Stain Removal Guide: 7 Common Stains and How to Remove Them

stain removal guide

Stain Removal Guide: 7 Common Stains and How to Remove Them

The threat of stains is everywhere. Every time we eat, go outdoors, do a DIY project, or even do office work we encounter things that can ruin our clothing in a flash.

Because money can be tight and no one wants to have to toss away clothing, it’s important to know how to approach these stains and effectively treat them.

Take a look below at 7 common stains and how to remove them so you’ll be ready to tackle stains in the future and make sure they don’t get the chance to set in!

Use this stain removal guide to learn how to treat common stains:

1. Grass.

Pretreat the stain using an oxygenated cleaner. (I love Baby OxiClean. It seems to work better than the regular OxiClean!) It will help cut through the grass stain immediately. You’ll then want to use a color safe bleach to wash the stain away, using the hottest water setting in the process. For grass stains, you may need to treat the stain twice to fully remove it.

2. Blood.

This stain removal guide has everything you need to know about treating common stains! #cleaningtips #stainremoval

One of the best ways to treat blood stains is to pre-treat it with cold water. Soak the garment in cold water to help release the stain. You can then treat with a color safe bleach to help remove what remains of the stain.

3. Grease.

A tried and true way to treat grease stains is the use a grease fighting soap such as Dawn as a pre-treatment. Fill the sink with warm water and grease fighting dish soap and allow for the garment to soak. When you launder, use hot water and an oxygenating cleaner.

4. Chocolate.

Did you get melted chocolate on your clothing? No problem. For chocolate stains you will use a hot/cold method. First you can harden the chocolate with ice, then scrape off what you can. Soak the garment in cold water, but wash the item in hot water using an oxygenated cleanser.

5. Wine.

Immediately blot the stain with a soft cloth soaked in club soda. You want to then soak the garment in cold water. Pretreat the stain with an oxygenated cleaner and then use a color safe bleach when you launder the item. Bleach based stain sticks can help treat the item a second time if the stain persists.

6. Ink.

Have you ever heard that hair spray can help release ink from your clothing? It’s true! Take basic hair spray and spray it onto the ink stain. It will help release the ink. Blot the ink with a paper towel and launder as usual. If you don’t have hair spray, you can use rubbing alcohol.

7. Gum.

When gum becomes stuck to clothing it can become a gooey and sticky mess quickly. The best way to remove gum from clothing is to hold an ice cube to it. The ice will harden the gum, making it easier to pull away from the clothing. Hold an ice cube for a few minutes to the gum, peel it off, and wash as usual.

The next time you encounter a stain, you’ll be prepared when you use this stain removal guide! Keep these tips in mind for removing common stains so when a stain hits, you don’t need to worry about throwing that clothing item into the trash.

Do you have any secrets to share for this stain removal guide? Let us know in the comments below!

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Free Printable House Cleaning Checklist

Printable House Cleaning Checklist

Free Printable House Cleaning Checklist

I’m a weirdo, but I actually enjoy cleaning. It’s a nice way to “take a break” from working or loud kids. Now, this doesn’t mean I have a perfectly clean house. Not at all. I did mention I have kids… Regardless, a clean home makes me feel happier when our family can make it happen.

Perhaps you’re like me. You enjoy a clean house, but maybe you struggle with knowing how to get it done. Luckily, there’s an easy way to keep your home neat and tidy without cleaning all day long.

I had fun creating a Printable House Cleaning Checklist that I thought you might enjoy! The printable house cleaning checklist includes daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly cleaning suggestions to help you take the guess work out of keeping your home clean.

printable house cleaning checklist


Looking for even more help especially as life gets busy? Check out this gorgeous HOME CLEANING PLANNER – with room by room checklists, daily + weekly task lists, and seasonal cleaning checklists to make sure it all gets DONE!

Printable house cleaning checklist

12 Brilliant Camping Hacks for Every Camper

12 camping hacks

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12 Camping Hacks for Every Camper

If you love to go camping, or even if you have never been camping before, here are 12 camping hacks that are definitely worth a try!

These camping hacks can make your camping experience an easier one, and even help you to be a little more comfortable while you are out enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Take a look at these 12 camping hacks for every camper and see if they will be helpful on your next camp out!

1. Pack the big plastic baggies.

Take a package of big plastic baggies on your next camping trip to see how helpful they can be. You can mix ingredients in them while cooking, you can use them to keep toilet paper dry, and you can even store wet bathing suits and other damp items in them.

