The Stocking Stuffers I Bought my Daughters for 2023

I always enjoy seeing what others buy their kids for Christmas. Especially stocking stuffers. So I thought it would be fun to share what we bought our daughters this year!

I find it can be so easy to buy little things just for the sake of filling the stockings.

Over the years, I have found myself becoming more intentional with what I buy. I like to buy some practical items, consumable items and just for fun items.

How do you like to fill stockings?

In the past, I have done almost identical things for both of my daughters. However, this year, they have significantly different likes. (The almost 12 year old is waaay over toys. haha!)

Without further ado, here are the items I bought for my daughters. Age 7 and age 11.

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For my 7 year old daughter:

For my 11 year old daughter:

There you have it! I think I did pretty good this year. I think they will enjoy everything!

If you are looking for other stocking stuffer ideas, I compiled a couple of lists for you:

Build Your Own Gingerbread House Kit

DIY Gingerbread House Kits

My daughters love decorating gingerbread houses every year before Christmas. Probably, most likely, because they get to consume candy. But I also like to think it’s because of the creative process and making something cute.

We like to make a special evening or weekend day out of it by adding hot chocolate and having Christmas carols playing in the background.

This year, I thought it would be fun to create little gingerbread house kits. I even had fun creating a Build Your Own Gingerbread House tag to make them way more official. Lol.

In case you think they’re cute too, you can print off your very own when you click on this link here!

These are so simple to whip up. Here’s what you need:

To assemble them, add 8 square graham crackers or 4 of the large rectangle ones if they are the brand name ones by Christie (pictured below). I like the brand name ones best because you can cut the large rectangle on the top half on an angle so it has a point. This is so the roof crackers have a sturdier resting point.

After this, fill the bag with an assortment of candy. I bought all of ours from Bulk Barn. Seal the sandwich bag.

Once you’ve printed out the tag, cut it out, fold it in half, then staple it to the top of the sandwich bag. Ta da!

The icing I used didn’t fit inside the bags, however, you could create a mini piping bag filled with icing that should fit nicely if you’re giving it as a gift!

You can make your own icing or you can buy it like I do. The premade icing in a can by Betty Crocker and the likes, also works really well!

gingerbread house kit

I think it would be so fun to have a Gingerbread House making party with a bunch of friends! Young or old!

What are your holiday traditions that you find yourself doing every year?

The 2023 Simply Frugal Gift Guides are Here!

These gift guides will help solve all of your gift-giving dilemmas by making it really easy to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list. All you have to do is click, order, and wrap!

Simply Frugal Gift Guides

It’s gift-giving season, which means you’re either really excited about shopping for gifts, or in the beginning stages of holiday dread. 🙂

Gift-giving can be very overwhelming. Especially for the person who has everything! When I need a gift, the perfect gift in my mind, is something practical and memorable yet a bit extravagant (something they wouldn’t purchase themselves). Of course, my gift-giving has to be done within a budget, as I’m sure most of yours does too.

Finding a budget friendly and unique gift can be challenging, especially as more and more people may be added to your Christmas list. This year, I want to give you several gift guides that feature fabulous gift ideas that you can shop from!

I’m pretty darn excited about this year’s gift guides because I think you’ll find a lot of great gift ideas for everyone on your list. Plus, since you’re getting this from Simply Frugal, the gift guides feature frugal gift ideas that are separated into categories by price!

Here are this year’s Simply Frugal Gift Guides:

These frugal gift guides will help solve all of your gift-giving dilemmas by making it really easy to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list. All you have to do is click, order, and wrap!

You might also find interesting:

frugal gift guides

7 Inexpensive Gift Basket Ideas

inexpensive gift basket ideas

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Inexpensive Gift Basket Ideas

Giving gift baskets is a fun way to include a little variety in your gift giving. And, if you coupon, you probably have a lot of extra things that you got for free or very cheap that you can place in these baskets as well. Even if you don’t, doing a themed gift basket can make it easy for you to gift things this holiday season. It’s possible to create a gift basket that is so personalized, the receiver will love it! If you are stumped on what to put together, that also won’t cost you an arm and a leg, here are 7 Inexpensive Gift Basket ideas to get you started.

