Tips on Being Frugal

Being frugal doesn’t mean not enjoying life. In fact a lot of people like to be frugal in certain areas of their life so they can enjoy other areas a little more.

Being frugal doesn’t mean not enjoying life. In fact a lot of people like to be frugal in certain areas of their life so they can enjoy other areas a little more. No matter what being frugal means to you, there are some simple ways to implement being frugal into your own life. Not every tip will work for you but hopefully you will find something on this list to help you save a little money.

Tips on Being Frugal

Create a Budget

The first thing you will want to do is create a budget. You need to know how much money you have coming in and going out. Make sure to list all of your expenses in order to properly keep track of your expenses.

Lower Your Utilities

Call up your utility companies and ask them how you can lower your monthly bill. See if there is a lower package you can switch to, a low-income plan or just tips on saving every month. You can also shop around for better prices on your cable, internet and sometimes electric.

Pack a Lunch

Eating lunch away from home every day gets very expensive. If you work out of the home or your spouse does, make sure to pack a lunch. It only takes a few minutes to pack a lunch for the day and can easily save you $5 to $10 a day! Add that up over a year and that is a nice amount you can put into savings.

Make Coffee at Home

Stopping at a fancy coffee shop every morning can really take a toll on your budget. Start making your own coffee every morning and you will start to see some additional money in your account. Making your own coffee every morning can easily save you $40 a month, if not more!

Create a Savings Account

Start a savings account if you don’t already have one. Even if you can only afford to add $5 a week to it. Any amount being saved is better than no savings at all. Once you start seeing your savings add up you will be inclined to be frugal with your money.

Have Family Fun On a Budget

Family fun doesn’t have to be expensive. Sure, we would all love to take luxurious family vacations but that isn’t always realistic. Think of other ways to have family fun! You can plan a backyard camping trip, have fun in the snow, enjoy family movie nights and even family video game nights. Get your family together so you can all come up with ideas on how to have fun on a budget.

Saving on Clothes 

When shopping for clothes skip the expensive stores! Check out thrift shops, consignment stores, and stores like Winners, Joe Fresh, Sears or Target. You can also find some really good sales online at She Steals, Beyond the Rack and Zulily.

Make Your Own Cleaning Supplies

Cleaning supplies are something every household needs but don’t need the expensive store-bought ones. There is nothing wrong with mixing together a little vinegar, water and baking soda. In fact making your own cleaning supplies sometimes works just as good as the expensive store-bought stuff.

What are your tips for being frugal?


  1. Love the advice! I did a post on 7 benefits of a brown bag lunch: There are so many frugal decisions we can make every day!

  2. *Instead of buying shaving cream for myself, I just use soap. It works just as good and its cheaper.
    *We rent movies for free from our local library, they often get the new releases in
    *I hem my own pants instead of getting it done professionally (I need to hem every pair because I’m so short)
    *I make our own bread instead of buying store bought


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