3 weeks to a spring clean home

Well, today’s task was tiring!  I’m not sure what I was thinking when I scheduled this for a Monday!  Regardless, I did get almost everything done.  I just have to wash up two more pillows tomorrow to call it finished!

This picture below, is actually the last picture I got from today.  Not much proof that I finished, but the bed is actually made now!  (or else I’d be terribly upset when I head to bed to find that I forgot to put the sheets back on.)


Today I managed to move both beds and the crib, purge a few things I found underneath, clean the baseboards/walls behind the beds, wash all the sheets, two pillows, and flip our bed.

I even had the windows open!  It was a beautiful day!

How did you do with today’s task?  Were you just as tired as I was?