Do you have friends or family who seem to have neat and tidy houses day in and day out? Perhaps you wonder what their secret is, and wonder how you too can enjoy this sort of clean space on a regular basis? The truth is, there are things that people with clean houses do each and every day in order to keep their spaces looking great. Take a look below at 7 things people with clean houses do every day, so you can give these daily tasks a try and see if they can help you create the clean space you desire!

7 Things People with Clean Houses Do Every Day

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1. They return items to their proper place when done.

Clutter is a quick way to make a space look messy. Clutter can build up and bring chaos to a space, which is why people with neat and tidy houses take time to return items to their proper home, preventing the build up of clutter to begin with.

2. They take a few minutes to vacuum high traffic areas.

High traffic areas tend to bring a lot of dirt and dust with them. People with clean houses run the vacuum or a broom through high traffic areas each day. This way dust, dirt, and pet hair can get picked up and accumulation is prevented.

3. They wipe down sinks and counter tops.

Grime can quickly build on kitchen and bathroom counters and sinks. By taking a few minutes to spray down and wipe down these areas each day, you prevent build up and create an overall cleaner space. Keep an all purpose cleaner and a rag below your sinks so you can easily access these materials for a quick daily wipe down.

4. They utilize air fresheners, odor eliminators.

People with clean homes know how important it is for their homes to smell clean. They use air fresheners or essential oils so they can leave their spaces smelling fresh. Use essential oil diffusers or odor eliminating sprays to quickly blast freshness into your space daily. I’m intrigued by these charcoal bags that are supposed to naturally eliminate odors. I’ll let you know if I try them out!

5. They don’t leave dishes in the sink.

Have you ever noticed that dishes in the sink can make the whole kitchen feel messy? Take the time each day to wash the dishes or move them to a dishwasher. This way, the sink is clean and clear and it also gives you the chance to wipe it down.

6. They hang towels and other household linens.

Taking the time to fold and hang household linens and clothing can leave your home looking neat and tidy. Be sure to hang bathroom towels, kitchen linens, and other household linens. Not only will it help them dry out quickly, but it looks great. Same goes for keeping clothing off the floor!

7. They make their bed.

Nothing makes a room feel more pulled together than a freshly made bed. Take a few minutes each day to make your bed and see how it encourages you to keep the rest of your room more organized and tidy.

Try implementing these simple tasks each day to see if they help you create a clean and organized space. As you can see, they don’t take a ton of time and are quite simple to implement, so add them to your daily routine and see what results you can achieve!

I’d love to know some of your daily tasks that help you keep a neat and tidy home! Let me know in the comments below!