Looking for a deal on an essential oil diffuser?  Get the Aukey Electronic Aromatherapy Essential Oil Diffuser for just $25.99. (reg. $49.99). Here are some details:

  • Ease and enjoyment. Wood grain elegant design offer warm feeling, create a healthier environment with aromatic mist that relieves stress and fatigue,keep you in good health
  • Aromatic persistence. Ultrasonic diffuser preserves micro-particles to allow essential oil ingredients to last longer,refresh air all the time and let you always enjoy fragrant aroma
  • Increase negative ions. helps to eliminate static electricity, and reduce computer radiation
  • Energy saving. Low energy use, no condensation, ideal for home / office / bedroom / living room / study
  • Colorful light. With 7 colorful soft LED lights,you can set it on auto changing modes or one one color.Beautiful lamp can be your room’s elegant decoration.

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