Simple Gift in a Mug Ideas

gift in a mug

Simple Gift in a Mug Ideas

I had so much fun with these!

If you are in need of a simple, thoughtful gift idea, I present you with… gifts in a mug. 🙂 Once I started creating one gift in a mug, the ideas kept flowing! The options are endless!

These are a perfect gift idea for friends, teachers, your boss, really, anyone!

The idea is simple. Pick a cute mug, then fill it with your recipient’s favorite things.

To help you get your wheels turning, I want to show you three simple ideas that can be done on any budget.

I found my supplies at Walmart, Dollarama, Superstore and my house.

Gift in a Mug #1 – Self Care Mug

This coffee mug gift idea includes a face mask, cozy socks, lip balm, hand cream, and a milk chocolate bar. This would make for a great gift idea for a friend, mother in law or teacher!

Mug – Walmart
Fuzzy socks – Dollarama
Hand cream – Walmart (was in a set of four, perfect for splitting up!)
Lip balm – Yves Rocher
Chocolate bar – Walmart
Face mask – Walmart

Gift in a Mug #2 – Desk Essentials

This coffee mug gift idea is perfect for someone who works in an office or from home. Anyone really! For this gift in a mug, I put in a mini stapler, hand cream, two pens, gum, a chocolate bar, a small notebook and a small day planner. Because the notebook and day planner don’t fit in the mug, I am just going to place them underneath the mug and wrap it all together in some cellophane.

Mug – Superstore
Notebook – Walmart
Day planner – Dollarama
Chocolate bar – Walmart
Gum – Walmart
Stapler – Walmart
Hand cream – Walmart
Pens – Amazon

Gift in a Mug #3 – Birthday essentials

This idea makes me so happy! It would be perfect for a hostess gift or for a holiday party. Swap the Christmasy items for more neutral items and you could have the cutest birthday present for a friend. To this gift in a mug, I added a mug cake package, a fork, a napkin and a couple of candles. Simple and cheap.

Mug – Walmart
Mug Cake – Superstore
Fork – my party stash
Napkin – my party stash
Candles – my party stash

Other gift in a mug ideas I had:

  • Hot chocolate mug: a mug, a packet or two of hot chocolate, a candy cane, a special treat, marshmallows, a chocolate covered stirring spoon.
  • Kids themed: a mug, a Pez candy dispenser, a special pen, a notebook, small kid things from the dollar store.
  • Craft supplies: a mug, fun craft supplies for an adult or a child.
  • Liqueurs in a mug: a couple of those tiny liqueurs that would taste yummy in coffee or hot chocolate.

The ideas are endless!

I hope my ideas will help you out if you want to try gifting a Gift in a Mug this year!

How to Rock the Holidays on a Tight Budget

holidays on a tight budget

Simple ways to celebrate the holidays on a tight budget

For some of us, the holidays always seem to land during a time where everything else hits. This means a tight budget during the holidays is a common issue that most of us will face at some point in our lives. If you find yourself with a tight budget this holiday season don’t let it ruin your fun.

This year, learn how to rock the holidays on a tight budget with these simple but meaningful ideas.

Focus on Meaning

Focus on the meaning of the holidays instead of the frills and trappings. The holidays are about friends and family so focus more on making memories than having a fancy holiday. Make homemade decorations, bake cookies, and spend quality time with the people you love.

Create new traditions

It’s the perfect time to create new traditions that your family will remember for years to come! Here are some ideas that you may enjoy or get you brainstorming:

  • Go on a Christmas tree hunt: Growing up, my favourite tradition was going into the forest (with our free permit to cut a tree) and searching for the most perfect tree to decorate.
  • Decorate on December 1st: Another thing we would do is wait until December 1st to decorate the house. December 1st also meant we could crank the Christmas carols!
  • Make homemade Christmas cards: This would be a super fun afternoon activity for the whole family!
  • Give to the less fortunate: I know locally, there are several businesses that set up bins to collect toys. Perhaps, you could find something similar and team up with a few friends to help take the focus off of yourself.
  • Decorate a Gingerbread house: This is always a fun activity for the kids! Or decorating sugar cookies is also fun!
  • Write letters to Santa: Sit down with the  kids and write letters to Santa! Don’t forget to send them off! In Canada, you can send your letters to:Santa Claus
    North Pole HOH OHO
  • Create a holiday bucket list: This post may help you with some ideas to add to your calendar.
  • Read a Christmas book every day in December: Head to your library and pick up a big stack of holiday books to read together.
  • Have a Christmas movie night: One for the whole family and maybe one just for mom & dad!
  • Seek out the best Christmas light display: Take a drive one night just to look at all the lights. Vote for your favourite display.
  • Give Christmas PJ’s on Christmas eve: For the last few years, I have been wrapping up a pair of Christmas pajamas for both girls that I got on sale and giving it to them on Christmas eve. They love to wake up Christmas morning in their new Christmas pajamas!

