Now that spring is here, your local dollar store will no doubt be well stocked with flip flops in every color and style. Snagging flip flops at your local dollar store isn’t just budget savvy, these flip flops can come in handy all throughout the summer for all sorts of reasons. Want to know more? Look at 5 reasons to stock up on dollar store flip flops so you can make the most of these little gems! You will be amazed at how valuable they can be.

5 Reasons to Stock Up on Dollar Store Flip Flops

1. Keep emergency pairs in the car.

Have you ever had a pair of flip flops break on you? When that happens you can find yourself in a pickle. Buy an extra pair of flip flops for everyone in your family and keep the pairs in the car. That way should you encounter any breaks, you have a back up. For just a buck, it is well worth buying extras and tossing them into the trunk for emergencies.

2. They make cute garden markers.

Buy a few pairs of children’s flip flops and use them as whimsical garden markers. Add some hot glue to the back of them and press them to a wooden stake. You can then write the name of the plant directly on the flip flop with a magic marker. How cute is that?

3. They make for fun pool time.

The fun thing about flip flops is they FLOAT! You can use them for all sorts of pool games. On the underside of your flip flops you can draw words or shapes and use them to play matching games. You can also craft mini boats with them, allowing kids to decorate the flip flop as they wish before setting it sail. These ideas make for some frugal summer fun.

4. Flip flops are perfect for protecting floors and walls.

The rubber that flip flops are made from is durable. Grab a few pairs of dollar store flip flops and cut the foam into squares. You can then use the foam pieces as door stoppers to protect your walls or even place them under table and chair legs to protect the floors. Add some of these foam chunks to planters and flowers pots and they can help act as fillers and even help absorb water.

5. They make inexpensive gifts.

Don’t get caught without a gift this summer. A pair of flip flops with a ribbon tied on makes the perfect gift for a hostess or summer birthday. They are also great to give as party gifts if you are hosting any backyard parties or cookouts. Guests will love getting a pair of flip flops to relax and unwind in.

Who knew flip flops could be so valuable? For just a dollar or so each, they are well worth stocking up on during the warm weather season. Consider these 5 reasons to stock up on dollar store flip flops and put this inexpensive find to work for you.