This Vacuum Sucks Good! (Dyson Giveaway!!)

I am so so excited. So excited because I get to give away a Dyson vacuum cleaner to one of you! Yahoo! (YOU could win it!)

I had been saving up some money to buy a new vacuum (a Miele or a Dyson) for quite a while when I was contacted by Dyson to see if I’d be interested in trying out a new model. Yes, the answer was definitely yes! I was especially intrigued because this model they were sending me was a “more affordable” option only available at Walmart. It’s more affordable, but works just like the pricier versions. I like that.

The ideal machine for someone who’s always wanted a Dyson: it has the same great technology expected from us, but at a price point that’s manageable. The DC33 has cyclones that capture more microscopic dust than any other cyclone and a HEPA filter that traps microscopic pollen and allergens, ideal for allergy sufferers. And with a self-adjusting cleaner head, it maintains contact with your floor to seal in suction, from hard floors to carpets.

The Walmart Dyson DC33 Origin comes with three added tools to make sure you get the best out of your machine:

  • Combination accessory tool: nozzle for large debris converts to a brush tool for dusting, ideal for baseboard crevices

  • Stair tool: attaches to the wand or hose for easy cleaning on stairs

  • Mattress tool:  removes dirt and allergens from mattresses and upholstery

One day, the Dyson DC33 Origin ($398.98), showed up at the door in this box. And I got really excited. Yes, my life has come to that… 😉

dyson 3

Then my daughter and I opened the box to find all of these pieces:

dyson 2

For a moment I got scared. Then I realized they had a handy dandy Quick Start Guide that helped us put it together in no time flat. I found that the pieces went together in a pretty common sense kind of way, so I appreciated that.

Once it was together, my daughter and I got to work vacuuming. The first thing I noticed was how good it cleaned. Then I noticed that it was quite heavy to use, especially after using my old canister vacuum for years.

But the next time I used it, the weight of the machine didn’t bother me at all. I was just impressed with how well it cleaned and the fact that I could vacuum the ceiling with the wand. (Yes, I vacuumed the ceiling…I found dust bunnies up there! ewww!)

Another thing that got me was the fact that I kept pressing the wrong buttons when I wanted to release the wand or other parts. But now that I’ve been using it for a few weeks now, I’m definitely getting the hang of how it works. And I LOVE it!

At the point of sharing too much, I have a picture of the mess it cleaned in one day. (Most of it is from our newish wool rug which sheds like an animal currently.)

dyson 4

Not bad eh? The house just feels so good after I vacuum knowing that all the dirt is gone.



  1. My vacuum/steam mop combo is my favourite tool because it allows me to clean the floors in my soon quickly.

  2. my micro fiber cleaning cloths are my favourite!

  3. I really like my swiffer duster. Oh and my microfiber cleaning cloths sure come in handy too.

  4. My daughter. I make the mess with my work, and she cleans it up!

  5. I think I’d have to say the Swiffer steam mop, because its the only cleaning item I can actually say I was excited to buy… though the dishwasher is definitely a close second.

  6. Dish washer

  7. Vacuum! It has always been my favourite chore, I love the instant gratification

  8. My favourite is the dishwasher that I bought in 1983. It’s moved with me 5 times. We’ve bonded. :~)

  9. my steam mop 🙂

  10. Magic erasers. Elbow grease and good old bleach for disinfecting

  11. My all-time favourite cleaning tool is the dishwasher!

  12. My fave cleaning tool was a Hoover cleaning vacuum that I had 5 years back.

  13. I think the dishwasher is my favourite.

  14. I do love my microfiber clothes for dusting just about everything! I don’t know what I did before them…

  15. Elizabeth Vlug says:

    My favourite cleaning tool is my dishwasher. Love it. And it can hide a multitude of messes when company drops in unexpected. 🙂

  16. Norwex Polishing Cloth!

  17. Theresa Bumstead says:

    Steam mop is my favourite.

  18. Vinegar+water+EOs!

  19. I love swiffer wetjet!

  20. I love the swiffer wet jet!

  21. H2O Steam mop

  22. Hi, Taya! Nice giveaway! Congrats!
    How noisy is this Dyson? I had one some years ago and it was AMAZINGLY noisy! So noisy that I gave up on it and never looked back to any other Dyson again. But I keep reading good things about them, so I’d like to know from you.
    BTW, my favourite cleaning tool is our several-years-old Roomba 😉

    • I don’t find the noise factor too bad! It’s maybe a little noisier than our old one, but I don’t mind because it words well 🙂

  23. swiffers

  24. I love my dishwasher and Norwex cleaning cloths

  25. I love my dishwasher

  26. My handheld Dyson!

  27. Colette McFarland says:

    I love Magic Erasers, Norwex cleaning cloths, & vinegar & baking soda & castile soap for making my own
    natural cleaning solutions!

  28. Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard says:

    my dishwasher is my favorite . . .but my mop and bucket are my next fav 🙂

  29. Microfiber cloths (Norwex)

  30. Vinegar! Since switching from traditional store bought cleaners, I’ve been able to use vinegar in various combinations to clean pretty much my whole house.

  31. My favorite tool is my lowly vinegar/water cleaning solution and a rag. 🙂

  32. The Magic Eraser! It cleans anything and everything so effortlessly.

  33. I love my swiffer dusters 🙂

  34. Comet!! And my steam mop!

  35. I’m also a j-cloth fan. 😀

  36. J-cloths!

  37. Fav cleaning tools: the lowly toothbrush and Qtips for those small, hard to reach places

  38. My all time favourite cleaning tool is a Magic Eraser !

  39. Shawna Bougiridis says:

    My dyson animal canister vacuum is my fav!

