenty of ways to add a pop of color, texture, and fun to your walls without spending a lot of cash. Take a peek below at 7 ways to decorate your walls on a budget so you can get the look you want while still keeping some cash on hand!

1. Peel and stick decals.

Peel and stick decals won’t harm your walls or paint and are easy to apply. You can find them at dollar stores, and even discount and craft stores. Choose a pattern you like, quote, or bold graphic and simply peel and stick for some instant décor.

2. Pretty plates.

Head to the thrift store and find a collection of pretty plates you like. Look for different sizes and colors. Find some plate hangers (sold at most discount stores) and attach to each plate. Then simply arrange in a collage pattern on your wall.

3. Frame collage.

Gather some picture frames from garage sales and thrift stores. Remove the inserts. Spray paint the frames in a variety of colors and hang on the wall in a collage fashion. It is like instant wall art that anyone can afford!

4. Old architecture.

If you love a vintage flare, try hanging an old window, old piece of fencing, old lattice work, or other vintage architecture pieces from your wall. It offers a rustic, vintage look and these are pieces you can find at most yard sales or even on the side of the road.

5. Hang a chair.

Find a colorful, lightweight chair and hang it from your wall. You can then use it as a shelf and it also doubles as an excellent conversation piece!

6. Stamps and stencils.

Craft stores offer a variety of stamps and stencils perfect for making walls pop. Kids especially might like the fun designs, so give these a try on an accent wall or small bathroom. Even if you aren’t artsy, they are easy to use and you can get some excellent results.

7. Clotheslines.

Run a piece of twine from one end of the wall to the other. Secure with a screw. You can then hang your child’s artwork from the twine, securing it with rustic clothespins or even painted ones. This way, the décor is always changing!

Don’t live with drab walls; instead, give these tips for decorating your walls for less a try!

5 Creative Ways to Use Those Fallen Leaves

5 Creative Ways to Use Those Fallen Leaves

Creative Ways to Use Those Fallen Leaves

Are you up to your ears in leaves? If your yard is wooded or home to numerous trees, you might find yourself overwhelmed this fall season. So what exactly can you do with all of those leaves beside rake them? Well the good news is they do have a few fun uses! Take a peek at these 5 creative ways to use those fall leaves, in ways that are both fun and frugal!

1. Craft a scarecrow.

Fallen leaves are perfect for stuffing and filling scarecrows. Save leaves so when you are ready to craft your scarecrow, you have plenty to create the body, legs, arms, and of course head. Leaves make perfect stuffing material and fill up the scarecrow nicely.

2. Make giant yard pumpkins.

Buy orange yard waste bags found at your local home improvement store. Some are plain orange while others might have the pumpkin faces already on them. No worries if you can’t find one with faces, you can always add your own with black marker. Simply fill the bags up with leaves, then tie the top for yard pumpkins that make the perfect outdoor fall décor.

3. Craft spooky ghosts.

Take white trash bags and fill the bottom with a handful of leaves. Twist the bag and tie it to create a round head shape. You can use a black marker to craft a face of a ghost directly onto the bag, and then add string for hanging. Place the ghost in a tree or porch for a spooky effect.

4. Make spooky yard spiders.

Take a black trash bag and fill it with fallen leaves. You can then use white paper to craft eyes and attach them with craft glue. Painted PVC piping can make legs as can long cardboard tubes or even pool noodles. These don’t hold up well outdoors and are best used indoors for décor.

5. Create a leaf fort.

Find a large cardboard box that can be used as the fort’s main foundation. Cut a square to enter. Spray the box with spray adhesive and apply the leaves to the outside of the box. One or two layers is sufficient. When you are done you should not be able to see the box and it will look like the entire piece is made from leaves.

Did you ever think that leaves could provide so much fun? Start raking up those fall leaves and then give these fun ideas a try and see all the ways you can put those fallen leaves to use. You are sure to enjoy lots of family fun with very little cost to you. Happy soon to be fall!

DIY Abstract Artwork

abstract artwork

Gemma sent me a link to her wonderful DIY Abstract Artwork she made for her home in 30 minutes!

