So, you’re running low on funds in your grocery budget for the month, but you still have a few meals that need to be made.  You might be thinking that cooking a delicious meal on a budget might not be possible but, affordable family feasts are possible!

Here are 5 budget friendly meals that are sure to please:

Here are 5 budget friendly meals that are sure to please.

Roasted Chicken and Root Vegetables – While purchasing a whole chicken may be more costly upfront, the amount of meals you can get from one chicken can really help stretch your budget.  The first night, you can enjoy slices of roasted chicken and delicious vegetables.  The next night you could turn leftovers into a chicken pot pie.  Finally, use the bones to create a tasty soup!  I really like this post: How to Stretch a Chicken to Make 6 Meals.

Refried Bean Quesadillas – Recommended by a reader over at the Simply Frugal Facebook page as a budget friendly meal, I found this tasty looking Refried Bean Quesadilla recipe that I’d love to try!  Instead of using a whole bunch of cheese, which can get expensive, you can fill your quesadillas with beans!  To make this meal even more budget friendly, here’s a recipe for Homemade Refried Beans in the slow cooker!

Black Bean & Salsa Burritos – This is one of my personal made up recipes, but I happen to think it’s a great budget saver and it’s packed with protein!

Pulled Pork – This was another meal recommended by a Simply Frugal Facebook reader.  She likes to buy cheap pork cuts when they go on sale for $1/lb.  She roasts it then freezes it in bags in meal sized portions. The meals she enjoys creating with the pork are nachos and salad rolls with corn bread and coleslaw.

Pasta with White Bean Sauce – Pasta is cheap, especially if you stockpile it with coupons!  I can’t wait to try this recipe because not only does it sounds tasty, it also uses beans for protein instead of meat.  Love that.

What are your favourite Budget Friendly Meals that come in handy when your grocery budget is running low?