  40. Norwex cleaning cloths, love them!

  41. My spray mop is my favourite. I don’t now how I lived without one!

  42. My dishwasher is my favorite cleaning tool !

  43. Ashleigh Swerdfeger says:

    I love my norwex dusting mitt! Environmentally friendly and works so well!

  44. Right now my favourite cleaning tool is my Norwex glass cleaning cloth. It got smears off my windows and mirrors that no other cloth or product would remove, and I won’t use anything else now for mirrors or glass – including my eyeglasses! But I desperately need a new vacuum, so that would be a new favourite for sure!

  45. Living on a farm with a large family and pets my vacuum is used multiple times a day for the dirt and grass that constantly comes in.

  46. best cleaning invention ever is the lowly scrubbie – name brand, no name, dollar store, with a sponge attd without a sponge, on a soap dispenser, whatever I don’t care I just love those little green things( even when they aren’t green!)

  47. My all time favourite cleaning tool has got to be the microfibre cloths for dusting, wiping, and even cleaning mirrors/windows with just plain old water!

  48. Does the Mr Clean magic eraser count? I always have to have one or two at the house at all times!

  49. My favorite cleaning tool is my Bissell power fresh steam mop, it cleans well without using strong cleaning products.

  50. Love my steam mop.

  51. Andrea Williams says:

    I really like my steam mop but I could use a good vacuum!

  52. I use my standup vacuum for quick clean ups. Would love to have a Dyson!

  53. My favourite cleaning tool would be swiffer duster.

  54. My Swiffer Sweeper! I


  56. Extendable, multi-position microfiber duster/cleaner, great for up, down and all around .

  57. My favorite cleaning tool are my dust clothes made from old flannel pyjamas! They do a great job.

  58. swiffer duster is a must for me and green works cleaners

  59. I love my swiffa sweeper!

  60. Teresa Hawley says:

    My favourite cleaning tool is the Vileda Pro Mist mop. I really like that I can wash the microfibre mop pad in the washer with my pet blankets and rags. I also like that I can use a vinegar and water solution instead of harsh chemicals to keep my family and pet healthy and safe. ????

  61. It may sound crazy but an old toothbrush.

  62. my Swiffer WetJet

  63. I really like the Vileda ProMist mop. Love that I can peel off the velcro attached towel strip and just throw in the wash. Feels cleaner than a regular mop!

  64. My favourite cleaning tool is definitely my carpet cleaner/steamer! Works great for the couch, mattress, and car detailing.

  65. SUMMER PLEWES says:

    big fan of the magic eraser. I’m scared of how toxic it has to be but I love it.

  66. My favourite has to be my microfiber hand duster.

  67. The magic eraser all the way. Amazing!

  68. My favorite cleaning tool is my rubbermaid reveal mop. No more old fashioned mop for me.

  69. My favorite cleaning tool is my Swiffer Duster.

  70. My favorite cleaning tools are my microfibres cleaning cloths. So good at picking up dust.

  71. My favourite cleaning tool which I love is my Swiffer Duster.

  72. My favorite cleaning tool is microfibre cloths. Or my Bissell steam mop.

  73. Florence Cochrane says:

    My favorite cleaning tool is my stick vacuum. I do not like sweeping floors.

  74. Magic Erasers – work on all surfaces & great for scuff marks, etc. that I would normally scrub at forever. No smell either. Of course, love my Dyson Animal – couldn’t live without it with 2 cats.

  75. My favourite cleaning tool is my Norwex microfibre cloths. Love ’em!

  76. My favourite cleaning tool is my dust clothes..I love them..dust sticks to the cloth instead of pushing the dust around

  77. Bailey Dexter says:

    Baby wipes! OMG, I love them for cleaning the baseboards,ceiling fans just about any that is not shinny. On the plus side the rooms smell good and the cat fur sticks to them!

  78. My fav tool is my microfiber cleaning cloths! I like the idea I read above about color coding for different jobs. Might have to try that! 🙂

  79. My fave cleaning tool is my Norwex cloths!!

  80. Microfibre cloths! Great for cleaning mirrors and dusting.

  81. My cleaning lady Lavern is my favourite cleaning tool! Couldn’t live without her 🙂

  82. My favorite cleaning tool is a toothbrush! I have two, one for brushing my teeth and one for cleaning everything else 🙂

  83. Amy Heffernan says:

    My favorite cleaning tool is my small scrub brush. Great for cleaning sinks, floors and more. Really gets the dirt! TY!

  84. My favorite cleaning tool is my vacuum!! With three kids and five parrots I vacuum every day! 🙂

  85. It has to be my dishwasher!! Without it I don’t think I would be still married lol!!

  86. My favorite cleaning tool is the dishwasher oh baby a woman’s best friend

  87. Fave cleaning tool: microfiber cloths!

  88. Can’t beat a toothbrush for getting into tiny spaces!

  89. My favourite cleaning tool is a generic brand sponge that is sponge on one side and rough on the other. It is perfect for cleaning the sink and tub!

  90. My favourite a glass cleaning cloth called the KD Cloth. I got a sample size of it online and loved how it cleaned my mirrors and windows without any chemicals or streaks. I’ve even used it to wash the car. I use it everywhere!

  91. My favorite cleaning tool is my washer.

    I like that I can toss anything in there and comes out clean like magic. It is especially important to work in concert with other cleaning tools such as steam mop. I love my steam mop, but I wouldn’t enjoy cleaning the pads if I hadn’t have a good quality high efficiency washer with self sanitizing setting.

  92. My favourite cleaning tool is my boyfriend…. he is EXCELLENT at clearing out my fridge, freezer, and pantry for me! :S

  93. My favourite product in my microfiber cleaning cloths! Color coded for different rooms, they work well and can just be tossed in the laundry.

  94. My mother in law gave me a Norwex polishing cloth, and I love it for quick tidy ups in the bathroom.

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