Back in October, Staples Canada wanted our family to crown our favourite holiday movie using the Roku 3 streaming device.  This was tough, because really, there’s nothing I love more than watching a holiday movie! They’re all good! (Well, most of them.)  Now if it were up to me alone, I’d say The Holiday is my favourite movie. (I can see our family doing a house exchange like that one day.)  My husband would say Home Alone. (for nostalgic reasons)  But since the toddler had to come into play, we have to crown…. The Santa Clause!

For whatever the reason, she loved that movie.  Normally, she won’t sit longer than 5 minutes watching any type of show. So when she actually sat with us for at least 1/2 hour, we knew we had a winner.

Speaking of winners, I have 3 winners for the Roku 3 streaming device!  Here they are:

  • Cathy C
  • Melissa M
  • Laura A

The winners have been emailed.

So, what holiday movie will you be watching first this year?