Deck the Freezer for the Holidays!

Holidays are crazy busy, and anything that we can do to get ahead of the holiday hustle and bustle would help make the holidays that much merrier and brighter, right?

Well, I’ve got a FREE event to tell you about! Erin from MyFreezEasy is hosting a fun event to show you how easy it is to make freezer meals. When you sign up for the free event you’ll be emailed a Deck the Freezer Meal Plan. This includes the recipes, freezing instructions and shopping list for these three slow cooker meals:

  • Honey Mustard Shredded Chicken Sandwiches
  • Enchilada Chicken
  • Baby Beef Stew

The “Deck the Freezer Party” meal plan makes a total of 6 meals for your freezer!

The Deck Your Freezer event is happening between November 4 – 8 you’ll be able to join Erin online to fill your freezer! She’ll be providing encouragement and inspiration to help you along the way.

October Money Saving Calendar

Happy October! Get ready for the quickest blog post ever that will save you a TON of money!

It’s a new month and I’m trying something new for you guys. I thought it would be fun to create a calendar each month with a super easy money saving tip each day of the month.

So this month, you get the NEW Money Saving Calendar for October 2019!

You can grab your calendar for FREE here.

I’d love to know what you think of this and if you think I should keep doing them each month for you!

Free eBooks: The Healthy Airfryer, Instant Pot Cookbook and More

There are three ebooks that you can download for free from Amazon today!

The price is currently $0 but please be aware that this can change at any time.  Also note that these free downloads are especially for Kindles but you can download a free app which allows you to read these Kindle ebooks on your computer, tablet or smartphone!

Double check that they are still $0 before purchasing!