Movie Night Gift Basket

Give the gift of a movie night!  This basket simply requires microwave popcorn, some dollar store candy, a $5 movie from the cheap bin at Walmart and some cozy socks. If you’re making this one for a teen or pre-teen, you could add a gift card for a movie ticket to the local theater.

Manicure Gift Basket

Some simple nail polish, a patterned file (can often be bought at Bath & Body Works or the dollar store for cheap!), a small bottle of hand lotion and some nice nail decals. This one is perfect for teens and tweens. You can also throw in a gift card to a beauty supply shop if desired.

Baker’s Delight Gift Basket

inexpensive gift basket ideas

Do you know someone who loves to bake? Buy them some fun patterned cupcake liners, cake mix, a new oven mitt and a spatula and you have a great gift. You could even skip the basket and just place everything in the mitt and tie off with a ribbon.

Hot Cocoa Gift Basket

Hot cocoa can be made with just a few simple ingredients and packaged nicely in a mason jar. Add in a bag of marshmallows and some dollar store mugs for a finishing touch. This basket costs less than $10 to make and in many cases, less than $5.

Sporty Gift Basket

If you have a sports fan on your gift list, try this one! Place some snacks like sunflower seeds, jerky or popcorn in a basket. Add a small trinket of their favorite sport team such as a key chain, bottle opener or lanyard and finish it off with a set of tickets to watch a minor league team in your area.

Pasta Heaven Gift Basket

Got a pasta lover in your life? Place some fancy pasta (this can often be bought at a discount at outlet stores or a store like Winners), pasta sauce (homemade or bought), shelf stable Parmesan cheese, and a pasta server into the basket for a great fast dinner.

Bookworm Gift Basket

Everyone knows someone who loves to read. This gift basket will delight them! Get a $5 Amazon Gift card or a gift card to their favorite local bookstore (to buy a book or an e-book), a cheap fleece throw blanket, a coffee mug, some tea and a low cost clip-on reading light.

I hope there were some inexpensive gift basket ideas there to help inspire your gift basket building endeavors! Do you have any other themed gift basket ideas that you could share in the comments?

Other frugal gift ideas:

Frugal Gift Ideas for Teachers, Neighbors and Friends

frugal gift ideas for teachers, neighbors and friends

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Frugal Gift Ideas for Teachers, Neighbors and Friends

Do you give gifts to your kids’ teachers, your neighbors or friends? It can be a really fun way to let them know you appreciate them!

This gift guide was so much fun to put together. There are so many neat things out there and I know I rounded up some great budget-friendly ideas for you.

Without further ado, here are my Frugal Gift Ideas for Teachers, Neighbors and Friends!

