It seems as though there’s always something to shop for. Upcoming birthdays, new clothes for the kids, work clothes…the list can go on! Whenever I have something to purchase I tend to always look online first. In most cases I find it easier then hauling a kid around that will most likely put up a fuss at some point during our outing. 😉  I also enjoy reading the reviews that other buyers have left if I’m contemplating a product that I’m not really familiar with.   Now, if you have your list in hand, budget in mind and are ready to begin shopping, here are 4 ways to save with online shopping:

Here are 4 fantastic tips and tricks to save with online shopping in Canada. #onlineshoppingcanada

Use Coupon Codes

A simple tip, but learn to look for coupon codes! If you’re going to purchase something online, start by doing a simple search online for a coupon code that could save you money. To find a coupon code, simply do a Google search for the store you would like to make your purchase at or try RetailMeNot has many Canadian coupon codes and they also use a rating system telling you how reliable the code has been. This site is by far my favourite coupon code site as I can usually find a code for 10% and as much as 25% off my purchase!

I also post a few coupon codes here on Simply Frugal for stores that may interest you. You can find all the Coupon Code posts by clicking here.

Shop through a Cash Back Site

Why not get a percentage of your money back for making an online purchase through a cash back site? Cash back sites work together with online stores to offer you a percentage back as a rebate. Usually somewhere between 3-6%.  It’s nice to get some cash back on something you were going to purchase anyway!

I highly recommend  Rakuten Canada, is specifically designed by Canadians for Canadians. More than 750 online stores that ship to Canada have joined the roster of retailers to offer Cash Back, special deals, including free shipping, and coupons to members of Rakuten Canada.

Don’t pay for shipping

I really don’t like paying for shipping. Quite often the cost of shipping can be a deal breaker for me. Especially when the shipping costs more than the product I’m buying! For this reason, I like buying from, and, since you only have to spend $30 or $35 to get free regular shipping.

Retailers often have coupon codes that will give you free shipping. I post a lot of those here on Simply Frugal.

It pays to be patient so you can score free shipping when companies offer it. Also, I think it’s best if you shop when a store is offering free shipping without a coupon code. This way, you can also use a coupon code to save on the cost of the product, since many stores don’t let you combine coupon codes.

Go in with a friend

You can also save on shipping by chipping in! Ask your sister-in-law, ask a friend, ask a neighbour, or ask a co-worker. If you all shop online regularly, check with each other before placing an order. Splitting the shipping can be an effective cost saving measure, especially when done time and time again!

By combining coupon codes, rebates and free shipping, you should be able to get a great deal on all your online purchases! Do you prefer shopping online or in store? Do you have any additional tips for saving money when shopping online?

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