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Hi!  I’m so glad to have you here at SimplyFrugal.ca!

My name is Taya and I’m a mom to two beautiful little girls born in 2012 and 2016 and wife to an amazing supportive husband as well as the founder of Simply Frugal.  I began Simply Frugal in February 2009 after I saw a need for a more personable and approachable Money saving site for Canadians.

My desire is to live a more simple life all the while learning to save money. I believe these two things go hand in hand. As Dave Ramsey says, “If you will live like no one else, later you can live like no one else.” My goal is to live debt free now, so I can live life with no worries later!  But, this is still a learning experience for me as I haven’t always been, as my friends call me, thrifty!

In January 2008 I challenged myself to a No Spend month. The only thing I allowed myself to buy was groceries. (I couldn’t starve my husband!) This was the most profound financial eye opener for me. I was amazed at where my money had been going. Little things here, little things there, all things that add up over time! The first week was the most difficult as I was breaking my habit of browsing the stores out of boredom. I’m proud to say that I succeeded in my challenge and now find it easy to stay out of the stores!

Through this process, and reading other inspiring blogs, I’ve grown to love couponing and using saving strategies to get the stuff I want and need for less.

How Can Simply Frugal Help You?

Store Deals – On a daily basis, I like to highlight Canadian stores that have good sales going on.  You’ll find news on the latest sales at stores like Well.ca, Starbucks, Chapters, and many, many more.

Canadian Coupons – Find a huge variety of coupons available to Canadians.  New ones are added pretty much daily!  You could also check out my SmartSource coupon page and the Printable Coupon page to get you off to a great coupon start.

Canadian Freebies – Keep up to date with all the latest freebies available to Canadians.

Money Saving Tips – Here you will find a ton of helpful money saving articles that are sure to help you keep more money in your bank account!

Household Tips – I happen to think that running a household is a pretty important skill to have.  Learn organization, cleaning, gardening and decorating skills that will help you succeed.

Easy DIY – I like to feature all sorts of things related to DIY, or how to make stuff yourself!

I hope that you’ll find something of interest here at Simply Frugal!

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