2. Make your own fire starters.

One of the easiest fire starters to make is to use empty toilet paper rolls filled with dryer lint. Then all you need to do is set them on top of some kindling and light them. Your fire will take off in no time. When waiting to use your fire starters just store them in a plastic baggie as mentioned above.

3. Try some lavender.

Lavender oil when dabbed in the skin can repel bugs. You can even burn fresh lavender on your fire to keep bugs at bay. Add a drop or two to your skin lotion for all over protection that smells great.

4. Make tin foil meals.

Place some chopped carrots, potatoes, and raw hamburger on a piece of tin foil. Add a little butter and salt and pepper. Wrap the foil up around the food tightly and grill for 15-20 minutes or until cooked through. When you open it up you will have a ready to eat feast.

5. Get creative with dessert.camping hacks

Try the same concept above but instead add sweets to the inside of a waffle cone. Try chocolate chips, peanuts, marshmallows, and other sweet treats. Wrap the cone in tin foil and bake on the flames for just a few minutes. When you unwrap it you will have a tasty mess!

6. Try pool inflatables.

Your basic pool inflatables can make sleeping a little more cozy. Kids especially will enjoy sleeping on pool mat as opposed to the hard floor. This is also a more budget friendly option as opposed to buying a blow up mattress.

7. Pre-make French toast at home

Make up a loaf of French toast and place it in freezer bags in the freezer. When you’re ready to leave for your camping trip, pop them into your cooler. All you have to do to enjoy a delicious breakfast is heat the French toast on a stove or campfire! 

8. Freeze gallon jugs or water bottles and place them in your cooler

They will keep your food cold, and you will have plenty of water to drink for later!

9. Mason jar matchbox

Keep your matches dry and ready to use at a moments notice by creating a simple DIY mason jar matchbox!

10. Store scrambled eggs in a bottle

Try this if you are only making scrambled eggs on your camping trip! Avoid the mess of cracked eggs by prepping the eggs at home and storing the egg mixture in a lidded plastic bottle. Use a permanent marker to label the bottle to show the number of eggs in hash marks.

11. Make face cloth soap holders

How smart is this idea? Make face cloth soap holders for each member of your family to make washing up a breeze! All you need is a bar of soap, a face cloth and basic sewing skills!

12. Don’t forget the microfiber cloths.

Microfiber cloths are awesome for cleaning up picnic tables, drying hair after a swim, and even for washing dishes. They can literally do any job and wear well, even in the rugged outdoors.

Are you ready to give these camping hacks a try? Keep these hacks in mind for your next camping trip and see how much easier they can make things for your entire family.

Do you have any tried & true camping hacks?  Please share in the comments!

Before and After of My Daughter’s Bedroom

My daughter tuned 10 (!!!) this year and really wanted a more grown up bedroom. One where she could just hang out on her own or with friends comfortably.

It was a project that took so long just to get started, but once we actually did start, it only took about a week to finish.

She knew she wanted to change her pink walls to gray walls. Her favourite colour is purple so I suggested doing her back wall a deep purple of some sort, but she was adamant that all her walls had to be gray. 

So I headed to Pinterest to find inspiration. I was trying to find a warm gray that she loved and we finally settled on Classic Gray by Benjamin Moore. Her back wall is actually a darker gray, Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore.

While I used colours from Benjamin Moore, I always buy any paint for a project from The Home Depot. I like their paint and I find it less expensive than Benjamin Moore paint.

I sort of wish the back wall was darker, but she loves it. Especially with the sprinkle decals that we bought.

Originally, I thought doing that feature wall in a fun peel and stick wallpaper would be a great way to add character to her room. But then I priced it out… Going that route was not in the budget. LOL. So I eventually thought to check out Etsy for wall decals. I found the fun sprinkle decals that she loved in gold. Waaay more budget friendly. (I’ll give links and cost below for everything.)

The most expensive part of her room was her new bed. Everything is new there. The frame, mattress and bedding. We felt it was important to give her something that could last her for a very long time. (But I still got the deals!)

As for the other furniture, her dresser is a family antique that we’ve had forever. Her desk was a present for her birthday from her Oma and Grandpa, as was the nightstand.

I wanted to replace her curtains with some deep purple ones, but apparently she has an attachment to her navy ones. Haha. I’m, okay with that! This is a room made for her and not the design books!