Artwork is one of those things that can totally MAKE a home. Inject a room with artwork that you love, and all of a sudden it will feel so much more personal and like you. It brings life to a space, you know? The hump that people sometimes face is that it can be expensive. However, if you look around and get creative, there are so many budget-friendly ways to bring interesting artwork into your home (I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to collecting DIY artwork
ideas). I recently needed a piece for above our mint and gold buffet, and had a very specific colour scheme and look in mind (and a zero budget). The solution? Paint my own DIY abstract art!

Check out her DIY project here.


Have you got a frugal DIY idea that you’d love to share with others?  Submit your idea here!

DIY Project: IKEA Vittsjo Table Hack

ikea hack

Head over to The Sweetest Digs to learn how to turn an IKEA Vittsjo table into a beautiful gold and marble table!  Gemma did a fantastic job!

 Have you got a frugal DIY idea that you’d love to share with others?  Submit your idea here!

A Few DIY Projects I Want to Complete


Any time I decide I’d like to update something in my home, I’ll admit that my first instinct is to go and buy that item brand new. That, my fellow frugalites is not frugal. At least most of the time. I mentioned that it’s my instinct to go and buy something brand new, but I usually convince myself to make do with what I have.

Enter, DIY projects. I love dreaming of projects to do but the thought of spending a lot of time on a project scares me away! However, I do love the satisfaction that I get when I complete a project!

Before my daughter came along and I got busy with the blog, I used to do quite a bit of sewing and other fun crafty things. In fact, a large portion of our wedding was made up of DIY projects. I also gave details about the decorating projects I did (before she was born) in my daughter’s room.

So, all that rambling to say that I always seem to have the desire to do projects but I never seem to make them a priority. 🙁 So, today I have a list of a few DIY projects that I’d like to complete as the weather warms up. Most of them are easy and achievable. 🙂  Here’s my list. I will show you before and afters once I complete them!

  • Spray paint our living room lamp
  • Spray paint a little shelf I bought for $5
  • Paint our walls in the entire house (this will take me a while, since I’ll work on one wall at a time)
  • Bake and decorate Sienna’s 3rd Birthday cake (Does this count as a DIY project? Since I’m not a great cake maker, this always feels like a big feat)

I’m listing those things because I find once they’re out there publicly, I have to do them! 😉 Hold me accountable, ok?  Our weather is warming up nicely so I’ll have pictures for you in the nearish future for some projects!

Will you be working on anything this year?

DIY Wine Glass Snow Globes

Create these beautiful and simple DIY wine glass snow globes with just a few supplies that will fit in any Christmas budget!

You guys, I made a Christmas craft!  I’ve been spending all my time baking these days so I wasn’t sure I’d get this done!  And I even love the way it turned out!  I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest so I went ahead and created my own version.

This is one of those projects that make me wonder why I left it until the last minute. It was so easy.  The hardest part was hunting down the fake snow (which I found at Walmart)

Here’s what you need to make these Wine Glass Snow Globes:

  • Wine glasses (dollar store)
  • Little trees and/or figurines
  • Fake snow
  • Cardboard (I used a cereal box)
  • Glue gun
  • Pencil
  • Pillar candles

First of all, you’ll want to place a glass upside down onto cardboard and trace a circle around the glass.

Using a hot glue gun, attached your objects to the cardboard. (I used trees and a snowman from Michaels) snowman progress

Once you’re satisfied that your objects are glued down well, fill glass with a few tablespoons of fake snow or glitter.

snow globe progress

Next, line the rim of the glass with hot glue and press on cardboard with the objects attached.

Finally, flip them over, then place them where you want to display them, then put a pillar candle on top!

Hope you enjoy this idea! This is the first time I’ve created decor for Christmas!

Create these beautiful and simple DIY wine glass snow globes with just a few supplies that will fit in any Christmas budget!

Free Printable Wall Art for Your Home

free printable wall art

One of my good friends celebrated a birthday last month and I wanted to do something a bit more personal for her this year.  We’ve been through our ups and downs together for nearly 18 years.  18!  Now, that in itself is special. 🙂

I have been having a lot of fun creating the graphics for Simply Frugal so I knew I wanted to try my hand at creating some wall art.  So, I asked her what her favourite bible verse was and got to work playing around with different fonts and colours.  Fun!

