Use cash back apps to save big

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m not a huge coupon user for various reasons.  But one thing that I can really get on board with is all these cash-back apps that are available!

As I’ve previously mentioned, I’m not a huge coupon user for various reasons.  But one thing that I can really get on board with is all these cash-back apps that are available!

Here is how I make these apps work for our lifestyle:

  1. I don’t make a shopping list based on the rebates they have available
  2. After I’m finished shopping I peruse the list of rebates and if there are items I have purchased on the lists, I go ahead with filing my receipt.

This way, I’m not buying (or getting really cheap) stuff that we won’t use or eat. Every nickel adds up when I’m buying things that will just get wasted in the end!

What I especially love is the rebates for fresh produce!  It’s not often you see a coupon for that!  I’ve also taken advantage of the recent rebates for wine which we’ve bought for gifts.

For this week’s post, I wanted to create an Ultimate Guide to the Cash-Back Apps we have available to us in Canada.  Sound good?  Lets get started!

Checkout 51

In a nutshell:

Every Thursday morning, Checkout 51 updates with a new list of offers. All you have to do is pick the ones you like, purchase them at any store, and upload a photo of your receipt through our mobile app or website. When your account reaches $20, we send you a check.

How Checkout 51 works

  1. Browse your offers and buy products at any store in Canada. (excluding Quebec)
  2. Upload your receipt using Checkout 51. Photos must be clear and readable. You must send a photo of the entire receipt. If you have a long receipt, you can add “sections”.
  3. They’ll confirm your purchase and credit your account.
  4. When your account balance reaches $20, you can choose to cash out and they’ll mail you a check.

Other Key Guidelines

  • Anyone can use Checkout 51. They have an app for smartphones and you can even use it on your computer.
  • Offers go live on Thursdays at 12:00 AM in each time zone. They expire the following Wednesday at 11:59 PM in each time zone. You must upload your receipts while the offers are live.
  • Offers are available in limited quantities. Be sure to check your offer list before you go shopping to ensure that the offer is still available. Make sure to upload your receipt immediately after purchase to avoid disappointment!
  • A quantity of one of each rebate offer is eligible for Cash Back per member.
  • Each receipt can only be used once.
  • You can only earn Cash Back for the exact product listed, so please read carefully.
  • Products must be purchased in your country of registration. We currently support the United States (the 50 states of the United States, the District of Columbia, and Overseas US Military Bases) and Canada (excluding Quebec).
  • Receipts uploaded must be in English.
  • Items purchased from online retailers are eligible for Cash Back. Itemized packing slips are accepted as proof of purchase. Online purchases are subject to the same upload timelines as receipts.

Can I use a Coupon with my Rebate offer?

Yes! You can earn Checkout 51 Cash Back in combination with any other coupon or discount unless otherwise stated. This is a great way to get free or nearly free items each week!

When Will I get my Cash Back?

You are able to cash out and receive a cheque once your account reaches $20 or more. Cheques are sent out via snail mail within 7 business days.


In a Nutshell:

Link – Shop – Earn – Cash Out

Canada, it’s about time you got paid to shop! Ampli is the newest Canadian cash back app, getting you cash back on your everyday online and in-store purchases!

How Ampli Works

  1. Download the Ampli app for free
  2. Securely link your debit and credit cards from over 130 Canadian banks and other financial institutions
  3. Automatically earn cash back every time you shop online or in-store at participating brands
  4. Cash out by sending yourself a free Interac e-Transfer

How do I get paid?

You can cash out your balance by sending yourself a free Interac e-Transfer to any Canadian bank account when you reach a minimum balance of $15.


In a Nutshell:

Earn automatic Cashback when you sign up for Paymi! Paymi connects to your debit/credit cards and pays you CASH when you spend anywhere from 1-10% at qualifying stores! Plus you’ll make $5 just for signing up.

How does Paymi work?

  1. Register through our app or website.
  2. Connect your card so we know when to reward you.
  3. Shop in-store and online. Check your offers for full cash back details.
  4. Cash back will appear in your account once you make an eligible purchase.
  5. Use Interac e-Transfer to redeem your cash whenever you want.
  6. Watch your cash back balance grow with each purchase.

Other Key Guidelines:

  • Earn Cash, Not Points. Get access to exclusive cash back deals. No points, no coupons, no gimmicks. Just cold hard cash.
  • Browse offers in your Paymi account before you shop in-store, or shop through your account to earn up to 10% cash back online with some of your favourite retailers.
  • You will receive $5.00 for every friend you refer to Paymi as soon as they make their first eligible purchase.
  • To get paid, go to your Cash Back history and click the Redeem Now button next to your balance. Once you have a balance over $2.00 you’ll be able to send an Interac money transfer to yourself with your cash back.
  • There is a $1.50 Interac fee if your money transfer is under $25. Paymi will cover the Interac fee for transfers over $25!
  • Cash back will appear in your account 5 to 7 days after the purchase date unless stated otherwise on the offer card. Cash Back


In a Nutshell: is excited to introduce our new Mobile Cash-Back feature! Download the app and start getting cash back by purchasing the brands and products you already love – it’s like you’re getting paid to do your shopping!