Make Homemade Gifts

holidays on a tight budget

Save money but still enjoy the gifting part of the holidays with Homemade Christmas gifts. Use the things you have on hand to make personalized, meaningful gifts for the people you love. It’s the fact that you thought of them and wanted to do something special that makes gifts so wonderful. Baking homemade gifts is a great way to use items you have on hand to create a great gift someone will appreciate.

Earn Extra Cash

A great way to deal with a tight budget during the holidays is to work on simple ways to earn extra cash. Sell off things you do not need or crafts you have made that others can give as gifts. Cleaning houses and clearing snow are both great ways to earn extra cash as the season wears on. This is the best time of year to pick up a part-time seasonal job for extra money if you have the time to spare.

Make a Holiday Budget

To help you thrive during any time with a tight budget, create and stick to a budget. This is a plan to help your family stay on track financially. Plan all of your regular expenses first so you don’t end up making your situation worse for the sake of the holidays. This will leave you with a clear idea of how much you can really spare and how much you should try to earn instead of going ahead blindly.

Look for Free Activities

Look for free fun activities to do. You can still make the most of Christmas even when you can not afford much. Go for a stroll and check out neighborhood light displays, volunteer to help others down at the soup kitchen or food bank. Find reasons to be grateful for what you do have this season, and you will be well on your way to rocking the holidays on a tight budget!

What are your best tips for making a meaningful but frugal Christmas season?

Frugal Gift Ideas for Families

gift ideas for families

(Note: The links in this post may be affiliate links. Read the disclosure policy here.)

Frugal Gift Ideas for Families

Every year, I like to purchase one gift that will be fun for the whole family. Usually it’s a board game of some sort. We like to try it out right away on Christmas day for some extra quality family time!

However, there are sooo many different things out there that would make fantastic gifts for families.  

This gift guide has fun, frugal gift ideas for families that any family would love. Happy gifting!

1.Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper – $42.99

Make some delicious theatre style popcorn in three minutes with the classic Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper. Create some fun memories on movie nights!

2. Mini Portable Projector – $99.99

This is neat! It’s a portable projector that you can plug in or use with the included power bank to watch a movie anywhere! Be sure to clip the $5.00 off coupon. 

3. Retro Toboggan – $85

This could be such a fun family gift idea! Have fun as a family ripping down the toboggan hill with this cute plaid, lightweight toboggan.

4. Monogram Mugs – $5.99

I love the idea of matching monogram mugs for each member of the family! You could even stick some hot chocolate or a gift card inside each mug.

5. Winter Lights 500 Piece Puzzle – $21.99

This is a beautiful puzzle! Since it’s 500 pieces, it may be the perfect thing for a family with younger children.

6. Our Christmas Story – $54

If you are a family who really appreciates traditions and preserving memories, this is a gorgeous keepsake book to help you. This will be a family treasure for years and generations to come.

7. Solo Stove Fire Pit – $389

Alright, this one is not very frugal, but if you have an outdoorsy family this wight just be the gift that keeps on giving year after year. These Solo Stoves are 5 stars and so, so good. Uses real logs, but is smokeless! Shop around for sales!

8. Snowman Kit – $19.99

Everything you need to build the perfect snowman! Fun for everyone.

9. Flip Waffle Maker -$49.99

Help your family start a weekend tradition or continue a favourite tradition. This rotating waffle maker is just fun and makes delicious waffles.

10. Apres Ski 1000 Pc Puzzle – $23.99

Another great puzzle, but this one has 1000 pieces so perfect for a family with older children or one that enjoys doing a puzzle during the entire duration of the holidays.

11. Cards Against Humanity Family Edition – $34.98

The game that adults love, but a family-friendly edition! You will be sure to be laughing so much when you play this favourite!

12. Brain Freeze Family Card Game – $29.95

Get to know friends and family better – When the fastest answer wins, but you never know what they’ll let slip! Great group game for those aged 10 and up.

13. Tetris – $24.97

Play head-to-head with up to four players in an all-new tabletop strategy game based on the world famous Tetris game!

14. Blokus – $29.99

Stake your claim and protect your territory with Blokus game! My 6 year old understands the concept of this game and actually does really well!

15. Matching Family Pajamas – various prices

How FUN is it to all have matching pajamas for the holidays? In this post, I have a huge assortment of matching family Christmas pajamas from Canadian retailers.

