You may know that many varieties of mint can be grown and enjoyed during the summer months. Spearmint, chocolate mint, and peppermint can all be grown and used in centerpieces, tea, desserts, and even in your crafting. But did you know that there is another mint often overlooked than can be just as fun and useful? Apple mint can be found at your local garden center, and it too has many uses you can enjoy. Take a look below at everything you need to know about apple mint and how you can grow some yourself.

First, let’s explore the basics of apple mint:

Apple mint has a fruity flavor and apple scent, which is not surprising since it is named after an apple, a quite popular fruit! Apple mint looks like most other mint varieties with a green stem and green foliage. What makes it a little different is that it has a light fur on it. It also produces reddish blooms in the late summer months and can be quite attractive. Apple mint likes to grow in full sun or part shade. Like other mint plants it needs well drained soil. It does like having its own space, so be sure to space each plant a good foot apart from the next. Apple mint is a perennial so it will grow back. If you plant it in pots however, you will need to plant a new plant each year.

Now that you know the basics about apple mint, here is how you can use it around the home:

1. Add leaves to your tea. Simply rinse them and add them to your cup. Allow a few minutes for the mint oils to permeate the liquid. Some people think apple mint helps with promoting relaxation and a good night’s sleep.

2. Make your own air freshener.
You can bundle stems of apple mint with a piece of string and hang it from closets. It will add freshness to the space and make it smell great.

3. Find pain relief when you soak an apple mint leaf in water and then place the wet leaf on the wound. This is perfect for bites and stings.

4. You can infuse your water by placing a few leaves in a gallon jug and filling it with water. Let is sit for 24 hours. Strain the leaves and enjoy the cool beverage!

5. Make your own marinade when you add a few apple mint leaves to vinegar and let the meat soak in the mixture for a few hours.

See what a terrific plant this can be? Grab your own apple mint and enjoy all of these uses, and more!