8 Weeks to a More Organized Christmas: Plan Your Gift List

8 Weeks to a More Organized Christmas: How to Plan Your Gift List

Here we are, week two of the 8 Weeks to a More Organized Christmas series!  I hope you had time to do last week’s task: your Holiday Budget!

While I’m fairly certain that many of you are striving to live daily life more simply in terms of less stuff, less waste and less expenses, this series is focusing on simplifying the process of Christmas.  Focusing on the organization aspect so that you don’t give too much of yourself in terms of finances or time.

Christmas can become a nuisance rather than a joyful, meaningful time if we’re constantly feeling stressed. This goes to say, I think the best way to have a more organized, more peaceful Christmas is to do your holiday tasks a little at a time. Tasks on our holiday to-do list can easily morph from fun to miserable when we’re too busy or wandering without a plan.

This week’s task is to plan your gift list.

It’s definitely not too early to plan your gift giving, especially if you plan on making some homemade gifts. Since you’ve hopefully planned your holiday budget already, you should know exactly how much money you have for gifts.

This week you should:

  • Write down all the names of the people you have to purchase gifts for
  • Add gift ideas for each person

Take a look at this year’s Simply Frugal Holiday Gift Guides that are available!  I hope it will help you find a ton of great affordable gift ideas!

But for now, what’s the hardest part about gift giving for your family? What are your solutions?

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A Homemade Christmas Gift: No Sew Dish Towel Apron

Here's how to create a No Sew Dish Towel Apron that any chef would love to receive!

Today’s homemade gift idea can’t get much simpler. So, I happen to think it would make a perfect last-minute gift!  Simply head to your nearest dollar store, pick up a fancy dish towel and some ribbon and get started!

Here’s how to create a No Sew Dish Towel Apron that any chef would love to receive:

DIY No Sew Dish Towel Apron

Supplies needed:


  1. Begin by folding your towel into the size of apron you want. You can fold it down to about 8 inches by 8 inches square for a child, or simply fold the towel in half for an adult. If you wish for a longer apron, manipulate the fabric to get the shape you wish. For the sample you see here, I folded the towel once in half, then folded each end in about 2 inches.
  2. Apply a strip of iron on fabric tape OR fabric adhesive to the inside of your folded seams. Press and iron the towel if needed. The idea is to use the tape or adhesive to secure the shape of the towel.
  3. Apply a length of adhesive tape or glue to the top of your towel. Press the length of ribbon into it. Press and iron if needed. The ribbon should now be adhered to the towel, leaving you two lengths on each side for tying.
  4. Once your adhesive is dry or ironed in place, your towel can be used. Simply use the excess ribbon as ties, tying them behind your back to hold the apron in place.no sew dish towel apron 2

Frugal Gift Ideas for Kids

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Frugal Gift Ideas for Kids of all ages! $30 or less!

Frugal Gift Ideas for Kids

Shopping for gifts for kids can be tricky. While there is no shortage of ideas out there, it can be tough finding quality, engaging toys. So my goal with this gift guide was to find ideas that inspire creativity, teaches a skill, is practical or gets them up and moving!

Gift Ideas for Toddlers

  1. Koala Capers Game – This looks like a simple but silly game for the whole family to enjoy!
  2. Chirp Magazine subscription – Offers pages of stories, puzzles, illustrations and colourful photographs produced by some of Canada’s most talented authors and artists.
  3. Wipe Clean Workbook – Both my daughters have loved these types of books!
  4. Shopping List Game – A favourite in our house!
  5. Kids Play Tent – Perfect for a quiet play space in a cozy corner.
  6. Water Doodle Mat – Time for some mess free fun with one of these mats!
  7. Carpet Playmat Rug – Popular with all kids. Hours of pretend play fun!
  8. Play Doh Noodle Makin Mania Set – You can’t go wrong with Play-Doh! This is one of those messy activities that I allow because of the depth of play.
  9. Assortment of Wild Animals – Still a favourite here, my youngest plays with animals all the time!
  10. Electric Toothbrush – Who says that the best gifts can’t be practical too?
  11. Earflap Hat – I love that these have a built in scarf!
  12. Melissa & Doug Reusable Sticker Pads – A long time favourite in our house.
  13. VTech Drill & Learn Toolbox – This looks like a great toy for the kids who love to figure out how things work.
  14. Color Matching Mosaic Pegboard – Looks like an activity that could keep youngsters occupied for more than 3 minutes!

