Every Monday in 2015, I’ll be sharing a different idea to help you save money! Add all of these tips to your frugal repertoire and you’ll be able to save a lot of money this year! I hope you’ll gather a few new ideas or at least some inspiration from this series.  

Menu Plan to Save Big

Ever since my husband and I were married almost 8 years ago, I’ve been planning our weekly menu.  Even if I didn’t take the time to write things down, I still had a few meals in mind that would get us through the week.  It’s in my nature to be a planner so planning a menu was obvious for my own sanity.  But, even if you’re more of an impromptu cook, today I’d like to touch on the importance of menu planning. Especially if you’re looking to save money and some sanity. We’re all busy people so the power of a plan can help each of us tremendously!

Menu Planning Keeps the budget in check

Groceries cost a lot.  Save yourself some financial stress by planning your meals and your shopping list based on what’s on sale and what you already have in your pantry.  With a menu plan in place, you only have to purchase the ingredients you need create the meals you’ve picked.  That’s how I spend less than $50 some weeks on groceries.  

Your Time and Sanity are Important Too

Whether you work outside the home or you’re a stay-at-home parent, we’re all juggling a ton of activities on a daily basis.  While planning a menu in the first place takes a bit of time, it will definitely save you time and restore sanity in the end. You will always have the ingredients you need to create a meal from your planned menu. No running to the store for a last minute item or opening the fridge and cupboards 500 times to figure out what to make for dinner.  Or realizing it’s 5pm and you just spent an hour trying to find a great recipe when dinner could have already been on the table.  With a plan in place, all you have to do is pick a meal from the list and make it!

Menu Planning Reduces Waste

Have you ever bought food from the grocery store thinking you’ll use it for something, but end up throwing it out instead?  If you stick to the grocery list that you created based on your planned meals, you won’t be purchasing anything that you won’t use.  In turn, creating less waste, both in the food sense and financial sense!

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I believe that having a menu plan to save money and your sanity cannot be stressed enough.  Menu planning has made my life so much easier and I’ve heard the same from many others. Sometimes, the menu plan is the only thing in the day that goes as planned! 

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