In between the artwork, I am going to hang her ukulele once I get a hook.

Cost Breakdown and Sources:

Paint: $100 for 2 gallons from The Home Depot
Paint colours: Benjamin Moore Classic Grey and Revere Pewter
Gold Sprinkle Decals: $25 for 279 decals
Desk: Ikea desk bought second hand for $50
Desk chair: Free, it’s one we had around the house already
Nightstand: Made by a family member years ago, but gold knob was added. (It was a gift for my daughter so I’m not sure how much the knob was.)
Bed Frame: $303.31 for full size. (Not on sale anymore, but this is a solid bed!)
Mattress: $289.99
Duvet Cover Set: $64.99 
Purple Pillow Cases: $16.99
Sheets: $24.99 for full size white sheets
Mattress Protector: $27.99
Art work: All bought years ago from Homesense so I can’t link it unfortunately.

Grand total: $903.26I still need to buy her a lamp and maybe something for over her bed, but that will happen one day.

40 of the Best Planners for 2022 in Canada

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40 of the Best Planners to get you organized

I’m must confess. If I could, I would buy all the pretty planners out there. Just the idea of having all my to-do’s and ideas in one place gets practical old me really excited. Now don’t get me wrong, I do actually own a planner of my own and I love it. In fact I buy the same one year after year. It’s a Blueline Daily planner like this one, but it doesn’t have time slots and I purchase it in-store at Staples. I love that I have an entire page devoted to one day. I can jot down my to-dos, appointments, reminders, menu plan, shopping list and even my ideas!

If you’re a planner geek but haven’t quite found “the one” yet, this round up is sure to help you find one of the best planners that will work for you!

First of all, let’s take a look at some things to think about before purchasing a planner:

How to Pick the Best Planner

Purpose: Knowing what you wish to keep track of in your planner is key to finding the right one for your needs. Do you simply want to keep track of appointments? A monthly calendar might be great for you. If you want to keep a to-do list and appointments easily accessible, then a weekly planner could be the right fit. If you intend on keeping a to-do list, appointments, a meal plan, a shopping list and some thoughts or ideas, then a daily planner would be perfect!

Portability: Will you be carrying your planner around with you or will it just be sitting on your desk or counter? If you will be carrying it around, then the size of the planner matters. Make sure the size you choose fits into the bag or purse you will be using. I personally like the 8″ by 5″ size best.

The Best Monthly Planners:

WSBL Grow Wild 2022 Monthly Planner – This one is pretty, a great price and includes some extra features like a back pocket, to-do lists, address and phone number pages, and travel planning pages.

Brownline 2022 DuraFlex Monthly Planner – This is a great basic 11″ by 8.5″ planner that would be great for leaving on a desk.

At-A-Glance 2022 Monthly Planner – Another great basic, large monthly planner that includes thick pages so you don’t get ink bleed.

5 Year Monthly Planner – Because this is a 5 year planner, I think this would be great to use as a personal notebook, journal, or diary! Or, you can use it to set goals, important dates, or deadlines, as well as jotting down notes and ideas.

Orange Circle Studio Just Right 2022 Monthly Planner – This is a smaller monthly calendar that is perfect for carrying around. This one has tear out shopping or to-do lists and a storage pocket.

Staples 2022 Monthly Planner – This is a smaller 6-7/8″ x 8-3/4″ basic monthly planner that includes telephone and address pages, dates to remember page and more.

Gallery Leather 2022 Monthly Planner – This highly rated monthly calendar is a perfect portable planner with a simple and clean design.

The Best Weekly Planners

High Note 2022 Weekly Planner – This one is so pretty! It is slightly larger than a typical weekly planner at 9″ x 10″. It includes some goal setting and project planning pages for every month. Also includes monthly tab dividers, a handy pocket and some stickers.

Bright Day 2022 Treeline Weekly Planner – This planner includes a monthly check in, habit tracker, a schedule section, monthly view, weekly views and a notes section.

Maalbok Weekly Planner – With lots of room for planning, this portable sized planner might be perfect for you!

Blueline 2022 Weekly Planner – Perhaps the perfect simple weekly planner that will suit your needs.

Blueline 2022 Duraflex Weekly Planner – This planner is like the above planner, but it includes a weekday hourly schedule for putting in appointments easily.

Planberry Weekly Planner – This is a great undated weekly planner if you really want to hit some goals this year. Also unique to this planner, you will find built in budget planner sheets!

