At this moment, my house is not in tip top shape. In fact it feels quite chaotic to me. In some sense, I’ve come to terms with the state of my home because of the season I’m in with young kids at home. However, there are days when I find my home quite overwhelming and something needs to be done before my sanity is jeopardized. 🙂 A clean and tidy space makes for a happy mom.

So today I give you four quick things that I do when my home is overwhelming me:

Make the beds

Fluff the pillows, throw the covers back. Doesn’t have to be perfect, but having the beds made make me breathe easier. Even when there are piles of laundry on the floor!

Clear off the outside of the fridge

Art work, shopping lists and magnets galore. I love displaying my daughter’s art work from school and the fridge is just so convenient for having my grocery list. But once in a while, a good wipe down is necessary and I don’t bother to put anything back up for a while afterwards.Here are four things that I like to do when the state of my home is overwhelming me! #cleaningtips #cleaning #organization

Sweep the floors

One word. Crumbs. Everywhere! Nothing irritates me quite as much as stepping on some crumbs and having them stick to my bare feet. Ewww! Because of this, I try to sweep the floor every day and vacuum at least once a week. I’m amazed at how much better I feel after the floors have been swept.

Clear the kitchen counters

We have a tiny kitchen with little counter space and just as little storage space for kitchen things. Needless to say, things get put on the counter, taking away precious food preparation space. While it’s a never ending battle, I try to clear off as much “extras” as I can on a regular basis.

Bonus: Try the Motivated Moms System

So, this is pretty amazing and I felt is was definitely worth a mention if you’re looking for a solution to stop the feeling of overwhelm with your home.

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What sort of things do you like to do when your home is overwhelming you?