  1. Maldon Sea Salt – This flaked salt is soo good! Perfect for finishing desserts or savory recipes.
  2. Gift Card Holder – This festive printable gift card holder is the perfect way to dress up a gift card!
  3. Mini Silicone Spatulas – Sounds silly, but these are so great for getting the very last bit in containers!
  4. Peppermint bark – A long time favorite gift. SO delicious! Here’s a homemade version too.
  5. Initial necklace – So pretty and dainty!
  6. Suncatcher Crystals – Add beautiful rainbows to your recipients home with these suncatcher crystals! This comes as a four pack, so you could even separate them so you have multiple gifts.
  7. Small Wood Paddle Board – Perfect gift idea for the person who loves to create those fancy charcuterie platters.
  8. Winter Headband – Ok, how cute are these? Everyone needs something to keep their ears warm!
  9. Bubble bath – Don’t we all know at least one person that likes taking baths to relax?
  10. Beautiful Boards book – Perfect gift for someone who loves entertaining.
  11. Blessings Jar – Sometimes we all need a reminder to focus on the positive and this gift is such an easy, special way to help us do just that.
  12. Throw – I would be very happy if someone gave me a soft, cozy throw.
  13. Weekly Desk pad – So cute to set out on a desk!
  14. Leather Wristlet Clutch bag – Perfect for when your recipient just wants to take a phone, ID and a few small things with them!
  15. Scented Candle Set – I don’t think you could go wrong with a candle! Perfect frugal gift idea for a teacher, friend or neighbor! This is a set so you could even separate each candle to give away.
  16. Lindt Candy Cane White Chocolate Truffles – These are so good and something I gift my friends every year.
  17. Bread Basket – This bread basket is perfect for the entertainer.
  18. Shower Steamers – No bath needed for this!
  19. Angie’s White Chocolate and Peppermint Popcorn – Grab a two bags. One to gift and one for yourself. Thank me later.
  20. Faux leather tote – Forget about giving this to someone on my list, I think I may want one for myself!
  21. Purse organizer – Know someone who has a purse for every outfit? Make switching over a breeze for them with this organizer!
  22. Warm Fuzzy Socks – Yes, please and a good novel too. 🙂
  23. Beeswax Food Wraps – These replace the need for traditional plastic wraps and containers for food storage. A must have for every kitchen!
  24. No Pong Deodorant – So this might only be appropriate for a really good friend, but I love this stuff!
  25. The Art of Home Book – The newest book from Shea McGee looks so so good!
  26. Moon Lamp – I just think this moon lamp is pretty neat! It would look great tucked in a cozy corner.
  27. Homemade Vanilla – I have a recipe here that I think you’ll love!
  28. Hand Lotion Gift Set – With all the hand washing in the winter months, hand lotion would probably be appreciated!
  29. Magnolia Table Volume 2 Cookbook – This has over 27,000 five star reviews! Sure to be a hit with a foodie.
  30. TableTopics – Questions to start great conversations.
  31. Recipe Notebook – A perfect place to collect all the favorite recipes!
  32. Homemade Sore Muscle Soak – Thoughtful homemade gifts are always appreciated!
  33. Caramel Apple Butter – Absolutely delicious, consumable gifts are the best and this caramel apple butter is sure to be a hit!
  34. Funny Teacher Candle – This one is perfect for the teacher you know has a sense of humor.

There you have it! I hope you are inspired to pick up the best gifts this year with these frugal gift ideas for teachers, neighbors and friends!

Other Frugal Gift Ideas:

Frugal Gift Ideas for Tweens and Teens

frugal gift ideas for tweens & teens

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Frugal Gift Ideas for Tweens and Teens

Shopping for a tween or teen can have its challenges. After all, they’re not usually into toys anymore, and toys are so easy to buy!

Gift cards are great, but they’re also pretty boring to give. Why not show your tween or teen how amazing you are at gift giving with the help of these frugal gift ideas! You are sure to find some thought provoking ideas that don’t all center around technology.

Take a look at these Frugal Gift Ideas for Tweens and Teens:

Gifts under $5

Gifts under $5 for Tweens and Teens

Hand Warmers – Cold hands are the worst!

eos Lip Balm – Lip Balm, but a bit more fancy.

Dehydrated Marshmallows for Hot Chocolate – What a delicious stocking stuffer!

Lip Smackers – A fun new lip balm is, well, fun!

Mud Masks – These types of masks are a huge hit with my 11 year old.

Eyeshadow – A new eyeshadow is always a good idea.

Gum – I really like PUR Gum because it uses xylitol to sweeten it. My dentist said that xylitol can help in preventing cavities! Lots of different flavors too.

Sketchbook – For the one who loves to doodle or wants to refine their skills.

Crystal Snowflake Necklace – Cute and you won’t believe the price!

Travel Size Shaving Cream – Perfect stocking stuffer for the teen on the go.

Bookmark – Perfect for the teen who loves coffee and a good book.

Gifts under $10

Gift ideas under $10 for tweens and teens

Mad Libs – I think this would be a fun stocking stuffer for the tweens! Christmas edition to feel more festive.

Uno – When I was a teen, we had so much fun playing Uno as a big group of friends.

Scalp Massager – A great way to deep clean the scalp and keep hair healthy.

Heatless Hair Curler – Easy peasy curls!

Hair Ties – This is a pack of 50. You can never have enough hair ties! Especially highly rated non-pull ones.

Vinyl Sticker Pack – Just the thing to liven up laptops, water bottles and more!

Neutrogena Make-up Remover Cleansing Wipes – These individually wrapped cleansing wipes are perfect for stashing in a backpack.

Under Armour Sweat Band – Perfect for gym class or the athlete.

Bamboo Toothbrushes – Ideal practical gift for the teen that is more eco-conscious.