Clever Fox Weekly Planner – Another undated planner great for hitting goals and reflecting on life.

Leuchtturm1917 2022 Weekly Planner – This one is unique in the way that it features an entire week on the left and an entire page for notes on the right. Perfect if you love a lot of room for thoughts and ideas or note taking.

Mom’s Weekly Planner – Each two-page spread displays your weekly master plan, with five columns: one for Mom, and one for each of four other family members.

Action Day Weekly Planner – Each day offers hourly scheduling from 7:00 AM to 8:00 PM. Also includes a 12-page teaching tool to see yourself as the person you want to be, what values you want to live by, your goals and actions. 

Blue Sky Laila Weekly Planner – This beautiful simple weekly planner is perfect for a clean look at your week or adding fun doodles or stickers!

Mead 2022 Tropical Escape Weekly Planner – This affordable weekly planner is simple in its design and includes handy tabs to easily flip between months.

Amy Knapp’s Family Organizer – A planner especially for moms! Includes a big space for a weekly to-do list, tear off grocery and menu plans, motivational quotes and stickers!

Polestar Family Weekly Planner – This one is unique and especially great for the person who wants to track appointments, meal plans and home tasks all in one spot!

Passion Planner – This one looks great for goal setting as well as keeping track of your weekly to-dos. Their Instagram page looks like it’s full of inspiration on how to use it.

Emily Ley Simplified Weekly Planner – This is the one I’m currently using! I love the colours and simplicity of it. I also like how each day is separated into two parts: My Day and To-Do.

Legend Undated Weekly Planner – This one is on the pricier side, but looks amazing. This one is great for the working person that wants to track work to-dos and personal to-dos. Looks fantastic for goal setting and creating a better you.

Wordsworth Undated Weekly Planner This one reminds me of the Simplified planner, but with a heavy dose of goal setting pages that look helpful!

The Best Daily Planners

Blueline Daily planner – This is the one I used for years, but then they added the times in 30 minute increments. I am personally not a fan of the times added, but that doesn’t mean it’s not perfect for you!

2022 Daily Simplified Planner – This is like the Weekly Planner that I have, but a daily version that includes time slots for each day.

Day Designer Daily Planner – The daily calendar view page contains hourly schedule in 30-minute increments, top 3 priority items, to-do list, notes section and an inspirational quote, as well as a dedicated gratitude section.

To Do List Undated Daily Planner – If you are looking for a way to track your daily to-dos, fitness, meal plan, and top priorities for each day, then this planner is worth looking at!

Clever Fox Daily Planner PRO – This undated planner is unique in the sense that it lasts just 3 months if used consistently. Perhaps a great way to test drive a planner! This planner has everything though: create a vision for your life, define and break down your goals, and incorporate these goals into your schedule. It has a separate page for each day of the week, with an hourly schedule, daily goal, priorities, to-do list, daily reflection, and plenty of space for extra notes.

Blueline NotePro Undated Daily Planner – This planner has an undated daily planner on left side and is ruled with margin on the right side for note taking.

Poprun 2022 Daily Planner – This daily planner presents spacious everyday planning with hourly schedules for your appointments, which makes your busy daily routines organized.

The Best Specialty Planners

Horizon STMT Planner – I think that this planner would be fun for a teen! It’s a DIY planner that includes colourful gel pens, fun-shaped paper clips, stickers, punch-outs, frames, and more.

52 Week Meal Planner – This planner contains space to plan a year’s worth of meal’s and grocery lists. 

Meal Planner – This is like the meal planner above but has dedicated spaces for breakfast and lunch ideas too.

Weekly Budget Planner – Keep track of your spending, plan monthly budgets and set savings goals with this planner!

Teacher’s Planner – This planner will help you keep track of weekly lessons, seating plans, attendance, and grades!

CREATE Blog and Editorial Calendar – A planning and editorial system designed for
ambitious bloggers and biz owners to create intentional content, grow and nurture an audience, and build a business around their blog

Mega Homeschool Planner – Whether you homeschool 1 child or many, this planner will keep you organized, hold your important records, make planning a breeze, track anything, is portable and conveniently stores away.

Coupon Planner – 52 Weekly (undated) shopping pages to plan which stores to hit, keep track of sales, and organize your coupons to make the trip as smooth as possible.

