Uses for old magazines

You’ve got to see these creative uses for old magazines!

Have you got a pile of magazines laying around that you know you should recycle or donate?  Before you do that, check out this list of creative uses for old magazines! There are many ideas listed here that will inspire you to use them for home décor, crafts and more. You can create so many fun things. If you love repurposing and recycling as much as I do, you will love the ideas and inspiration listed below for repurposing old magazines. The ideas for reusing magazines are pretty much endless, but I hope you enjoy the 22 creative ideas for using your old magazines listed below!

Old Magazines for Organizing

Cupboard liners – Line above your kitchen cupboards with pages to protect from the dust, then remove and replace for easy dusting!

Boot trees – Roll up a couple of magazines, then put them inside your tall boots to keep them from falling over and wreaking the leather.

Use as package filler – Shred some magazines to make protective filler for packages.

Make a bowlMake a cute bowl to hold random items such as keys, loose change or even hair accessories!

Create a boxWhat a cute way to hold special little trinkets or jewelry.

Old Magazines for Gift Giving

Make a gift bag – No more gift bags in your stash? Just turn some magazine pages into a recycled gift bag!Uses for old magazines

Gift wrap – Magazines could be a cheap and interesting way to wrap gifts for fun events!

Make a gift bowCreate some gift bows for all the gifts you’ll be giving with this tutorial.

Pop-Up Magazine Flowers – I think one of these pop-up recycled magazine flowers would look great on a gift!

Old Magazines for Crafts/DIY

Crafts – Tear out magazine pages for collage and decoupage projects to help occupy the kids. These magazine embellished bobby pins are neat too!

Make beads – Turn magazine pages into unique paper beads using these instructions.

Homemade envelopes – Make some interesting envelopes out of magazine pages!

Create an end table – Create a unique end table by stacking a big pile of magazines and gluing them together or strapping them with a belt to stop them from toppling over.

Make coasters – I was just thinking I needed a coaster for where I put my coffee in the morning. These recycled coasters are lovely.

Make Christmas Trees – Why not make some holiday décor with some old magazines by using this tutorial for magazine Christmas trees?

Make a Butterfly Garland – This butterfly garland would be a beautiful way to dress up a child’s room or playroom!

Make Paper Flowers – These magazine flowers look like so much fun to make!

Make a braceletMaking bracelets out of old magazines would be fun for the kids to do.

Make 3D Wall Art – Who says you have to spend an arm and a leg decorating your wall? This tutorial for 3D wall art is fantastic.

DIY collage art – Here’s another way to add style to your walls. Create collage art.

Create a wreath – I like this twist on the more traditional wreath.

Make wall art – This grizzly bear magazine strip silhouette art is amazing!

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These creative uses for old magazines are sure to have you creating in no time. Have you got any ideas to share on how to repurpose old magazines?