Yeah yeah, I’m sure you’ve heard it before… use your local library to avoid spending money on new books. While the library is a great place to borrow books, most libraries also offer many other money-saving programs and resources!

Here are more unique ways your library will save you money:

The library is a treasure trove of savings. Here are 6 ways the library will save you money on things other than books. #moneysavingtips #simplyfrugal #moneytips #library

DVDs and CDs

Our local library offers a great selection of DVD’s and CD’s. While you can purchase these items fairly cheap these days, borrowing from the library will save you a ton in the long run!


If you’re a fan of audiobooks, check the selection at your library!  While I have yet to figure out a good way to listen to audiobooks (I get distracted), once I do figure it out, I’m going to check out a few. I noticed that our library system offers downloadable audiobooks.


I often list free ebooks that are available through Amazon, but your local library may also give you access to a ton of ebooks. I believe you need to download the OverDrive app.

Digital Magazines

It’s possible to read digital magazines for free through many local libraries!  Take a look online at your local library’s website for details.

Kids Programs

Most libraries have a kids story time. My daughter attends regularly and enjoys the story and songs they sing. Our library systems also offers a Summer Reading Club.

Free Activities

I was doing a bit of browsing through our library website and discovered a bunch of fun free activities they offer. One night they offer a Lego Builders program. Another night they have a movie night based on books.  On yet another night, they have Chess night.  The list goes on!

As you can see the library is a great place or service to take advantage of if you want to save some big bucks!

How often do you use your library?  Do you know of any other services or activities most libraries offer?

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