Advent Calendars in Canada

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The Best Advent Calendars in Canada

When I was growing up, the only advent calendar I knew of were those little chocolate ones that were a bargain from the grocery store or dollar store. But those were still magical and fun!

These days, advent calendars have evolved to include everything from beauty products to toys to crafts! Advent calendars in 2023 take things to a whole new level!  Imagine the excitement on your kids’ faces when they open up mini LEGO sets or Polly Pocket figures. Imagine your own excitement when you open up something you love each morning! 

For today’s post, I thought it would be fun to round up the best advent calendars in Canada for 2023! You’re sure to find something for everyone! They range in price from frugal to not so frugal, but I made sure to only list the well rated advent calendars and legit retailers!

Advent Calendars in Canada for Kids

Advent calendars in canada

Advent Calendars in Canada for Adults

Please note: I listed the regular price on all the advent calendars, but they may go on sale too!

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