There you have it, 39 of the best planners you can get in Canada. If you use a planner, do you purchase the same one year after year or do you like to switch it up?

This round up holds 39 of the best planners for 2022 in Canada! I'm sure you will find the perfect planner so you can be organized like never before.

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25 Brilliant Organizing Tips

organizing tips

25 Brilliant Organizing Tips

Isn’t it time to get a little more organized? You keep putting it off, but now is the time to buckle down and really get to it. These 25 organizing tips will help you get organized in no time, on a budget.

#1. Use old snack containers – If you’re strapped for cash, then using old containers is an excellent way to get a little more organized in your junk drawers or in your computer desk.

#2. Use a chalkboard – Do you often forget to use your calendar? Try writing your important to-dos on a chalkboard or a white board instead. Place it somewhere you can see on a daily basis. I like this magnetic white board for the fridge!

#3. Keep like items in one spot – Instead of storing like items in various spots around the house, keep them all in one spot. Finding magazines everywhere? Store them all in a magazine file on a shelf.

#4. Create a charging station – Don’t play the “find your charger” game. Create your very own charging station within your home. I like this DIY Charging Station from Four Generations One Roof. If DIY isn’t your thing, or you want something with a smaller footprint, a charging station like this is genius.

#5. Use a Magnetic strip – Place magnetic strips throughout your home to hang items like: knives, spice jars, and even nail clippers.

#6. Use old suitcases for storage – Using old suitcases as home décor will give you a vintage feel, but you can still store items within the suitcase. Double purpose!

#7. Use ice cube trays to store small items – Whether you have smaller toys or office supplies, consider using ice cube trays to store these items in.

#8. Use wine boxes to store your shoes – Maybe this organizational idea isn’t so conventional, but it sure is brilliant.  Here’s a picture for your reference.

#9. Leave reminders on or in your fridge – One place you know you’re heading today is to the fridge, so leave your most important reminders there.

#10. Use an organizer for the shower – Instead of having items fall everywhere as you use the shower, buy a shower organizer. I recently picked one up for $3.50 from Dollarama!brilliant organizing tips

#11. Start recycling – If you’re trying to clear out some of the trash, you can get a little more organized by recycling some of your items.

#12. Clear out the clutter daily – Some people only clear out clutter once a year, stay organized by getting rid of clutter on a daily basis.

#13. Only keep a couple of your kids papers – School papers can really add up. Keep just a few of your child’s papers and put them on display on a cork board or a mini clothesline.

#14. Utilize hidden storage – Put your items into a hidden storage bench in the mud room, living room, and even outside.

#15. Put a grocery bag in your car for garbage – If you are tired of having garbage in your vehicle, then keep a grocery bag in there to collect garbage as you finish with it. Or an empty disinfectant wipe container would also be great!

#16. Organize by color – Make your house a little more fun by organizing everything by color. You might take your family and guests by surprise!

#17. Use mesh bags around your home – Instead of trying to put socks and undergarments in the laundry basket, have your family put them in mesh bags. If they’re all together in a mesh bag, there’s less chance to losing some.

#18. Use a shoe organizer for multiple purposes in your home – A shoe organizer can be used for bathroom items, little kid’s clothing, or even crafting items. Let your imagination run wild with this one.

#19. Organize your priorities – Everyone says organize your time a little better, but organizing your priorities makes more time for the things that matter.

#20. Ban clutter in your house – If you are tired of seeing clutter all over the house, then make a rule that no one can bring clutter into the house. If you bring something in, you have to get rid of something else.

#21. Sell your unwanted items – As you declutter, put the items of value up for sale so you can earn a bit of cash for your savings account. Donate all the other items if they are in good condition.

#22. Utilize under the bed space – A lot of storage can be found underneath beds. You can buy bed risers to raise your bed if you need more room underneath it.

#23. Donate your magazines – You may have a lot of magazines lying around the house. Instead of throwing them away, keep the pages you want and donate the rest.

#24. Utilize hallway space – If you have a long hallway in your entryway; utilize the wall space as much as you can.  Try baskets for mail, slim shoe racks, storage shelf with hooks underneath.

#25. Use one basket per person for laundry – Mixing everyone’s laundry together can make more work for you. Make it easier on yourself using one basket per person.

I hope these brilliant organizing tips help you get a little more organized this year. What tips would you add to this list?

Save 40% OFF everything in the Simply Frugal Shop using code BLACKFRIDAY.