This is what I came up with:


I’m pretty pleased with how it turned out and my friend seemed to love it!  Especially, I think, that it was made just for her.  I gave it to her in a picture frame I picked up somewhere along the way.

I was having so much fun, I decided to make another one:

Life does not have to be perfect2

Of course, I can’t show you these without making them available for you to download and print for yourself!  Each picture is made to fit a 5×7 frame and perfect for decorating on a budget!

I hope you enjoy!

DIY: Easy Spring Mantel

easy spring mantel 3

I’ve been meaning to show you how I decorated our fireplace mantel for spring this year.  Not because I think it’s wonderful, but because I actually spent a little bit of time into making our home feel more homey.  You see, I’ve been struggling with a bit of discontentment when it comes to our current living situation.  So, aside from Christmas time, I haven’t decorated the mantle in quite a few years.  I figured, why decorate something I don’t love?  Why show this small, cramped, old place, that we call home, any love when I don’t feel the love for it?

Well, wouldn’t you know it, but I had a bit of an “ah ha” moment when I realized that this is the place we call home and we do make memories here.  This is also the first place my daughter has known as her home.  My home doesn’t dictate who I am as a person so when I succumb to discontentment in my circumstances, I’m creating an unhappy person on the inside.

This mantel project will hold a place in my heart forever as the project that “kicked some sense” into me.  I have nothing for want.  My needs are well taken care of.  So each time I look at the banner, I will be reminded of all that I have to be happy for. And remember that I’m a work in progress and that one day (or starting today), my circumstances won’t decide who I am as a person.  So I will welcome friends and family into my home without feeling ashamed.

Friends, please tell my you have the same sort of struggles?

Now, in case you”re still with me to find out how I made the paper banner, I’ll tell you how!

First of all I chose a few pieces of scrapbook paper that coordinated and were spring-like in colour.  Next, I folded the papers in half and free-handed with a pair of scissors a pendant shape.  this is so I could drape the paper pieces over a piece of twine.

Finally, I added mini clothes pins to each paper and added some burlap flowers I picked up at Michaels in the dollar bins.  Simple, right?  The jars holding the daffodils are from Target and the ribbons tied around the jars are also from Michaels.

How have you shown love to your home lately?

easy spring mantel 2  easy spring mantel1

Napkin Folding: Two Simple Napkin Folding Techniques

How to fold a bow napkin, a simple napkin folding technique!

Next time you have dinner guests (or tea time guests) why not whip up these adorably simple napkin folds?  They’re so easy to do and will make your table setting that much sweeter.  I used paper napkins, but large fabric napkins would be wonderful as well!  You’ll just want to make sure they’re a good large size.

I’m going to attempt to show you two simple napkin folding techniques that are sure to impress.  The Bow napkin and the Pocket napkin.

Watch the animated pictures to learn these simple napkin folding techniques:

(You may have to click through to this post if you’re reading in an email and can’t see the slideshows)

How to fold a bow napkin, a simple napkin folding technique!

For the bow fold:

  1. Starting with the napkin face down, fold the top and bottom edges in to meet at the middle.
  2. Then fold the top and bottom edges in again to meet at the middle.
  3. Next, fold one side of the napkin into the middle, then the other side into the middle so they overlap and create a small rectangle.
  4. Turn the napkin over and tie a ribbon, string, or twist tie around the middle, pulling it tight to create the bow.
  5. Fold and fluff as needed.

How to fold a napkin pocket, a simple napkin folding technique!

For the pocket fold:

  1. Starting with the napkin face up, fold the bottom edge up to the top edge
  2. Fold the side you just folded up back down to meet the bottom edge of your first fold
  3. Turn the entire napkin over but be careful not to undo your folds
  4. Fold the two sides in to meet at the middle
  5. Repeat step 4 with the sides again
  6. Turn the napkin over, and you’ll have a little pocket!

How to fold a napkin pocket, a simple napkin folding technique!

I hope you enjoyed learning how to fold some cute napkins!  Now, go impress those guests!