Other Frugal Gift Guides:

The 2022 Simply Frugal Gift Guides are Here!

These gift guides will help solve all of your gift-giving dilemmas by making it really easy to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list. All you have to do is click, order, and wrap!

Simply Frugal Gift Guides

It’s gift-giving season, which means you’re either really excited about shopping for gifts, or in the beginning stages of holiday dread. 🙂

Gift-giving can be very overwhelming. Especially for the person who has everything! When I need a gift, the perfect gift in my mind, is something practical and memorable yet a bit extravagant (something they wouldn’t purchase themselves). Of course, my gift-giving has to be done within a budget, as I’m sure most of yours does too.

Finding a budget friendly and unique gift can be challenging, especially as more and more people may be added to your Christmas list. This year, I want to give you several gift guides that feature fabulous gift ideas that you can shop from!

I’m pretty darn excited about this year’s gift guides because I think you’ll find a lot of great gift ideas for everyone on your list. Plus, since you’re getting this from Simply Frugal, the gift guides feature frugal gift ideas that are separated into categories by budget!

Here are this year’s Simply Frugal Gift Guides:

These gift guides will help solve all of your gift-giving dilemmas by making it really easy to find that perfect gift for everyone on your list. All you have to do is click, order, and wrap!

You might also find interesting:

Frugal Gift Ideas for Women

frugal gift ideas for women

Frugal Gift Ideas for Women

Since the focus here at Simply Frugal is, of course, frugality, I’m going to break down the gift guides into various price points. Sound good?

All right. Let’s get started with Frugal Gift Ideas for women! I happen to think shopping for women is one of the easiest categories to shop. However, sometimes it’s really nice to have some unique and different ideas to think about!

So go ahead and take a look or pass this on to your significant other for some hints. I’m sure you will find thoughtful gifts at every price point.

Gifts Under $5

Gifts for women under $5

Sally Hansen Nail Polish – A new nail colour is always a welcomed gift!

Burt’s Bees Lip Balm – With 100% natural ingredients and so many different flavours, your recipient is sure to appreciate a new lip balm!

SmartSweets – Who says treats have to be bad for you? SmartSweets candy is perfect for any of the ladies on your list.

Method Hand Soap – A nice holiday scented hand soap is sure to make the holidays more festive.

The Ordinary 100% Plant-Derived Hemi-Squalane – This is to moisturize hair and skin!

Cozy Gripper Socks – I wear these as slippers and I love them and I recommend them all the time!

Gifts under $10

Gifts for women under $10

Neutrogena Makeup Wipes – These are fantastic for those lazier evenings, but when the makeup still has to come off.

Maybelline Superstay Liquid Lipstick – This lipstick can outlast anything and will never transfer, so you don’t have to worry about getting lipstick on straws, cheeks, or clothes. Seductress is a great everyday color.

Dainty Hair Clips – These would add a very nice sparkle.

The Ordinary Moisturizer – I love The Ordinary products and this moisturizer looks like it will offer great moisturization for a lot of skin types.

Planner Stickers – Perfect for the person who loves their planner!

Maldon Sea Salt – If you are shopping for a foodie, Maldon Sea Salt Flakes are sure to make them excited to be in the kitchen again.

Schick Facial Razor – These seem to be one of the popular beauty items these days. A great budget option instead of the salon.

The Ordinary Caffeine Solution – This is a must have for moms that seem to always have tired eyes!

Hair Finishing Stick – This is so neat! It looks like a mascara wand, but it actually holds hair gel to tame flyaway hair!

Dark Chocolate Hot Chocolate Marshmallow Stir Stick – Anything chocolate is always a good idea.

Gifts under $25

Gifts for women under $25

Apple Watch Band – A new Apple watch band is a fun idea. There are just so many color options!

Plaid Blanket Scarf – Freshen up their wardrobe with this classic staple.

Monogram Mug – It’s always fun to have something with a personalized touch!

Knotted Hair Bands – I have seen headbands like these all over Instagram! These ones come as a set of 8.

Microfiber Hair Towel – Dry hair in less the time!

Cookie Scoop – These are a game changer for baking!

Colleen Hoover Book – This is her latest book for the Colleen Hoover fan.

Winter Woodland Letter Writing Set – Perfect for the letter writing friend!

One Line a Day Journal – I love the concept of this journal! It’s a great way too look back on past years!

Satin Pillow Cases – Your recipient will love waking up with less messy hair!

Mini Waffle Maker – This small but mighty machine busts out some really good waffles. Also makes great hashbrowns and paninis.

Baby Nessie Tea Infuser – This is the cutest tea infuser that I ever did see! It comes in a pack of three so you could separate and give to multiple people.