How Does it Work?

  1. Browse offers on the list – Our app will be updated regularly with new offers, so check back often!
  2. Buy products at any store – Select the offers you like, and make sure you buy the right item and size in store.
  3. Upload Your Receipt – Take a legible photo of your receipt and submit through the app.
  4. Earn $ and cash out to your PayPal account – When your receipt is processed, your account will be credited within a few days. Once you have $5, you can instantly cash out to your PayPal account.
I don’t have a PayPal account, can I still get cash back? has the only cash-back app that uses PayPal to get you money back. It’s the easiest, quickest and most reliable method to get you spending less and saving more!

How do I connect my PayPal account to the Save app?

Connect your PayPal account by selecting the burger menu on the top left corner of the app and choosing ‘My Account’. From here, go to ‘Profile’ and then ‘View PayPal’ where you can connect the app to your PayPal account.

When will I get reimbursed?

Once your total savings equal $5, you can opt to cash out and the funds will be deposited to your PayPal account will within minutes. Don’t want to cash out right away? No problem. Keep saving and cash out whenever you would like!

How do I cash out?

Once you’ve reached $5 in savings, you can cash out in the ‘My Account’ section of the app under the ‘Balance’ tab. Simply select ‘Cash Out’ located at the bottom of this screen and verify your PayPal email address before confirming your submission.

How will I be notified that my purchase(s) was validated?

You will be notified via email.

How long do I have to submit a receipt?

You can submit a receipt for as long as the coupon is available on the app or until it is sold out. After it is no longer available, you will not be able to submit your purchase so act quick!

How long do I have to wait for my receipt to be validated?

Please allow 3-5 business days for your purchase to be validated.

*New* Caddle


In a Nutshell:

Caddle pays you for your engagement, feedback, and purchases! Sign-up today and start earning Cash Back!

How to Use Caddle:

  1. Download the App on any Apple or Android device or sign up on their website.
  2. Browse our weekly survey and cash back opportunities, select one (or many!), and start earning.
  3. Earn $20 (or more), select Cash Out, and we’ll mail you a cheque!
How do I earn Cash Back for the Ad & Questionnaire?

In order to qualify for the Cash Back Credits for the Ad & Questionnaire portion of Caddle, you must watch the full Ad and answer the full Questionnaire without exiting the app or webpage. If for some reason you do exit, the Cash Back Credits will not be credited to your account, but the offer will reset for you when you’re ready again!

How long are the Ads?

The Ads can up be to thirty (30) seconds long and are typically either fifteen (15) or thirty (30) seconds in length.

How many questions are in the Questionnaire?

Each Questionnaire is a typically five (5) questions long. We know you’re busy and Caddle wants to enable you to fill little pockets of unproductive time with productive time! Each Ad & Questionnaire is designed to take about a minute or less.

Where do I redeem Caddle offers?

At any store in Canada! To get your Cash Back Credits, simply select the ‘Upload Receipt’ or ‘Upload Image’ buttons to upload your receipt and/or image. You can shop anywhere in Canada – we just need the receipt as validate your purchases.

Can multiple offers be purchased on one receipt?

Of course! When uploading your receipt, just select all Cash Back offers that qualify.

How many times can I redeem an offer or watch and Ad & Questionnaire?

That depends on the offer. Check out the restrictions and limits on each offer page for more details.

What does “earn at a rate of about $20 an hour” mean?

All Caddle Ad & Questionnaire offers are designed to be about a minute or less so they are quick and convenient for you. Caddle used the average time it took to watch the Ad and answer the Questionnaire and then translated that into a rough hourly rate. For a fifteen (15) second Ad and five (5) questions you get $0.25 in Cash Back Credits, and for a thirty (30) second Ad and five (5) questions you get $0.35 in Cash Back Credits.

How long does it take for my receipt to be reviewed?

Our goal is to process all receipts within 48 hours. However, there are certain times where due to the amount of receipts uploaded, it could take longer.

How do I get paid?

When you’ve earned $20 or more in Cash Back Credits, you can go to your account page, select ‘Cash Out’, and we’ll mail you a cheque!

When do offers end?

That depends on the offer, but typically offers are a minimum of one week long. Offers can become unavailable earlier if the maximum redemption has been reached. Make sure you’re checking Caddle frequently so you don’t miss out!

When do I get my cheque?

Once you make your “Cash Out” request, the cheques are usually sent out within two (2) weeks but it could take up to sixty (60) days depending on timing and location.

Can I get cash back on online receipts?

Online purchases are eligible for Cash Back Credits – simply upload the itemized packing slips as your proof of purchase. Please note that online purchases are subject to the same upload timelines as receipts in order to qualify for Cash Back Credits.

Do you use any of these Cash-Back apps to save? Which one is your favourite?  What offers are your favourite?