Gift Ideas for Kids (Age 5 – 12)

  1. Deluxe Art Set – The artist will love carrying this around everywhere they go!
  2. Unicorn 3D Night Light – This one is just a super cool idea.
  3. Lip Balm Making Kit – My daughter and I always enjoy doing kits like these together.
  4. Paint Your Own Figurines – I would have loved these when I was young!
  5. Charm Bracelet Making Kit – They will have fun creating bracelets that they can keep for themselves or give to a friend.
  6. Rainbow Loom – My daughter and her cousin had so much fun creating bracelets when they were together this summer.
  7. PBS Kids Do It Myself Cookbook – Perfect for a child wanting to learn how to cook!
  8. Kid Nylon Knife Set – I actually purchased my daughters a set of these because they like to help in the kitchen.
  9. Owl or Chickadee Magazine Subscription – Includes interactive stories, puzzles, comics, animal features, and science experiments educate and entertain readers.
  10. LED Bike Wheel Lights – These are just so cool! And provide extra visibility.
  11. Magnetic Dart Board Set – Hours of fun, in a safe way!
  12. Adventure Design Plate Rubbing Activity – These could be really great for road trips or airplane rides.
  13. LEGO Classic Brick Box – LEGO is always a fantastic option!
  14. Winter Hat – These are ridiculously cute and warm!

Gifts for the Techie

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Frugal Gift Ideas for the Techie - $30 or Less!

Gift Ideas for the Techie

Shopping for a gadget-obsessed friend or family member? Tech gifts are some of the most popular and sought-after gifts out there. However many electronic gifts come along with a big price tag. If you’ve written off any and all devices this year because of cost, you might want to think again after seeing these picks.

  1. Anker USB Car Charger – For the techie on the go.
  2. Wireless Bluetooth Headhones – These headphones have a high rating for comfort and sound quality.
  3. iPad Case – Another highly rated product at a great price!
  4. Lose Your WiFi Mug – It’s the true. It’s all fun and games…until you lose your WiFi signal.
  5. Wireless Smart Plugs – These smart outlet plugs work with the Echo, or with an app a smartphone!
  6. Phone Holder/Kickstand – Well these sure are neat! Use it to secure your grip when texting, taking photos and more. Also perfect for propping your device for watching videos.
  7. Wallet Phone Case – Protect the device and make it even more functional with pockets for ID and important cards.
  8. Bluetooth Headphone Toque – Keep warm while listening to your favourite tunes… without any wires in the way!
  9. I’m Thinking T-Shirt – Perfect for the techie with a sense of humor.

Gift Ideas for the College Student

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Frugal Gift Ideas for the College Student. $30 or Less!

Gift Ideas for the College Student

Gift ideas that every college student will love! Enjoy the list!

  1. Magic Color Changing Mug – When cold, this mug shows a sleeping face, when hot, the mug wakes up! Haha!
  2. Portable Charger – What college student isn’t nearly running a dead battery on their phone? Perfect gift!
  3. Laptop Backpack – Why not make carrying a laptop and books more fun with this great looking backpack?
  4. $5 a Meal College Cookbook – 300 hassle-free dishes, this cookbook will not only satisfy hunger but a meager bank account, too!
  5. The Instant Pot College Cookbook – Perfect for dorm room cooking!
  6. Netflix Subscription – What college student wouldn’t love this?
  7. Starbucks Gift Card – Or perhaps one to their favourite local coffee shop? Can’t go wrong with this!
  8. Vera Bradley ID Case – Help her keep just her important cards easily accessible with this ID case.
  9. Neck Wrap Massager – For those extra long study sessions.
  10. Laundry Today, Naked Tomorrow Laundry Basket – A laundry basket for inspire and motivate. 🙂
  11. Silicone Animal Card Holder – Perfect for those random bits of paper. Business cards, tickets that they want to keep…etc.