Shakespeare Insults poster – This would make for a great conversation piece in the home of someone who loves Shakespeare!

Plush Velvet Throw – I personally own three of these and they are so good!

Fur Slippers – Cozy for the win!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask – This would be great for those dry, cold winters.

Wild Flicker Soy Candle – A festive smelling candle is always so nice.

Gifts under $50

Gifts for women under $50

Boyfriend Joggers – These joggers from American Eagle have great reviews. Who doesn’t need a new pair of joggers anyways? 😉

Hammered Hoop Earrings – These look gorgeous! Also available in silver.

Belt Bag – This looks like a fantastic dupe for the Lululemon belt bag that is $80!

Faux Fur Hot Water Bottle – Extra cozy for the winter months.

Slippers – These are good dupes for UGG slippers.

Diamond Painting Storage Case – This is a perfect gift for someone that loves to do diamond painting!

Color Block Sweater – Okay, this is cute!

Saje Peppermint Halo – This one is going on my wish list! I’m prone to headaches.

Long Cardigan with pockets – Yet another classic wardrobe essential that is all around this year. The pockets are key!

Lasagna Trio Pan – Make up to three different recipes in one pan!

Sleep Set – A new pair of pajamas is always a wonderful thing!

Sweater – I just love the little pleats on this sweater!

Ello Beacon Insulated Mug – This one has great ratings, looks great and keeps beverages hot or cold!

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones – These headphones have a high rating for comfort and sound quality.

Packing Cubes – Let’s just say, I will always travel with packing cubes now. They are a game changer!

Shacket – Perfect wardrobe staple for the one who likes to be on trend.

Cozy pullover – Yes please.

Label Maker – For the one that loves to organize things with labels!

Oversized Sherpa Half-Zip Sweatshirt – This is just a gift list for me now…but for real, if she likes cozy this looks divine.

Gifts over $50

Kindle – I think I’ve owed my Kindle for at least 5 years now. It’s still going strong and I still love it! Highly recommend!

Thermal Laminator – Perfect for the person who loves to use printables or wants to make frequently used papers more durable.

Craftsy Membership – If you know a crafter, they may love a membership to Craftsy to hone their skills! You can also purchase individual classes.

And that wraps up the frugal gift ideas for women for 2022! Stay tuned for more gift guides for men, teens, entire families and more!

Frugal Stocking Stuffers

Amazing Frugal Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Stocking stuffers can be so much fun!  My husband and I really only exchange stockings each year rather than big gifts. I like to fill his up with a mix of practical things and fun goodies.

However, it’s quite easy to get carried away buying all sorts of fun little things to add to the stockings, so I’ve compiled a list of frugal stocking stuffers to make shopping easier. I think you’re going to love the list!

Frugal Stocking Stuffers:

  1. Toothpaste  (get some cheap with coupons!)
  2. Toothbrush
  3. Candy/Chocolate
  4. Homemade CD
  5. Homemade cookies
  6. Gum
  7. Quick Drying Paint Sticks
  8. Travel sized toiletries
  9. Gift cards (give a $10 Starbucks card you’ve earned free with Swagbucks!)
  10. USB Flash drive
  11. Deck of cards
  12. Hot Wheels
  13. UNO card game
  14. Christmas is the only time of the year when I have fun with a Scratch Ticket or two!frugal stocking stuffers
  15. Crayons, Pencils, Pencil Crayons, Felt pens
  16. Tape (what is with kids and their love of tape? haha)
  17. Adult Coloring Book
  18. Notebooks
  19. Nail polish
  20. Kitchen tools
  21. Makeup (This eye shadow pallet is neat!)
  22. Socks
  23. Hair accessories
  24. Tea or coffee (those Starbucks VIA or Nescafe individual packages might be great!)
  25. Tea Infuser
  26. Little games/toys (Kaleidoscope, Barrel of Monkeys, Slinky)
  27. Homemade slime
  28. Bath crayons
  29. Homemade Sock Puppet
  30. Mandarin oranges
  31. Craft supplies
  32. Chocolate coins
  33. Back Scratchers
  34. DIY Flower Magnets
  35. Unicorn Scratch & Sparkle Activity Book
  36. Dino Sticker Activity Book
  37. Christmas Fun Mad Libs
  38. Facial Face Masks
  39. Working Hands Hand Cream
  40. Smartphone Stand Holder
  41. HotHands Hand Warmers
  42. 4-in-1 Pen Tool
  43. Reusable Rubber Twist Ties
  44. Wikki Stix
  45. Skin Smoother for Men
  46. Disposable Razors

Have you got any other ideas?  What do you normally add to stockings?

More Frugal Gift Ideas: