Simple Gift in a Mug Ideas

gift in a mug

Simple Gift in a Mug Ideas

I had so much fun with these!

If you are in need of a simple, thoughtful gift idea, I present you with… gifts in a mug. 🙂 Once I started creating one gift in a mug, the ideas kept flowing! The options are endless!

These are a perfect gift idea for friends, teachers, your boss, really, anyone!

The idea is simple. Pick a cute mug, then fill it with your recipient’s favorite things.

To help you get your wheels turning, I want to show you three simple ideas that can be done on any budget.

I found my supplies at Walmart, Dollarama, Superstore and my house.

Gift in a Mug #1 – Self Care Mug

This coffee mug gift idea includes a face mask, cozy socks, lip balm, hand cream, and a milk chocolate bar. This would make for a great gift idea for a friend, mother in law or teacher!

Mug – Walmart
Fuzzy socks – Dollarama
Hand cream – Walmart (was in a set of four, perfect for splitting up!)
Lip balm – Yves Rocher
Chocolate bar – Walmart
Face mask – Walmart

Gift in a Mug #2 – Desk Essentials

This coffee mug gift idea is perfect for someone who works in an office or from home. Anyone really! For this gift in a mug, I put in a mini stapler, hand cream, two pens, gum, a chocolate bar, a small notebook and a small day planner. Because the notebook and day planner don’t fit in the mug, I am just going to place them underneath the mug and wrap it all together in some cellophane.

Mug – Superstore
Notebook – Walmart
Day planner – Dollarama
Chocolate bar – Walmart
Gum – Walmart
Stapler – Walmart
Hand cream – Walmart
Pens – Amazon

Gift in a Mug #3 – Birthday essentials

This idea makes me so happy! It would be perfect for a hostess gift or for a holiday party. Swap the Christmasy items for more neutral items and you could have the cutest birthday present for a friend. To this gift in a mug, I added a mug cake package, a fork, a napkin and a couple of candles. Simple and cheap.

Mug – Walmart
Mug Cake – Superstore
Fork – my party stash
Napkin – my party stash
Candles – my party stash

Other gift in a mug ideas I had:

  • Hot chocolate mug: a mug, a packet or two of hot chocolate, a candy cane, a special treat, marshmallows, a chocolate covered stirring spoon.
  • Kids themed: a mug, a Pez candy dispenser, a special pen, a notebook, small kid things from the dollar store.
  • Craft supplies: a mug, fun craft supplies for an adult or a child.
  • Liqueurs in a mug: a couple of those tiny liqueurs that would taste yummy in coffee or hot chocolate.

The ideas are endless!

I hope my ideas will help you out if you want to try gifting a Gift in a Mug this year!

Nuts About Dad: Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Idea

easy father's day gift idea

Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Idea

I know a couple of Dad’s that are going to love this Father’s Day gift idea! I think it’s the perfect thing for those Dad’s that ‘don’t want much’. It’s so, so simple to put together. You most likely have everything on hand already. Except for the nuts maybe, but that’s a quick trip to the store.

Here’s how to make the ‘Nuts About Dad’ Father’s Day gift:


  • 1 Quart Mason Jar
  • Dad’s Favorite Nuts
  • Printable Label
  • Yarn, Ribbons or Twine for decoration


  1. Print the supplied label and trim to fit.
  2. Using a glue stick, glue it to the jar.
  3. Fill the jar with nuts.
  4. Decorate with ribbons, yarn or twine, etc.

I hope the Dads in your life really enjoy this Father’s Day gift idea!

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Father's Day Gift Idea

20 Free Printable Canning Jar Labels

Free printable canning jar labels

Free Printable Canning Jar Labels

Since we’re getting into canning season and all, I thought I would do a round-up of some of the beautiful free printable canning jar labels that I have found!

There are so many different and amazing labels to choose from! Including pretty blank labels, editable labels and even completely done for you labels. I’m sure you will find something that will suit your needs!

So today I give you, 20 amazing free printable canning jar labels:

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Free Apron Patterns that will get your creativity flowing

Check out this huge list of free Apron Patterns! It’s got links to easy tutorials for full aprons, half aprons and child-sized aprons! Aprons make a perfect gift idea and are easy to whip up. Sewing an apron is a simple sewing project that even the beginner seamstress will be able to complete successfully. Enjoy!

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