While there are many things that are best to avoid purchasing from the dollar store, there are still quite a few items worth purchasing!  Here are 15 items that I think will help you keep more of your cash in your pocket if they’re purchased at a dollar store:

Must buy dollar store items. 15 dollar store items that you should add to your shopping list to save money. #dollarstore #shoppingtips #dollartree #simplyfrugal #bargain

Party supplies – Napkins, paper plates, plastic cutlery and party decorations are all great things to buy from a dollar store. Especially since these items are meant to be used once.

Mailing supplies – The dollar store is where I always pick up our mailing envelopes.  Can’t beat the price and they even have the peel & seal envelopes to avoid the licking!

Pregnancy tests – Pregnancy tests can cost a small fortune if purchased from a drugstore, but if you get them at the dollar store, you’ll be saving big money!  I personally have had very “positive” (ha, get it?) experiences with these tests.  Apparently they’re the same as the ones that get used in the doctor’s office.

Greeting cards – My husband says that if I have to get him a greeting card for a special occasion, he’d appreciate it if I got it from the dollar store.  🙂  The selection is usually pretty great too!

Craft supplies – Felt, beads, acrylic paint, embellishments and double sided tape for card making are all items I’ve purchased from the dollar store.  Our a few of our local stores have a pretty good and unique selection of craft supplies and I’m sure yours do as well!

Wrapping paper – Why pay for expensive wrapping paper when it’s just going to be ripped to pieces anyways?

Gift bags – Again, they have a great selection and you can’t beat the price!

Organizing products – I’ve purchased numerous bins, containers, and buckets from the dollar store.  My most recent purchase was some white plastic bins to organize the closet in the bathroom.  They hold things just as well as fancy bins, I’d say!

Foil pans – Doing some freezer cooking?  Pick up your foil pans from the dollar store.

Helium balloons – Although I have never purchased helium balloons before, I’ve heard that dollar stores are a great place to get them!  I’ll find out for sure at the end of the month when I get some for Sienna’s birthday. 🙂

Double sided tape – Way cheaper to get this at the dollar store than at a store like Staples.

Kid Activities/Crafts – Once in a while I like to stock up on some new craft kits or colouring books for my daughter so I have something on hand when she gets board or we have to go for a longer car trip.

Batteries – I haven’t done vigorous testing with this, but so far I must say that the dollar store batteries I have bought have lasted a long time!

Reading glasses – My mother in law always buys her reading glasses from the dollar store! That way she can have several pairs to go with any outfit or dispersed throughout different rooms of the house.

Cooking Utensils – I recently purchased a pair of great Betty Crocker tongs for $3 from Dollarama. This was by far the best price I found on a pair of heavy duty tongs!

What items do you like to buy at the dollar store?