*Originally posted December 2009*

I am a firm believer that Christmas does not have to break the bank and that it’s the little things that make it memorable!

I thought I would post a favourite Christmas tradition that I used to do with my family when I was young.

Every year in December my parents would orchestrate our annual Christmas Tree Hunt. They would invite many other families to join in on the fun. In our area, it’s possible to obtain a free permit to legally cut down a tree along the power lines in the woods. Nothing beats having a real, free Christmas tree! Mind you, these trees were not your typical picture perfect tree. They definitely had character! That was the beauty of it!

Our ‘hunt’ would begin in the late morning of a chosen Saturday in December. We loaded up the vehicles with rope, saws, children bundled up, and last but not least, the toboggans! Once we were all ready, we started the drive to our location. Up the windy, dirt road covered in snow. My Dad would make my brother and I laugh when he would purposely slide around each corner in our little truck. After all, he was an ex-race car driver and knew how to master those turns!

We would finally arrive just when we thought we would melt from the heat of too many layers. All the children would fall from the vehicles and immediately set to work. Our job was to find the biggest, best tobogganing hill while the adults would search for the perfect tree. I still smile thinking about all the fun we had!

After the hunt was over for each family, everyone was welcomed back to our home for some homemade chili, hot apple cider and mulled wine for the adults. The fun would continue on late into the evening.

Now that we’re all much older the many families dropped down to one family. Us. We would still go out as a single family to find the perfect tree. This time though we would all trudge through the deep snow to find it. Occasionally, we would do a few runs on the toboggan for old times sake.

In the last year or so, my Mom and Dad have purchased an artificial tree. At first, I was quite disappointed with the turn of events. But I have come to realize that now I will have the opportunity to rekindle this tradition when my husband and I have a family of our own! So here’s to those fond memories of fun Christmas traditions!

What are your favorite frugal and fun Christmas traditions or memories?