3 weeks to a spring clean home

I sort of fell off the bandwagon today.  🙁  However I did get a couple of cupboards cleaned in the kitchen!  You get to see my somewhat gross photos to prove it!

The before of where I keep my spices:

spices before

The after of where I keep my spices:

spices after

I threw out a few very expired spices, refilled my containers and added some spices to my grocery list.  I also bought this spice rack because I’m really tired of shuffling around my spices to get to the one I need!  I hope it does the trick!

This is the before picture of where I keep my oils and vinegars.  Gross!  There’s no after, but all the bottles are wiped down and put back in an orderly manner.

oils before

I even had a helper who was doing a wonderful job:

sienna helping

She was doing wonderfully, until she decided the oregano would be better on the floor.  I guess she knew when mama was distracted 😛

sienna helping 2

I didn’t even get to the “pantry”section of the kitchen or the pots & pans section.  Oh well, I did what I could!

How did you do with today’s task?  Let us know in the comments!