Hand Cream – Leave dry hands behind when cold weather hits.

Gifts under $25

Gift ideas under $25 for tweens and teens

100 Movies Scratch Off Poster – This looks like such a fun thing to do with their friends!

Breakout Buster – Help your teen get their breakouts under control with this highly rated product!

Burt’s Bees Detoxifying Clay Mask – The perfect accompaniment for your teens’ next movie with friends.

Codenames – Lots of laughs are sure to be had on their next game night with friends or family.

Gloves in a bottle – A must have item for the constant hand washing these days.

The Screaming Goat – The perfect gift for lots of silly laughter in your home.

Do Not Disturb Gaming Socks – These funny socks are ideal for the gamer in your household.

Cropped Pullover – Lululemon dupe for the win!

Platform Mini Boots – If you don’t have a pair of knock-off Tasman Ugg’s, are you even on TikTok?

2 Piece Makeup Bag Set – These bags with the fun chenille embroidery letters all all the rage right now.

Joggers – Some good ol’ joggers will work for any teen.

Letter Board – See what kind of creative and witty things they can come up with,

Wet Brush – Every girl or guy with long hair needs a really good brush.

Personalized Notepad – Anything personalized to so fun to receive! Especially if the recipient has a more unusual name.

Fairy Lights – Most teens like to spend a lot of time in their rooms, so making it feel extra cozy with some fun lights would be appreciated. These LED Strip Lights are another alternative.

Buffalo Plaid Onesie – Cozy and festive! As an alternative, there is a two piece pajama set as well.

Murder Mystery Puzzle Book – Now this is a unique gift idea for the person who loves to play detective!

Glitter pens – Perfect for the teen who loves to journal or doodle.

Journal – A beautiful journal to go along with new pens.

Plaid Flannel Shirt – A classic staple that every teenage boy needs.

Bluetooth Toque – For the teen that wants to be warm and listen to music wirelessly!

Gifts under $50

Gifts under $50 for tweens and teens

Disney Villainous Board Game – With over 1,000 5 star reviews, I think this is a great game for Disney fans.

Puma Duffle Bag – A duffel bag is a must have for any road trip or athlete.

Ukulele – We gave our oldest daughter a Ukulele and it has been used so much! She’s always making up songs. A great gift that will grow with the recipient.

Checkered Slippers – This pattern is very in right now.

Puffer Phone Case – What teen wouldn’t love this? It must be so fun to squish!

Markers – These would be perfect for the beginner illustrator or drawer.

Buddha Board – This is a unique gift idea! Perfect way to be creative but for mistakes to be okay because it has no permanence.

Flashlight Gloves – Perfect for the gadget lover, runner, cyclist or really anything when you need to be hands-free!

Water Bottle – A high quality water bottle is a must! This one is available in so many different colors.

Packable Puffer Vest – Sometimes a jacket isn’t the answer for a teen, but a warm vest is. Here’s one for the guys, or the gals that like a roomier fit.

lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag – The must-have belt bag.

Blanket Hoodie – What teen doesn’t like to be cozy? Perfect gift right here! I can personally vouch for this one… it’s gooood!

Bluetooth Speaker – Tweens and Teens love their music. This bluetooth speaker will keep the tunes rolling wherever they go.

Oversized Sweater – Oversized is in! Here are matching joggers to complete the look.

Gifts over $50

Gifts over $50 for tweens and teens

Flannel Cargo Pajamas – Cozy, soft and in style. Check.

High Waist Mom Jeans – The teens want what the teens want.

Spikeball – Teens will love playing this with their friends where ever their adventures take them.

Laser Tag Set – Get those kids up and moving!

Nike Hoodie – It’s oversize, definitely cozy and has a bunch of cute colors! Here’s an Under Armour one for the teen boys.

Noise Cancelling Headphones – Let them hear their favorite tracks really well.

Mini Photo Printer – For the teen that wants to instantly print photos with their besties.

Insulated Booties – I see the girls at my daughters’ dance studio wearing booties similar to these. They must be warm and cozy.

There you have it! I sure hope you were able to find some good frugal gift ideas for the tweens and teens that you have on your list!

Other Frugal Gift Guides: